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George Lambert

Advisor Greater Boston Area, US

CTO - Product Architect, Interim/Contract CTO. Previously VP Engineering, FlightLookup.

CTO - Product Architect, Interim/Contract CTO. Previously VP Engineering, FlightLookup.

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PodKey Solutions
PodKey Solutions



CTO - Product Architect Interim/Contract CTO March 2015 - present
VP Engineering FlightLookup, Inc. December 1995 - March 2015
State Representative NH House of Representatives November 2010 - December 2014
Author Developing A Cash Cow Marketing Plan 2009 - October 2013
Selectmen Town of Litchfield March 2007 - March 2013
Founder PodKey Solutions September 2004 - November 2010
Owner NetMasters December 1995 - December 2004
Strategic Planning Task Force National Grange 1999 - 2004
Director of Software Engineering Performance Enhancement Systems 1995 - 1997
Director of New Business Development BrainStorm, Inc. February 1995 - December 1995
VP Sales Serif (Europe) Limited February 1994 - February 1995
Sr. Applications Engineer Terralogics 1992 - 1994
Computer Sales Trainer Fretter Inc. 1988 - 1989


University of New Hampshire-Manchester 1986 - 1986
Pelham High School 1985 - 1986

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Markets of Interest
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Commerce
  • • Financial Services
  • • Mobile
  • • Payments

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Project management • Architecture • Entrepreneurship • Strategy • System Design

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Mike Rozlog
We worked together  •  A strong technology executive offering significant experience driving product development, business development, sales, and marketing.
He is a great entrepreneur and has ideas and concepts way before others think of it.
We worked together
I've know George for almost 20 years beginning with an entrepreneurial venture we partnered on when George was President and Founder of NetM ... asters, LLC, a software and technology solutions provider. Our group came to George and his team with a vision which George took a leadership role in bringing to fruition. In that situation, George developed an interactive multi-participant online solution for a game we were developing. While prevalent today, back in the mid-1990's, this type of technology was just finding its way into development, and George coded and developed a solution that more than met our vision. Since then, he has been involved with many other successful projects and ventures in addition to being elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. George is a "can do" leader who is not afraid to "think outside the box". He is one of the most creative technology "thinkers' I've ever met, and I've NEVER seen him overcome by a challenge. His perseverance and ability to find an answer to the many challenges that inevitably arise in building a solution or growing a business define entrepreneurship. I am very proud to vouch for and recommend George. Please feel free to contact me directly ( should you require further support for George.
Frank Edelblut
We worked together  •  Member, CommonAngels and Board Member, Foundation, Patrick Henry College.
Smartest guy in the room. Very creative.
Garrett Sullins
We worked together  •  Software Engineer, Aceso and Web Developer/Programmer, Garrett Sullins.
His attention to detail goes above and beyond the majority of people I have worked with. He consistently looks for ways to improve the envir ... onment and projects he is involved in.
Brandon Ross
We worked together  •  Principal Consultant, Axon IP and Principal, B.D. Ross Law Office, PLLC. Michigan State grad.
Entrepreneurs deliver solutions to problems. George is an excellent, resourceful problem solver.
William Thomas
We worked together  •  Director of Programs, The Atlas Society. Previously Lecturer in Economics, University at Albany. University of Michigan grad.
George Is a great entrepreneur. And he is a person who works persistently and reasonably to attain his goals.
Bent Cardan
We worked together
A deep and powerful understanding of systems programming, and in particular: cross-platform, high performance networking protocols and appli ... ed concurrency.
William O'Brien
We worked together  •  Chief Operating Officer, Brainloop Inc. and State Representative, New Hampshire House of Representatives.
He is inventive and driven to succeed.
George Johnson
We worked together  •  Entrepreneur in Residence, ARD Ventures and CIO, My Contractors Network.
George has the ability to find simple solution to seemly complex problems.
Michael Reilly
They're my school  •  Release Engineer, BT Conferencing. Previously Software Configuration Manager, Configuration Management, Inc..
George has the perseverance and experience to make a very good entrepreneur.
Michael Cassidy
We worked together  •  Owner, .
I've worked with George on two successful start-ups and I'm sure he has more in him.
JR Hoell
We worked together  •  Chief Mechanical Systems Engineer, Astronics/AeroSat Corporation and State Representative, Merrimack 13, Bow/Dunbarton, NH State House.
George is a bright, enthusiastic and creative engineer
Louis Calitz
We worked together  •  Principal, Freedom Engineers. Previously VP Technology, Human Capital Institute (HCI).
George has a very creative approach to solving problems, and gets the job done no matter what it takes.
Shawn Adams
We worked together  •  Software Engineer, Mobiata. Previously Web Developer, GoldenWare Travel Technologies.
George is fiercely passionate in all that he does. He has the ability to slide into a role, whether it be engineering , product design, sale ... s, politics, you name it really. George can understand the problem space and figure out pragmatic solutions that drive success in that space. He is someone I would want in my corner giving me advice If I was tackling a tough problem. Any group would be better to have him.
Geoffrey (Xander) Glazier
We worked together  •  Technical Analyst - Support Admin Tier II, Salesforce. Previously Salesforce Administrator, Comcast Cable.
George is on top of technology and at the forefront of ideas. Typically when I share an idea he has new information at the forefront of his ... mind and ready to implement or improve my idea by compounding it with his additional knowledge.
Joshua Youssef
They're my friends  •  Founder/President, Signage America and Founder & President, Same Day Computer, Inc..
brilliant thinker who understands the minds of consumers, engineers products they need and want, and can ACTUALLY execute the solution.
Joseph Haas
part-time worker, Patriot Investment Company.
According to: " Origin of ENTREPRENEUR French, from Old French, from entreprendre to ... undertake — more at enterprise First Known Use: 1852 " = = " a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky " so when you ask: " What makes George a great entrepreneur? " is that of like when he was a State Legislator here in New Hampshire and in effect represented all of us to say in Public Hearings that this or that bill or statute is unconstitutional at the risk of offending those who "want" this or that of not really "needed" (as against N.H. Article 38 for the gov't to operate in "frugal"ity) that he'd speak the truth anyway, of those welcoming his constructive criticism to get them back on track of honor, while those stuck in their ways of for a some social order under a democracy of the masses rather than to honor their RSA Chapter 92:2 to support this Article 4, Section 4 U.S. Republic [ see: ] might have been temporarily offended, they'd later "Wise Up" to what is right, of George like an antibody in the System or The Establishment, or in medical terms like a white blood cell to go after internal corruption. My mother would say, from reading a "Reader's Digest" on such of he's like The Miner's Canary, of he'd be able to smell corruption before others and DO something about it. I wish that he'd have continued his run for Governor, and in good of really excellent health, of I wish him well in the business world where sometimes you can take a break.
Michael Lattier
We worked together  •  Attorney
George is very generous with his time and is truly interested in mentoring new entrepreneurs. He thoroughly knows his field and brings new ... solutions and ideas to problems.
Bridger Jensen
We worked together  •  Founder of i EDIFY. I'm a creative "big picture" thinker. I'm pragmatic, optimistic, detail oriented, & (somehow) easy going. PM me anytime.
If George ever offers you a minute of his time, I implore you to take it. No joke - he gave me more solid advice while waiting for a bus the ... n I've gotten in 5yrs from other consultants. This man doesn't waste a minute and is a ferocious adviser and business man. Listen to him.

