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Barbara Hofmann - Everett

Advisor Mozambique, MZ

Founder / CEO, ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique

Founder / CEO, ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique

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ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique
ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique


Founder CEO ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique 1990 - present
Founder ASEM Association for the Children of Mozambique 1990 - present


College Calvin 1980

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  • • Education
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Youth Leadership

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Ismail Rahman
They're my friends
because she is very persistent and tenacious
Isa Mesquita
They're my friends  •  Assitant to the Managing, Intraco Chemicals.
She has lot of experience in one of the most difficult fields one's can ever dedicate their own life. She is Intelligent Woman and deserve t ... o conquer all her objectives in life.
Bea Litherland
They're my friends  •  Interpreter, independent writing and Editing, London.
She is a character that is the most suitable for establishing a helpful and needed establishment.
Anika Qureshi
We worked together  •  Art Director & Designer (Freelance), ARTDIR & DESIGN. Previously Freelance Designer, Nomads Agency.
Barbara already is a great entrepreneur. She built ASEM ( from the ground up through dedication and true belief in ... her cause. Her work building the organisation has given war torn, poverty stricken orphaned and vulnerable children a home, education, support, love and ultimately a future. Few people in this world are so selfless and driven. She engages people authentically in such a way that they want to collaborate and take part in what they can to help these childrens’ future and she is able to switch gears when necessary.
Svetoslav Bulatov
They're my friends  •  Worked , and Self employed, Naturally Yours Centre.
Barbara has a genuine desire to help people and provide solutions. She is highly intuitive and intelligent. Her life experience makes her a ... great advisor.
Marcolongo Leopoldo
They're my advisor  •  Consulente del Lavoro, Studio Marcolongo.
Rinunciando alle comodità della sua vita, ha creato l'Asem, una grande risorsa che sta dando speranza a molti bambini del Mozambico
Maria Eugenia Jardim
They're my advisor  •  Family Care Office Advisor & Outreach Coordinator, University of Toronto.
She has passion for the work she does, and she knows how many children depend on her efforts. She would never give up!
Giorgio Dhima
They're my current cofounder  •  Head of section, Peace policy, Subsaharan Africa / Latin America, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.
Initiative personality having clear goals in mind and putting her whole energy into achieving them.
Tullia Aiazzi
They're my friends  •  Senior evaluation officer, FAO.
Barbara Hoffmann is capable of having a vision and pursuing it, through her ability to understand the environment she moves into and finding ... resources. She is charismatic and convincing and infuses enthusiasm in the people she meets.
Salvatore Martorana
They're my friends  •  Manager di Rete - Manager on Alliance to Companies, MARTORANA CONSULTING and PROVINCIAL DELEGATE, ASSORETIPMI.
Barbara and ASEM are doing a beautiful work In Mozambique, helping children and giving work to many family; a very important action that we ... must only live. Describe is reductive.
Pasquale Cardines
We worked together  •  Ufficiale, Esercito.
We were working in Mocambique side by side in a Children Project and I have seen how she can work very hard when she is motivated to achieve ... a goal.
Chris Vilankulo
They're my friends  •  Owner Manager, Xibaha and Manager, Xibaha.
She always looks for improvements on her business. She also works very hard.
Jamie Nami Kim
They're my advisor  •  General Manager / EP, PARTY. Previously Director of Creative Production, Redscout. The University of British Columbia grad.
She is naturally gifted at creating something out of nothing - a core characteristic that makes an entrepreneur successful. On top of that s ... he operates with absolute integrity and commitment in everything she does.
Henry Page
They're my friends  •  Partner, BHM Penlaw. Previously Partner, Penningtons Manches LLP.
Her entrepreneurial spirit is to be admired! that with her personable approach to all
Brigitte Jakob
They're my friends  •  Geschäftsleiterin, Flagprint Bern AG. Previously Geschäftsleitung, Lettra Design AG.
She's a verry strong character. Barbara has proven many times in here live that she can successfully complete large projects, even under poo ... r conditions.
Michaela Cosijn
They're my friends  •  International Development Research Officer, CSIRO. Previously Technical Director, Vidara Environmental international.
She is creative and hardworking. She is also a visionary who is dedicated to putting her ideas into practice through social enterprise. Her ... work has always been to help poor people improve their lives
Henry Page
Partner, BHM Penlaw. Previously Partner, Penningtons Manches LLP.
she is a natural leader with great people skills. Henry Page
Armando Júlio Archer da Cunha
They're my friends  •  Director Executivo, ARCHER DA CUNHA & CONSULTORES ASSOCIADOS and Managing Director, AC & ASSOCIATED CONSULTANTS, Pty.,Ltd.
She is sensitive to all problems related to a non developed Country, mainly concerning the unprotected Children. She has a great acknowledge ... of Mozambique and its development issues and future challenges. One of her principles is: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on priorities are the others, so, herself by the end. Although things aren't moving/happening, sometimes, according to her planning, she never gives up. She is very, very persistent.
Sophie Abegg
They're my friends  •  Thérapeute, Kinésio pour tous and Trust Assistant & Company Administrator, Whitmill Trust (Suisse) SA.
Barbara is a fantastic woman that devoted her life to help children and made an incredible project come true!
John Swett
We worked together  •  Owner, Radon Abatement Services. Previously Project Manager, PMC/Austria.
Barbara has the drive and the smarts to be successful at anything she choses to pursue.
Chris Roffler
We worked together  •  System Architect, Ministry of Finance Mozambique.
Barbara has started several undertakings under the most difficult conditions and has pulled them through. Some of these project have a major ... impact on young people in the third world.
Lovely Claire Dangalan Cachuela
We worked together  •  Marketing Manager, Harbor Real Estate and Ghostwriter / Web Content Writer, Freelance.
Barbara has the financial know-how, and is a driven, enthusiastic, patient and intelligent person who can still achieve a lot.
Birgit Biedermann
They're my investor  •  Worked , and Rechtsanwältin und Notarin, Luginbühl Wernli + Partner.
in really difficult circumstances she built up for her own a NGO in Mozambique without any support of the government or other big organizati ... ons and she leads it for many years now in a very successful manner.
Limiti Silvana
We worked together  •  Counselor Psicosintetico, Centro Studi Urania and Counselor, Centro Studi Urania.
She is a huge persone full of capacity to manage entreprise
Kenly Fenio
They're my friends  •  Foreign Affairs Analyst-Eastern and Southern Africa, U.S. Department of State. University of Florida grad. University of Florida grad.
Barbara is one of the most intelligent and resourceful directors of community-based development projects that I have come across in 15 years ... of living in and working on sub-Saharan Africa. Not only are her ideas solid, but she has an excellent (and well-deserved) reputation for listening to what others need, and then making positive things happen. She is incredibly well-respected throughout Mozambique for her contributions over the last couple of decades to this impoverished country. Additionally, those in the communities where she lives call her "Mom" because she has helped not only thousands of children, but also their families achieve skills, education, and better lives. I am delighted to endorse her, and am happy to answer any additional questions you may have about her.
Roberto Chavez
We worked together  •  Volunteer, Bikes for the World and Artist in Residence, Chavez Weiss Household. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Barbara founded and has operated a world-class vocational shool for children and young men in Mozambique for over 20 years. The school had b ... een endorsed by the government and several international organizations. She has demonstrated excellent skills as an entrepreneur and fundraiser for this continually expanding project. I'm confident Barbara would be a major asset for founderdating.
Giovanni Poletti
We worked together  •  Proprietario, Alter Eco srl.
Barbara è una persona eccezionale che ha dedicato la sua vita ai bambini del Mozambico, per dare loro una situazione di vita sostenibile e ... un futuro migliore. L'aspetto che ritengo eccezionale è che lo sta facendo da oltre 25 anni, con piena dedizione e senza remore o ritegno: quei bambini sono tutta la sua vita, possiamo considerarli suoi figli e per molti orfani è la madre che non hanno conosciuto. Altro aspetto particolare è la capacità di organizzare una rete di associazioni in molti Paesi del mondo per finanziare le attività di ASEM e la comunicativa che colpisce tanti donatori di ogni estrazione e cultura, che continuano a sostenere le sue iniziative. é una grande donna che ha sacrificato se stessa per aiutare un popolo tanto lontano e povero.
Ismail Rahman

