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Stephen Palmer

Advisor The Hague Area, Netherlands, NL

Chairman, Stichting University of Quantum Dynamics and Chief Operating Officer, New Energy Makers Association.

Chairman, Stichting University of Quantum Dynamics and Chief Operating Officer, New Energy Makers Association.

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University of Quantum Dnamics Foundation-Netherlands


Chairman Stichting University of Quantum Dynamics August 2011 - present
Chief Operating Officer New Energy Makers Association June 2006 - present
Chairman University of Quantum Dynamics January 1989 - present
Vice-President MI Hope, Inc. March 2002 - November 2013
Teaching Professor on Sabbatical Progressive University January 2003 - August 2011
Co-Director and Administrative Trustee Institutional Review Board, Center for Complex Infectious Diseases March 2002 - August 2010
President West African Co-operative for Mining, Agriculture and Commerce, S.A.R.L. September 1995 - February 2002
Chief Engineer Jobe Mines, Ltd. March 1986 - June 1992
Consultant Frederick E. Kallof, PC January 1986 - June 1992


E. & R. Tubman School of Law International Law 1982 - 1985
A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine General Medicine & Pediatrics 1980 - 1985
Zambia School of Mines, N'Changa Mining Engineering 1971 - 1975

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  • • 3D Printing
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Media
  • • Video
  • • Music
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Hardware
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Education
  • • Healthcare
  • • Transportation
  • • Movies/Film
  • • Content
  • • Teacher training
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Quantified-self
  • • Medical Devices
  • • Nutrition
  • • Wellness
  • • Higher Education

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Lady Suzanne Edwards
We worked together  •  Knight Commander, Sovereign White Knights of Malta Order of St Germain and Trustee, University of Quantum Dynamics Foundation.
Yes Dr. Palmer would be an amazing Adviser. He has a plethora of international contacts to leverage, as well well as has a highly developed ... skill set. He is a man of integrity and would recommend him for any position.
Mushin Mato Wambli
We worked together
Stephen is a deep spirit-sense-responsive actionable investigator about the truth of reality in our current lived world experience. He know ... s and has had enough of the genocide, injustice and prejudicial abuse of power in civilization. Stephen doesn't have stress and considers our situation as small problems. Gladly he gives stress like a heart attack to shock you into human awareness of what you do, when you do, the things you? So Stephen's voice is be taken personal. Rather an elder voice that is indignant with the standard cultural practices in the 2,500+ year old swept along drift of institutional discourses in civilization that created this current weather problem called Global Warming. Stephen is courageous in declaring a "Simple Profundity" of human dignity that clashes entirely with Patriarchal Political Economics Narcissistic Borderline collective hysteria happening. This entrepreneurial spirit-sense doesn't talk about the weather. Rather a whistle blower committed to game change doing something about the weather, like Snowden, and is blowing the whistle on the immature arrested playground of the swept along drift in humanity. I agree with Stephen's basic fundaments of dignity in human autonomy and also conflict with his approach of throwing fuel on a dying fire using previous old symbols of western codified contexts of power. We mutually change one another in that in that open discourse. As a teacher/mentor/friend I have learned about scalar in quantum dynamics in a conversation that correlates with my applied action research in business, and is coherent with the "Unitary Epistemology of Autopoiesis." Cybernetics is birthing Meta Design Literacy in Conversations for Possibilities focusing on immediate urgent and radical Conversations for Actionable Applied Research in General Systems as a Learning Community. Stephen is an elder educator, partner and collaborator in exciting conversations. I naturally respect and dignify elder's who have lived world experience as a learner, householder expertise, contemplative reflection, and in the end deliberately decide to "Light Up the World" offering the gift of insights inspiring, conspiring, perspiring and aspiring to a thriving beautiful world before walking on to Camp Up North. Ah! The place where this world based in 4% of known materialistic knowledge action in arrogant aggressive behaviors embraces the 96% of the unseen world that is five times more powerful than all the nuclear toys and weapons of mass destruction man has conceived of in his stupidities by believing in a mistaken observer error: any creatures is separated from its creation. We laugh at such a notion at our campfire in the wilderness with the canopy of stars as our witness singing a new song. The notion actually has no power in reality. Man is responsible for his own nightmares and waking up form Plato's Cave. You need an elder push or a kick in a$$ call Stephen he's got all the time in the world living in paradise and not a moment to waste in getting direct the reality of OUR LIVED WORLD EXPERIENCE. So, he is one of the crazy one's which I have so much affinity with in the asylum of sanity. Stephen is beyond entrepreneurs as well as Religion, Politics, Economics and Commerce and is committed to facilitating a new weird learning experience that is different and makes all the difference in the matrix of ecological knowing in human existence based in a biology of love in presense! Professor is an appropriate characterization if you have the courage to enter into a conversation for action.
Steven Cozzi
Professor, UQD. Previously Flight Specialist, Continental Airlines.
Simply put he has great ideas, profound ideas, pragmatic, healing and scientific.
Steven Cozzi
They're my friends  •  Professor, UQD. Previously Flight Specialist, Continental Airlines.
He knows how to get things rolling and has been a major influence and key people and projects for decades
W John Martin
We worked together  •  Medical Director, MI Hope Inc.
Extraordinary wide range of detailed knowledge in science, politics, law and humanities. A good organizer and supporter of young talent. An ... excellent writer and advisor.
Zadok S. Lempert PhD Prof
We worked together  •  President & CEO, Panorama-Medica Group (with MedicO Healthcare Travel Management division).
He is a careful planner, thoughtful entrepreneur, considerate innovator, experienced leader
CV Muraleedharan
Scientist G & Associate Head, SCTIMST. Previously Lecturer, National Institute of Technology, Calicut.
hasan awdiriye abdi- awdiriye abdi farah
Senior Ecologist, Independent Environmental and Ground Survey Services in Somalia.
I am sure prof.S.Palmer had many experiences deep into world commodities particularly African States even he had more informations about sop ... histicated techns.and their rare resources routes which advanced the new Asians and western developed countries industries also he was faithfully for their integration and cooperation for future of this advancing world. Thank you and God bless my dear brother Prof. Stephen Palmer.
tomislav jovanovski
Previously OVS, UN. Previously First generation working in the Ministry for Informational Society & Administration, MIOA.
Robert von Sarbacher
Owner - World Nutrition Source, World Nutrition.
degrees in EVERYTHINGGGGG - one of the most sought after scientists in the known world! super brainiac at that - worked with all the top sci ... entist in the world as well - one of first people to come to when something goes awry if you need it fixed quickly - expert in almost EVERY field of science and medicine and physics and computers and - do I need to go on?
Estiphan Panoussi
Adjunct Instructor, Antelope Valley College and Professor Emeritus of Arabic from Goeteborg University in Sweden, Antelope Valley College.
Stephen is a great entrepreneur because he has many innovative ideas in multifarious fields!

