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Matt Thomas

Advisor Orange County, California Area, US

CEO, TotalSynch, LLC and Author, Matthew S. Thomas, Author. University of California, Irvine grad.

CEO, TotalSynch, LLC and Author, Matthew S. Thomas, Author. University of California, Irvine grad.

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CEO TotalSynch, LLC January 2008 - present
Author Matthew S. Thomas, Author January 1982 - present
CEO Dramatic Development, LLC January 2005 - December 2010
Chief Design Officer Storytellers Entertainment Studios November 2002 - December 2009
CEO Babylon January 2006 - May 2009
Senior Analyst/Programmer The Reynolds and Reynolds Company October 1990 - September 2004


University of California, Irvine

Interested In

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  • • Fundraising
  • • Crowdfunding
  • • Social networking
  • • Social Media
Markets of Interest
  • • Games
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Video

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Blogging • Video • Game design • Video Games • Software project management

Key Accomplishments

Worked in management for 14 years at a Fortune 500 IT company
Founded 2 Entertainment Technology companies, holding 2 patents in the 3D Animation space
Wrote numerous novels and screenplays, including a Vanity Fair award for screenwriting
Presented Entertainment Technology projects to Hollywood studios, venture and angel firms and multi-billion dollar companies

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

Seeking assistance moving across the Uncanny Valley between Development and Prototype.

As an Advisor

Progressive cheerleader providing practical ideas for solutions to real-world challenges.

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Rachael Newport
They're my friends  •  Author and Editor, Thorsett Publishing and Co-Owner, Thorsett Communications.
He has been one for quite some time. I have learned things from him that have helped me be a better writer and entrepreneur. He has a very p ... ositive approach to life which helps him bounce back when things do not go as planned, as they often do. He learns from those "failures" and moves on to success. He also keeps things real. Something that not all in the field do.
Daniel Esbensen
We worked together  •  CTO, SheerPower Auction Services, Inc. and Director of Advanced Research, Touch Technologies, Inc..
Matt has amazing vision and focus. He is creative and forward thinking. Matt is very bright and works well with teams.
Suzanne Winters (
We worked together  •  Web Mistress, R.W. Kastner and Jr. SP4GL Engineer, Touch Technologies, Inc..
Matt is extremely intelligent and creative. He is solution-oriented and will do whatever it takes to ensure success for all involved in any ... entrepreneurial (ad)venture.
Jennifer Cook
They're my school  •  Business development and sales professional with an expertise in ecommerce. Co-Founded venture backed ecommerce start-up (SPAS).
Matt is a born entrepreneur. He is very creative and talented with tremendous technical capabilities.
Steven Callender
We worked together  •  Technical Support Manager, Equinox Software, Inc.. Previously Application Developer, The Reynolds and Reynolds Company.
Out of everyone I've known, Matt has been clearly destined for entrepreneurship. In fact, it's just something I have expected from him since ... he displays all the qualities that would make a great entrepreneur. He is driven, focused, and absolutely relentless once he gets his mind set on something. Matt not only goes that extra mile in every project I see him participate in, he doesn't seem to slow down and the enthusiasm he exerts can be very contagious. He's also extremely intelligent and a very down to earth person to talk to. One of Matt's abilities that I've always admired is his ability to come up with solutions or ideas that most folks wouldn't even think of. He's very resourceful, and I think that is a pretty important trait for an entrepreneur to have.
Antje Mills
They're my school  •  Owner & Chief Designer, Finessa Web Works. Previously Website Designer/Developer and Media Coordinator, George Sutton RV.
Matt is that rare individual who is fortunate to have the combined talent of technical skills and creativity...he can envision an idea and t ... hen bring it to life. I've never known a time when he wasn't writing, designing, programming or otherwise engaged in something marketable that would either help or entertain. Matt has had a number of successes and proven his business chops. Additionally, for the last few years he has worked tirelessly on multiple projects, and one particular software concept is his biggest passion. Despite logistical and financial hurdles along the way, he has not given up. Anyone fortunate enough to collaborate on a project with him would experience his dedication and drive to succeed but also his warmth as a person.
Jenna Lloyd
We worked together  •  Certified Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, Jenna Lloyd CHt, MPNLP and Owner, Magic Words Marketing.
Matt's vision, tenacity, and passion makes him successful life-long entrepreneur. We first worked together twenty-five years ago and I have ... watched him flourish into a dynamic and accomplished business owner whose achievements are bolstered by his commitment to helping others succeed along the way!
Doug Miller
They're my friends  •  Customer Service / Technical Specialist, expert, computer gaming, programming, information management, and systems / production management.
Matt is someone who is highly intelligent. He is also someone who make sound decisions and backs his decisions with solid reseasoning and l ... ogic. Finally, Matt is passionate about what he does and he is driven to see things through from start to finish.
Rick Henry
We worked together  •  Chief Technology Offier, T & B Boots, Inc. Previously Board Member, Boys and Girls Club - Brea Placentia Yorba Linda.
Matt is very creative, intelligent and resourceful. He is great at finding solutions to difficult problems and developing the means so that ... everyone around him benefits from the solution.
Skip Wachman
We worked together  •  Senior Software Support Analyst, Thomson Reuters Elite. Previously QA Software Analyst, QTC.
When Matt and I worked together, he was the go to guru. He could field any question and was the ultimate authority on everything. He would ... deliver his answers / solutions / rulings fairly and timely and in such a fashion to instill confidence and total acceptance. My favorite characteristic about Matt is his imagination and his ability to think outside of the box to arrive at the best possible result. Sometimes I could not see, did not have the vision to realize what Matt seemed to know all along. Without pretense, Matt can channel others down the path to the final destination. If I were to select team-members that would work in synergy on a project, Matt would be one of my first picks for a leadership roll.
Jesse Heindl
We worked together  •  Marketing and Communications Specialist, RISO, Inc.. Previously Sales/Marketing Manager, Portman Security Systems (USA) Ltd..
Matt not only works out all the angles when approaching something, but he's flexible enough to recognize and capitalize on new opportunities ... as they crop up. He's resourceful, hungry, and able to connect and communicate.

Daniel Esbensen
We worked together  •  CTO, SheerPower Auction Services, Inc. and Director of Advanced Research, Touch Technologies, Inc..
Dan is a superb technology designer and R&D expert. He's authored many successful patents, and is dedicated, organized and an outside-the-b ... ox solutions driver.

Jennifer Cook
We worked together  •  Business development and sales professional with an expertise in ecommerce. Co-Founded venture backed ecommerce start-up (SPAS).
Jennifer is an extraordinary thinker with out-of-the-box strategies that provide on-point solutions. She has a remarkable networking capabi ... lities, with a wide-range of existing contacts and excellent presentation and communications skills. She is always an asset in whatever endeavor she is involved in.