Frank Edelblut
Member, CommonAngels and Board Member, Foundation, Patrick Henry College.
Frank is a brilliant guy. I have worked with him in multiple roles and have never had a bad experience.

Eric Lanier
Web Product Manager, eBags and Co-Founder, FlyinAway.
I have really enjoyed working with Eric.

Paul McGee
Vice President of Sales & Operations, dBaseLLC. Previously FlightLookup API Technical Services, GoldenWare Travel Technologies.
I have worked with Paul on many occasions, and like him so much we even hired him at Flightlookup until he moved for other reasons. He is sm ... art, friendly, fun to work with, and an all around great team member.

William O'Brien
We worked together  •  Chief Operating Officer, Brainloop Inc. and State Representative, New Hampshire House of Representatives.
WIlliam has breadth and depth of business, legal and political savvy.

Michael Cassidy
Owner, .
Michael has been my partner in multiple ventures. Michael gets it right and will not ruin his reputation by lack of quality.

Shawn Adams
Software Engineer, Mobiata. Previously Web Developer, GoldenWare Travel Technologies.

Ashok Yalamanchili
We worked together  •  Project Lead, IGATE. Previously Technical Lead, iGATE.
Ashok did mobile development for us.

Joseph Barton
Nuclear Engineer, Classified. Previously Nuclear Engineer, United States Department of Defense.

Clay M. Thompson
We worked together  •  Owner and MATLAB Consultant, Mathematical Engineering and Owner and Software Developer, Creative Creek, LLC.
Clay is a very intelligent hard working business partner. He worked with FlightLookup for over a decade as a highly reliable partner. I wou ... ld recommend him to anyone who wanted a key teammate or partner.