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Mark O'Neill

Advisor Lancaster, Pennsylvania Area, US

Force-extender for the founder of transformation healthcare insurance platform driving peer-to-peer connections with physician group CEOs.

Force-extender for the founder of transformation healthcare insurance platform driving peer-to-peer connections with physician group CEOs.

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Executive VP Vxtra Partners, LLC June 2015 - present
Managing Director - Healthcare Consulting Division American Healthcare Leadership International January 2012 - present
CEO Gastro Florida August 2013 - April 2015
Chief Operating Officer (Interim) Main Line Gastroenterology Associates January 2012 - June 2012
Executive Director Lancaster Gastroenterology, Inc. and Professional Anesthesia Associates, LLC December 2007 - January 2012
Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy Medical Department December 2000 - December 2009
Chief, Patient Affairs Landstuhl Regional Medical Center October 2006 - November 2007
Associate Director Kelly IT Resources February 2004 - October 2006
Healthcare Administrator National Naval Medical Center February 2001 - January 2004
Administrative Resident Johns Hopkins HealthCare June 1999 - May 2000


The Johns Hopkins University Health Finance and Management 1998 - 2000
University of Pittsburgh History, Political Science 1994 - 1998
Trinity College, Dublin Irish History and Literature 1996 - 1996
Jersey Shore Area

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  • • Social applications
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  • • Healthcare
  • • Social Impact
  • • Fitness
  • • Nutrition
  • • Quantified-self
  • • Records
  • • Wellness
  • • Medical Devices

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

In 2004, I was contracted to build and operate a colon cancer screening prevention center based on "virtual colonoscopy" using a two-year, $13M Congressional appropriation. This was my introduction to the world of gastroenterology (GI) and digestive diseases, as well as designing and building a sustainable enterprise from the ground up with government grant funding.

Due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I had a year-long career interlude when I was recalled to duty in the U.S. Navy Medical Reserve serving evacuated wounded at a large hospital (Landsthul) near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

I returned to the U.S. and joined an entrepreneurial private physician practice in the Northeast U.S. where I built a profitable pathology lab and anesthesia company (using CRNAs). I also learned how to maximize revenue using an innovative mid-level provider model (nurse practitioners/physicians assistant). This experience with corporate ambulatory surgery center partner, AMSUG, led to my selection to operate the largest GI group in Philadelphia as COO.

I later spent a year as an independent consultant and visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai where I briefly managed the largest trauma center in the Middle East before returning to the U.S. After a national search, I took over the leadership of the largest GI group in West Florida/Tampa Bay to prepare them for P.E. in either a sale of controlling interest in the practice itself or the creation of an all-Florida GI MSO with the potential to grow nationally.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

While my core business focus is in the healthcare space, as described below, I have a desire to make a social impact.

I have a passion for assisting husbands and fathers to strengthen families and support positive masculine identity in an increasingly feminized culture. I support fidelity in marriage by strengthening the bonds of fellowship between men. Too many men today are islands unto themselves and need to regularly relate with other gentlemen, but the prevailing culture prohibits giving voice to their legitimate needs for fear of being labeled as anti-woman or worse.

I started a "Pints and Pipes" group in the context of my church in Tampa, FL, that allows men an avenue to come together in a manner similar to the "colonial tavern" of old to discuss politics, history, philosophy, theology and other topics. An app that could help connect husbands and fathers locally would be a great help to not only men themselves, but also to many wives who complain that their husbands don't have healthy fellowship or don't have a positive outlet with male friends.

I am a devotee of Robert Putnam's work on social capital and Charles Murray's writings on the decay of our cultural bonds with one another. These authors strongly influence my interest in developing this app.

As an Advisor

I would like to advise as an "expeditionary operator"; rapidly scaling up a business through an aggressive, high-profile, relationship-driven strategy that is in the field looking for new opportunities, enhancing existing partnerships and defending against emerging threats via an omnipresent model of participation in the thought leadership marketplace. I serve on boards, conference panels, and other national venues to enhance market intelligence and add luster to an already powerful network. I am home-based near major East Coast airports in the Northeast and Florida (winter). I am an innovative problem-solver who can "parachute" into troubled markets or scenarios to bring people in conflict together and resolve disputes and tensions. I have had my best results when paired with a visionary physician leader.

I have an adaptable, engaging management style that typically alternates between two models – Authoritative and Servant leadership.

My military background leads me to embrace a decisive model of leadership that quickly sizes up a problem and executes an action plan, while never forgetting the imperative to take care of one’s troops. I strive to embody a similar model known as servant-leadership. The servant leader achieves strong organizational results by giving priority attention to the needs of those he serves. Hallmarks of this style include the following:

Empathy: A servant leader attempts to understand and empathize with others. I have never forgotten what it is like to work one's way up. I look for ways to support good people in their time of need. I have found the old maxim that “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you,” to be true.
Listening: I actively listen to my team. I try to find ways to accede to their requests rather than look for ways to deny or obstruct. I make time for them to be heard and I am secure enough in my leadership to sometimes reconsider a decision if they make a strong case.
Healing: Restoring and maintaining bonds between people in the organization, especially at the board level, is something I work hard to foster.
Awareness: A servant leader has the ability to view situations from a more integrated, holistic position due to both general and self-awareness. I am considerate of those who are affected by my decisions.
Persuasion: I avoid using a traditional, authoritarian model of leadership. Coercing compliance though raw power or status rarely leads to a high-performing management team. Openness and persuasion is often more effective.
Conceptualization: I think beyond day-to-day realities. A good leader delegates many day-to-day functions to competent managers freeing him to implement the strategic plan and remain alert for new opportunities and emerging threats.
Stewardship: Leaders must hold their institution in trust for the greater good of our present and future patients and shareholders.
Developing people: I believe that people have intrinsic value, so I seek to nurture the personal and professional growth of my employees.
Building community: Few people generate exceptional performance solely for financial compensation. They desire to be part of something larger than themselves; purposeful work in the context of a team matters to them. A servant leader seeks to build a sense of community within an organization.

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Adviser, Testappropriate and Member, Mentors Guild. University of Pennsylvania grad.
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