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Jackson Powell

Advisor Greater Los Angeles Area, US

UX Designer, Optimization, Little Red Truck Idea Co.. Previously Graphic Designer, Carroll/White. I try to do what's right. Whiteboard fan.

UX Designer, Optimization, Little Red Truck Idea Co.. Previously Graphic Designer, Carroll/White. I try to do what's right. Whiteboard fan.

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Growth
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • UI/Design

Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Growth
  • • Marketing
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design

Involved In


Little Red Truck Idea Co.


The Sluis Academy


Founder, UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer Little Red Truck Idea Co. August 2005 - present
Co-Founder, Productivity Tech Expert DoubleSpaces May 2015 - present
Graphic and Web Designer Carroll/White 2003 - 2004
Prepress Specialist Allegra Print & Imaging 2001 - 2003


Vancouver Film School Computer Animation 2000 - 2002
University of Maryland College Park Art History, Criticism and Conservation, Fine/Studio Arts 1995 - 1998

Interested In

Joining an Early Team
Advisor With
  • • Growth Financing
  • • Customer Analytics
  • • onboarding
  • • customer acquisition and monetization
Markets of Interest
  • • 3D Printing
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Games
  • • Green
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Small Businesses
  • • Smart Home
  • • Social Impact
  • • Sports
  • • Travel
  • • Video

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Web Development • Graphic design • Newsletters • Web Design • Visual storytelling

Key Accomplishments

I'm unique in that I'm very comfortable with design (offline, online, UI/UX, graphics, brand material), digital marketing, user research, product development, troubleshooting, creative marketing, SEO, more.

I'm a sponge. I watch videos from while I'm in the shower, driving my kids to their activities. They know what cloud computing is. They're familiar with brand identity design and productivity tips...

...More so than scooby doo (though they are well versed in that as well).

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I'd like to be a valuable piece to the core team of a startup with an idea that needs validation. Early stage customer search, from the ground up so to speak. I see the roadmap to finding product market fit and really enjoy the strategy and user research that is involved in figuring out if a product is worth building. I also enjoy product development such as building a site or app with the least amount of features in order to test the most riskiest guesses. My love is making things, always has been. Mostly that focuses on user interfaces for web apps though it can even extend to a little handmade "party favor" gift I give to people that give me their time to explain a product, tell me about their pains, or test a prototype for feedback.

As an Advisor

I'm a hands on fellow. I like to do the work as well as help others get organized and focused on their action items. I'm not afraid to handletter a quote for twitter, talk to the target audience about what their needs are to understand how we can solve them, have my designs destroyed during user testing, and work on weekends or nights. :)

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Devon Powell
They're my friends  •  Previously Chief Operating Officer & SVP Member Services, Natural Products Association.
Jackson has very little ego, and via both his personality and training in the industry, has learned how to be flexible and compromising in d ... ealing with adversity, clients, and in other aspects of his life. Coupled with his artistic sensibilities, he's exposed himself to all aspects of business at the startup level, giving him invaluable experience with which to both conduct and assist others in developing sound business practices in order to generate results.
Julie Davis
They're my friends  •  Reading and Writing Specialist/Instructor, Self Employed. Previously Avid Tutor, Jordan Middle School. San Francisco State grad.
Jackson is resourceful, creative, organized, disciplined, reliable, kind, smart and an all around wonderful person.
Stephen Jones
We worked together  •  Sales and Marketing Specialist, GROWTH STRATEGIES. Previously Owner, NTERACTIVE DESIGN.
Jackson understands that to be successful, you have to "fall in love" with your client - and not the product or service. Jackson is client-f ... ocused and cares immensely about giving the best result with his best efforts to every client he serves. If you want to work with someone that will *really* work for you to get the results you want, then you need to hire Jackson Powell.
Javier Solorzano
We worked together  •  Founder, Elektet. Previously Senior Applications Engineer, Touchstone Semiconductor.
Jackson is an intelligent, creative, and honest professional. His attention to detail is amazing and knows how to ask the right questions. F ... or the past year, he has helped me design my company website and I could not be any more impressed. He listens carefully and gives his best to everything that he works on. It is extremely difficult to find someone with his level of expertise and passion for what he does. I always get his best effort irregardless of what it is he helps me with.
Lonnie Sciambi
They're my advisor  •  "The Entrepreneur's Yoda." Help entrepreneurs grow and avoid the dark side. 30+ yrs starting, selling, fixing, investing in smallbiz
He's got great passion for what he does but is quite open to other opinions. Totally focused on the customer.
Cindy Rottinghuis
They're my friends  •  Data Engineer, Facebook. Previously ETL team lead and developer, PayPal.
Jackson is a very creative person. He works hard, and can come up with amazing ideas and solutions. I'd work with Jackson in a heart beat. ...
Susan M.W. Tahir
We worked together  •  Founder & CEO, Story38 Alliance. Previously Senior Global Category Manager, Medtronic.
He's a thoughtful problem solver and an extremely talented designer. He's a risk taker and really focuses on people stories and their probl ... ems in terms of trying to help address them. He strives for perfection and isn't satisfied until he achieves it. Also, please see my Linkedin Rec. for him.
Dan Tsuji
We worked together  •  Founder and Owner, Virtual Gravity Media Ltd.
Jackson is very dedicated to doing the job right. He doesn't cut corners and is very detail oriented. He is always expanding and challenging ... himself.
John Spitters
We worked together  •  Founder, CEO, FamilyNation. Previously Founder, FunctionSoftware, Inc.; Not a Stanford grad.
Jackson applies his knowledge and experience to exact the alternatives and solutions necessary to satisfy a challenge or commitment. Great w ... ork ethics, values and dedication to his clients and his profession that will extend to his work as a co-founder.

John Spitters
We worked together  •  Founder, CEO, FamilyNation. Previously Founder, FunctionSoftware, Inc.; Not a Stanford grad.
John won't give up and will apply intelligent thinking to find his startup's business model. Having worked with John on his venture for over ... 1 year, I believe John is very fair, very passionate, and very dedicated. He's going about building a business the right way using lean principles. Learning about his audience, their needs, and ultimately how best he can solve them with a product that will make a difference in people's lives.

Dan Tsuji
We worked together  •  Founder and Owner, Virtual Gravity Media Ltd.
Dan is a hard working, super talented and a quick to learn techie. What makes him unusual is his awareness and sensitivity to the needs of o ... thers. He's a valuable asset to any team looking for an Wordpress developer with loads of people skills.

Javier Solorzano
They're my current cofounder  •  Founder, Elektet. Previously Senior Applications Engineer, Touchstone Semiconductor.
Javier is a great person first and an equally great entrepreneur. He has an uncanny way of explaining his vision so that it truly inspires. ... I've worked with Javier for over a year and I've counted myself lucky. His integrity, work ethic, intelligence, kindness and humor has made me a better person.

Kathy Lee
They're my current cofounder  •  Co-Founder & Personal Technology Coach, DoubleSpaces LLC. Previously Owner, PerceptivePath Studio. Stanford grad.
The word that comes to my mind immediately is integrity. Besides having the pre-requisite entrepreneurial skills of a self-starter, manager ... ial experience, smarts, focused passion, I have only met two other people in my 42 years who has been as dependable and decent as Kathy. Her strengths are her ability to see the forest through the trees, her communication style, her thoughtfulness and awareness of others (when they deserve it), her experience as a successful small business owner of a million dollar web agency, and her awareness. She's a go getter I'm proud to know and vouch for anytime.