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Franz Bruckhoff

Advisor Hannover Area, Germany, DE

CEO & Head of Imagineering,

CEO & Head of Imagineering,

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CEO & Head of Imagineering December 2008 - present
iOS Development Trainer Tutego 2009 - 2013


Townshend International School

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  • • Engineering
  • • Fundraising
  • • Content marketing
  • • Incorporation
  • • Growth
  • • Lean startup
  • • Leadership
  • • Health
  • • Fitness
  • • Mobile analytics
  • • Licensing
  • • Business Development
  • • Cloud Computing
  • • Engineering iOS mobile
  • • OKRs
  • • Startup Funding
  • • Matchmaking
Markets of Interest
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Games
  • • Green
  • • Hardware
  • • Healthcare
  • • Media
  • • Mobile
  • • Robotics
  • • Smart Home
  • • Social Impact
  • • Sports
  • • Transportation
  • • Wearable Tech
  • • Fitness
  • • Nutrition
  • • Quantified-self
  • • Records
  • • Wellness
  • • Medical Devices
  • • Content
  • • Movies/Film

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

- Past 4 major releases Haze, Thunderspace, Windy & Sunny heavily featured by Apple around the world.
- 2.6M people reached between Q1 2013 & Q1 2015.
- Still a collaborative one-man op, no funding, no office space, not even incorporated yet.
- Working from home and coffee shops.
- Not even enjoying the synergy effects of a fantastic startup hub.

- Had a CNC milling machine at home in 2005.
- Been a member of an inventors club as a kid.
- Created a dating platform in 1995 at age 13. 1000 members.

- Imagineering. Pretty great at coming up with innovative concepts that work.
- Good at development, better at design, great at conception & product.
- Broad & good sense for where we're heading: Optical computing = 500kx+ performance gain, nanotube style battery tech = 100x+ efficiency; Quantum Mechanics will become a mainstream science; Zero-latency long distance P2P communications via measurable quantum entanglement (aka "subspace communications"); Wearable devices that directly interface with the brain (neural HCI); Augmented Intelligence; Bottom line: No worries about computational power or energy constraints. No worries about wearable sensors. We ARE the sensors. 2025: No worries about engineering bottlenecks: Intentional programming via superhuman machine intelligence. There's so much more.
- Well aware of ExO's, platform thinking, lean startup, etc. Not aiming for small business.
- Great at finding and coordinating with world-class talent to build amazing products.
- Speaker at Push Conference, CeBIT Global Conferences & more.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

As my technical co-founder you'll be responsible for all technical aspects of our fantastic unicorn-style exponential org. I expect you to think big, be fully committed, be open with your thoughts, and be great at communicating and delegating responsibilities to engineers you can trust.

As an Advisor

I give honest and unfiltered feedback, and expect that you aim to raise the bar.
My life is too short to focus on solutions to small problems, and I'll be happy to point it out.

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Marie Beschorner
We worked together  •  Illustrator / Artist, Company of Wolves.
Franz is driven and recourceful. He is flexible an keeps an eye on his ideas and vision in order to assure that they are heading in the righ ... t directions. He thinks big and knows how to built up extensive and complex projects from the scratch. He works hard and gets things done whilst always looking for opportunities, inspiration and fresh ideas. He has a lot of potential and is constantly searching for means to unfold it.
Gordon Hempton
We worked together  •  Owner, Quiet Planet LLC, Sound Tracker. University of Wisconsin-Madison grad.
In the more than 30 major clients that I have worked with over the past decade, Franz stands head and shoulders above the rest for intellige ... nce, functional aesthetics, and innovation. We definitely will be seeing more of Franz in the years ahead as a leader in his industry.
Michael Kieffer
They're my friends  •  Game Designer, Admin, Kieffer Bros..
Franz is that near-mythical combination of artist and engineer that is so often talked about but so rarely found. He can work with complex s ... ystems fluently, and at the end of the day, still build products and experiences that are simple, intuitive, and human. He has a unique appreciation of the smallest details and how they interact with each other and influence the larger system. His understanding of the human mind and heart enhances this capacity a hundredfold. The world is fortunate to have him. He has been making the world a better place, and I have not doubt he will continue to do so.
David Bawiec
We worked together  •  Award-winning composer for film/TV and all sorts of other media & pop music producer. I believe in smiles and cheesecake. ;)
Franz is a perfectionist. He puts a lot of effort into making sure everything he releases out into the world is of the highest quality. He's ... a highly driven man, a great communicator and an individual that loves inspiring and getting inspired. He is honestly one of the best entrepreneurs I know.
Warner McGee
We worked together  •  Owner, Warner McGee Illustration, Inc.. Previously 3D Arist, Smashing Ideas.
Franz has many strengths. He's inspiring to work with because he is thoughtful with the talent he brings into a project allowing creative fr ... eedom along with guide direction for the projects goals. His communication skills and resourcefulness are what I consider 2 of his finest professional attributes. He's a real pleasure to work with.

David Bawiec
We worked together  •  Award-winning composer for film/TV and all sorts of other media & pop music producer. I believe in smiles and cheesecake. ;)
David is by far the most talented composer I ever met, and I like to name him “The Next Hans Zimmer” because he truly is. His drive for ... excellence, his positive can-do attitude and generally happy personality is audible in his music. Music clearly is his life, he loves what he does, and cares about where and how his music is used. He has an extraordinarily great ability to sense what kind of music fits best in any situation, and I consider myself lucky to be working with him.