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Michael Weiner

Advisor Washington D.C. Metro Area, US

Managing Director, PCC Capital Investments, LLC and CEO, PCC Funding.

Managing Director, PCC Capital Investments, LLC and CEO, PCC Funding.

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Home2Net, Inc. dba


President/CEO PreConstruction Catalysts, Inc January 2006 - present
Managing Director PCC Capital Investments, LLC January 2014 - present
CEO PCC Funding November 2009 - present
President/CEO/Senior Voice The Image Generators October 1985 - present
The Naked Voice Mike Weiner Voiceovers 1974 - present
President/CEO, Founder Home2Net, Inc. dba October 1998 - June 2005
Broadcaster US Air Force, American Forces Radio and Television Network (AFRTS) 1974 - 1977


University of Maryland College Park Marketing/Radio,TV,Film 1978 - 1985
Columbia Pacific University Marketing 1982 - 1984

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  • • Finance
  • • Commercial Lending
  • • Project finance
  • • Strategic Partnerships
Markets of Interest
  • • Advertising
  • • Commerce
  • • Education
  • • Financial Services
  • • Media
  • • Social Impact
  • • Video
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Content
  • • Movies/Film
  • • real estate
  • • private equity
  • • investing

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

My Core Values:
- Good relationships matter more than a deal: deals come only when the relationship is solidly in place with mutual respect, integrity and accountability.
- Trust and genuine concern for the client's well-being is a lost art.
- My strengths are building working relationships with people, and an innate ability to facilitate communication between the Principals on either side of the table, facilitating the introduction and cultivation of the new relationship.
- My job is building new high-level, high net worth relationships between Principals where none existed before. We don't talk about a specific deal or opportunity until the underlying foundation of the relationship has been established.

SPECIFIC RELATIONSHIPS: I am privileged to be working with a certain private equity firm that specializes in mid-cap and large-cap ventures; their core business concentration includes traditional and non-traditional asset management, assets for finance company, financial services, commercial real estate, development, hospitality, technology and global telecommunications, media, oil and energy, transportation, manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions and medical and pharmaceutical equity investments.

EUROPEAN/ASIAN Trade Programs: I work with prospective clients with the minimum cash requirements, to inform them about the process and procedures, and aid them in making a more positive application for consideration by the top trade groups.

REAL ESTATE FINANCE: Private Investors fund real estate transactions, by buying, fixing and holding rehabilitated real estate. (

LEGAL SHIELD: I have added LegalShield to our mix of products for those who are not fortunate to have a lawyer in the family. I am also recruiting American and Canadian business people to build this into a massive team (

PCC FUNDING: Commercial RE loans from 150K.(

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

Building a strong foundational relationship to determine if there is a fit is a critical first step. I like to first build this relationship with conversation, meetings, discussions, consultations and other one-on-one interactions that help this. Once the mutual fit is uncovered and a mutual decision to move to the next step in the business building process, then I become the unbiased ear to provide a sounding board for the founder who values that kind of relationship. My approach is as a partner and fellow founder with a broad range of important connections and the talent to see something that is needed and to help create that solution.

A good relationship means open, honest, authentic and respectful sharing of communication for the good of those concerned.

As an Advisor

Since it is essential that the relationship be the foundation, I find it best when the client exudes the elements needed to succeed. Those elements are honesty, transparency, thoughtful, communicative, flexibility, realistic, experienced in the client's field and other positive traits that will make a client-advisor relationship work and grow. Trust and integrity, as well as competence in the various disciplines I can offer. I have garnered a large network of resources over the years, and love to match-make for deals.

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Stuart Sorkin
They're my friends  •  Partner, Hughes & Bentzen, PLLC and Owner, Stuart H. Sorkin, P.C..
Mike is hard working and with a great understanding of the financial markets
Valentin Sapcariu
We worked together  •  Producer/Director/Owner, SJV Media and Owner / Producer / Director / Editor / Consultant /Trainer, SJV Media. University of Maryland grad.
I know Mike for a long time, and beside being a good friend, advisor, and developer, he has been successful at every endeavor he was involve ... d. I have 100% confidence in hem.
Reagan Rodriguez
They're my friends  •  CEO/Managing Partner, 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists. Previously Chairman, The Franchising Group.
Ethical and honest and cares about his clients needs and does the best that he can to fill those needs!
Victoria Thorne
CFO, VANMAN Engineering and Consulting and CEO, Vancouver Trading Consultants.
many different points on knowledge and resources

Stuart Sorkin
We worked together  •  Partner, Hughes & Bentzen, PLLC and Owner, Stuart H. Sorkin, P.C..
Stuart is a brilliant attorney and CPA with an excellent, caring and informed background. He is a trusted advisor, counselor and friend.