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Bob Vallone

Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

EVP Engineering and Operations, Bespoke Innovations. Stanford grad. Cornell grad.

EVP Engineering and Operations, Bespoke Innovations. Stanford grad. Cornell grad.

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EVP Engineering and Operations Bespoke Innovations 2011 - present
Co-Founder, EVP of Engineering & Operations 3VR 2003 - 2011
VP of Engineering & Service Operations TiVo 1998 - 2002
Director of Engineering SGI 1993 - 1998
Group Manager, Software Engineering GoNet Systems LTD 1988 - 1993
User Interface Architect Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1986 - 1988


Stanford University Experimental Psych, Comp Sci 1980 - 1985
Cornell University Biology, Computer Science 1975 - 1979

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  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • 3D Printing
  • • Mobile
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Smart Home
  • • Education
  • • Healthcare
  • • Edutainment
  • • Fitness
  • • Nutrition
  • • Quantified-self

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Paul G. Lego
We worked together  •  Maps, Apple. Previously CEO, Coherent Navigation. Harvard Business School grad. Cornell grad.
Bob has many years of experience in start-ups including engineering, product design, and general management. He would be a great advisor a ... nd mentor to a start-up.
Greg Laughlin
We worked together  •  Co-Founder, Statwing. Previously Product Manager - Business Listing Verification, CrowdFlower. Stanford grad. Stanford grad.
We are *very* lucky to have Bob as an advisor. I can confidently say that we wouldn't be an operational company at this point without his a ... dvice. First and foremost for us, he's an amazing UI advisor. Our product got leaps and bounds better once he got involved. He's honest, gives direct feedback, takes disagreement well (and is willing to be wrong despite being clearly an expert), and has a host of other interpersonal qualities that make him fun and easy to work with. As our company has matured a bit, he's been invaluable for negotiating advice. I basically just channel him and another advisor of ours when I do our negotiating now, and that seems to work reasonably well. If you have a chance to work with Bob you absolutely should.
Darren Ruger
We worked together  •  Managing Director, AFN Solutions and CEO, ISD Australia.
Bob provided exceptional leadership whilst he was with 3VR, his team and I, respected him enormously as he is far more than a great and visi ... onary engineer. He has an excellent and intuitive ability to manage and get the best from teams he leads. I love working with Bob and seek any opportunity to do so.
Philippe Rieser
We worked together  •  CFO, Soneter and Chairman of Board, Soneter.
Bob brings passion and experience every step of the way. He can easily navigate between engineering or Board meetings, always adding value.
Andrew Zukoski
We worked together  •  Software Engineer, Flux Factory. Previously Software Engineer, 3D Systems Corporation. Rice grad.
Bob has three qualities that stand out in the advise that he has given me over the ~5 years that we've worked together: he is an excellent j ... udge of people, he has deep experience building products, teams and companies, and he has very strong intuition around finding the intersection of simplifying engineering assumptions and business value. Bob is quick to see the context around questions, and it behooves his advisees to listen to the wider approach that he often will suggest.
Andy Miller
We worked together  •  Medical Products Manager, 3D Systems and Product Design Engineer, 3D Systems Corporation. Rice grad.
Bob is a top 1 percentile thinker— whether he's advising on strategic business desisions or rolling up his sleeves and stepping into the U ... I/UX design with your team, his experience and insight is invaluable to keeping you and your team pointed in the right direction while ignoring costly distractions.
David Moore
We worked together  •  Director Industrial Design Group, Robotics Division, SRI International. Stanford grad.
Bob Vallone's vision, scope and drive are key to taking base metal entrepreneurial skills and transforming them to connect and communicate w ... ith investors, development partners and market leaders. Bob has rare abilities to both listen and understand long and short term vision, directing teams to speak about markets with knowledge and focus is invaluable. Bob was able to guide and instruct early-stage inventor enthusiasm with accuracy and precision. As a Founder or Advisor I would recommend Bob in all stages of growth and transformation from innovations to solid businesses.
Mark Roberts
We worked together  •  Chief Operating Officer, Benetech. Previously VP of Engineering and IT, Benetech.
Bob is extremely bright and has knows product design and usability inside and out. He is great at streamlining process to get things done qu ... ickly. He teams well and collaborates well with other executives.

Richard Bullwinkle
We worked together  •  Founder of 5AVS | Former Head of Connected Innovation at Samsung | Strategy at Rovi | Product at Mediabolic, Rio & TiVo
I've known and worked with Richard on and off for 15 years and several startups. In addition to being extremely energetic, hardworking, and ... resourceful, Richard is also extremely creative and insightful. He is a terrific small company startup guy - digs in deep - leans in hard - gives it his all - and always honest and straightforward and calls it like he sees it. It's very important for startups to not get insular and only listen to true believers - testing reality early and often are critical - and Richard knows this from experience and practices it thoroughly. He also is extremely honest and loyal and has super high integrity - he is the kind of guy who only gains colleagues and friends. People want to keep knowing Richard, to continue trying to keep up with his energy and enthusiasm - and to look forward to the potential of maybe being lucky enough to work with him again in the future... That says a lot about his character... He's an all around awesome startup guy - couldn't ask for a purer example of the breed...