she has a lot of experience and expertise
Elisa Trocmé
They're my friends  •  Traductions, moi même and Musicienne, Compagnies de danse: de L'Orchidée, Kobez, Alize, Alice et les Autres,.
She has a long and successful experience in humanitarian actions within the African continent, notably in Mozambique. Her analytical abilit ... ies, knowing when and how to take risks, her ability to communicate and lead ere the makings of a great entrepreneur!
Lígia de Noronha
We worked together  •  Freelancer, and Server, PsiCoEstar.
Barbara is a very intellingent woman with an enormous heart.
Parakh Hoon
They're my professor  •  Assistant Professor, Saint Martin's University; conservation and development; livelihoods and governance.
Barbara made a long term commitment to community development in Mozambique two decades ago. She is has a well grounded understanding of loca ... l realities and how best to support local communities achieve their short and longer term goals. Her passion combined with tenacity, and ability to successfully communicate with various stakeholders makes her a great entrepreneur for social development.
Chantal Auger
We worked together  •  Regional HIV Advisor, United States Agency for International Development.
Barbara is driven by her passion and belief in important causes that are close to her heart. She is incredibly resourceful and skillful in ... networking in building support for her foundation. Her dedication is unprecedented and her commitment and drive has changed the lives of many.
Andrew Petkun
We worked together
Barbara is driven to making a real difference, especially on behalf of those who suffer but whose voices go unheard. She is remarkably dedic ... ated to her cause, tireless and inspiring, and has exceptional foresight and leadership abilities.

Marcolongo Leopoldo
We worked together  •  Consulente del Lavoro, Studio Marcolongo.
Leopoldo is a very professional, respectful person and of great rigor. He is always available, despite his busy professional life and has a ... big heart, open to help others when needed. It is an honor to know him.