They're my friends
First, in question three, there were no buttons, only in Question Two; Mushin would not have left the radio buttons out of the question and ... only offered a negative one, which in this case cannot be undone, this is tantamount to criminal behavior by the executives at LinkedIn. Mushin is an excellent advisor on natural Law, cultural law and sovereign but peaceful acts of personnally responsible living people. And sees a corporate entity as a fictional entity, as he should; he sees that the Admiralty law applied to the land is a fictional and criminal aspect of Natural Law, and of real Law, particularly as related to people on the land, no the fictional "Person" as promulgated by the US Criminals.

Fred Knight
We worked together  •  Chief theoretical Physicist and founder, Environmental Solutionists' LLC.
Excellence is a trait of Freds, he works hard at his craft and does not give up easily

Ryan Witt
CEO, H4Y Corp. Previously Consultant, Self-Employed. University of California, Irvine grad.
Ryan is aggressive in a good way, and listens to the customer.client base, coordinates with the best aspects, while not ignoring the details

Hrvoje Prpic
BA, entrepreneur, co-founder of the first BA network in the region, mentor on FI, member of advisory council of VERN' University.
Hrvoje being European, has the best aspect and largest client base, is responsive to critical aspects, but thinks out of the box, does not i ... gnore the old ways, but modifies them to new tech and individual growth.

Saša Cvetojević
angel investor, Entrio and angel investor, Once.
Sasa is very creative, and can see both the administrative realities and the artistic and tech side and blend them together to make a fit, s ... imilar to Tesla, but is aware of the greed factor, and will avoid the same errors.

Robert Burns Nixon
CFO & Board of SFFAMA INC / SXSW ACCELERATOR / San Francisco Fashion Week / SF Design Week / Retail Design Institute / Goodwill Industries
Robert is a walk the line skeptic, but has slowly been breaking out of that mold, growing, changing, as we all should, it is a part of evolv ... ing, he could take hold of a new venture and grow with it.

J.J. Jeliazkov
freelance journalist, Freelance. Previously landscape architect, σοφιαPROJECT Research and Design Institute.
I have known Sidney for years, he has always been supportive of non-fuel sources of energy, is not closed minded, but is skeptical at first, ... as are all good scientists, he knows the pitfalls and dangers of the commerce world, and knows what works and what does not, and sets realistic goals within that structure.

Natalie K. Öberg
They're my friends  •  Director and Producer, Artist
I have known Natalie for over 10 years as an Evolved and compassionate individual, she knows whom she really is, and has grabbed that illusi ... ve ring and dismounted the circular system. She is spiritual and can communicate with intent, she is more than even she thinks she is. She is one of the 100 top influencers in spirit and flow of the new paradigm.

Steven Cozzi
We worked together  •  Professor, UQD. Previously Flight Specialist, Continental Airlines.
I have worked with Sir Steven Cozzi hroughout this lfetime, and in many previous lifetimes, we have actually known each other in one form [b ... ody] or another for several thousand years. There is little Sir Cozzi cannot do, when given the resources to do it.

Dr. Carl Rotermund 4 k +
They're my advisor  •  Owner and Founder, Private Estate Global Consulting Group Ltd..
All German Engineers are not alike, Karl understands the concepts and can teach others without a book while multi-tasking, and volunteering ... in team sports, which most cannot do. He understands the principals from the spirut level and can transfer the datum on a level you can understand from your own perspective. A rare talent.

tomislav jovanovski
They're my professor  •  Previously OVS, UN. Previously First generation working in the Ministry for Informational Society & Administration, MIOA.
Based on his prior experience, and his personal commitment to details of documents, it is possible for Tomislav to change the understanding ... of the UN Charter and reform it to actually work for peace, rather than the other way around, and elect the Security Council from members that have historically been neutral in all wars of the past, and if anyone has waged war in the last 50 years cannot vote on such issues. This is something Tomislav can do better than anyone else, otherwise he knows the UN is just another fake corporation of the US War Machine.

Angel Iribozov
I have Known Angel for many years, he has defied the odds,and always ends up on top; sustainability does not have to be his motto, as it is ... his life; His ability to grasp a situation and make a work-around instantly is what keeps him on top, as the slow thinkers [governments] cannot act as fast as he can, thus lose their advantage to counter his actions. Creativity makes him the best at new start-ups and long term planning. Work-arounds are always there if something does not go as planned; There is plans A, B, and C, but also continuing to alternates through Z and into numbers if needed. His spirit will never lose, his ideas will never run out to circumvent the insanity of regulators and their minions.

Horse Robinson

Horse will make an awesome advisor.

Mushin Mato Wambli

Mushin will make an awesome advisor.

Prince Patrick from the Noble House Molier

Prince will make an awesome advisor.

Travis Winden, Ph.D., LUTCF

Travis will make an awesome advisor.

Patrick Baugh

Patrick will make an awesome advisor.

Steven Cozzi

Steven will make an awesome advisor.

Arun Jose

Arun will make an awesome advisor.

doug sagal

doug will make an awesome advisor.

Michael Graf

Michael will make an awesome advisor.

W John Martin

W will make an awesome advisor.

Estiphan Panoussi
Adjunct Instructor, Antelope Valley College and Professor Emeritus of Arabic from Goeteborg University in Sweden, Antelope Valley College.
Estiphan Panoussi is more than he thinks he is, starting Pars Iranian and Arabic Fine Dining in the heart of Aviation Valley in California, ... and is still the best fine dining facility in the region, he teaches modern and ancient languages in many languages at Antelope Valley and Palmdale Colleges. He is excellent with Students and makes them feel successful from the beginning. Communications is his specialty, but he is much more than his work, he is a humanitarian and a walking history book.

Elizabeth Donavan
They're my friends  •  consultant, .
Elizabeth Donavan is trustworthy which is rare in today’s world

Gaukhar (Gia) Noortas
They're my advisor  •  Founder, CEO, Hollywood Film Academy and Film and Cultural Festival, Tengri: Montage of Cultures.
She defies the status quo; Screen Actors Guild, BMI, and the film industry in general by starting here own from a purely East European stand ... point. Something not Americans can appreciate, but will follow.