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Chris Heuer

Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Futurist, serial entrepreneur & imagineer seeking to make the future a reality today. Former Global Chairman of Social Media Club. xDeloitte

Futurist, serial entrepreneur & imagineer seeking to make the future a reality today. Former Global Chairman of Social Media Club. xDeloitte

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Primary Skillsets

  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Business Development

Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Product
  • • Marketing
  • • Business Development

Involved In


The Conversation Group
Social Media Club South Florida
Guru Communications, Inc.
Social Media Club
The Conversation Group


American Heart Association | American Stroke Association
Wearable World Labs
Wearable World

Side Projects

Happathon Project


Consulting Catalyst, Founder AdHocnium March 2013 - present
CEO, Chief Product Officer Alynd May 2013 - present
Mentor in Residence Wearable World May 2013 - present
Member of the Advisory Board American Heart Association | American Stroke Association June 2012 - May 2016
Founder, Global Chairman Social Media Club July 2006 - June 2013
Specialist Leader, Social Business Deloitte Consulting January 2011 - March 2013
Chief Creative Catalyst AdHocnium December 2008 - December 2010
Founder & Partner The Conversation Group June 2007 - October 2008
Chief Idea Guy Conversal October 1999 - December 2006
Chief Experience Officer Insytes March 2005 - November 2006
Consultant / Contractor Palm, Inc. 2000 - 2005
Teacher Miami Ad School January 1997 - June 2001
Chief, eBusiness U.S. Mint January 1999 - October 1999
CEO, Chairman Guru Communications, Inc. 1994 - 1997


American University Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government August 1987 - May 1991
Miami Palmetto Sr. High School 1986 - 1987

Interested In

Joining an Early Team
Markets of Interest
  • • Commerce
  • • Media
  • • Music
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Robotics
  • • Social Impact
  • • Travel
  • • Mobile
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Local
  • • Smart Home
  • • Wearable Tech
  • • Content
  • • TV
  • • Movies/Film

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Branding • Innovation • Product management • Customer Experience • Product Marketing

Key Accomplishments

Looking to be a part of an amazing team who is bringing the future to our present day reality contributing my unique gifts of imagineering, story telling and relationship development.

For more then 20 years I have seen the future and endeavoured to make in a reality with the intention of bettering society and ensuring that my ideas/inventions were able to maximize the creation of shared value. For a long time I called my7 unique approach Holistic Business Strategy because there was no language to easily/widely explain my unique perspective. To think of the whole of the business and its value generating potential. This is now reflected in the work around shared value, customer experience design and employee branding among other areas of management thinking.

At the moment I am passionate about the cambrian explosion of technological advancements and their tremendous potential for cross integrating them in ways that are filled with surprise and able to deliver exponential value. (like voice based chatbot's that listen to meetings in virtual reality collaboration rooms to suggest new participants who worked on a similar problem that was just discussed with your colleagues in that meeting to more quickly advance projects and prevent unnecessary conflict + wasted efforts).

Without knowing the language of coding, my entrepreneurial passion drove be to become the product manager, UX designer and architect on several large applications including: a consumer media site with a custom user review design, an enterprise content management system for marketing the Palm Economy, a global professional association membership site, a new form of enterprise collaboration + performance management and a community collaboration tool.

I've been an advisor to dozens of startups and my insights have been the foundations of dozens more.

I've also been a founder of 5 digital agencies providing product, marketing and communications consulting to businesses young and old, big and small.

At Deloitte I not only worked on client projects in multiple industries and across multiple functional areas as a true holistic strategist, but I also worked with our internal groups to reshape how the organization was using social media internally for collaboration as well as externally for recruiting and marketing/engagement. While at Deloitte I was responsible for user adoption, communications, marketing and training of our Yammer launch, hosting a global YamJam that ultimately made us one of the most successful launches Yammer had with a client. Working with the American Heart Association on their social media strategy and then a broader digital transformation strategy, I had a chance to more fully develop models and frameworks for enabling large corporations to manage engagement at scale, publishing in the CIO Journal (by WSJ) my theory for The Engagement Curve. (See Linkedin for links)

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I think the work style and personal integrity components are crucial to a great team. So I really like to get a chance to work with some for a while before committing to a team. I prefer to work out loud, but we also need to find a process for getting to reasonable closure and avoiding analysis paralysis and indecisiveness. You need to make more decisions, more better as my friend says.

As an Advisor

I will tell you like it is. If you have something great, my network is open to you and I will put you in front of some pretty awesome people.

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Dave Sifry
They're my advisor  •  Multiple startup founder incl. Technorati, Linuxcare, and Offbeat Guides. Startup advisor incl. Merchant Atlas, Alynd, Engajer, and others
Chris exudes passion for his vision of changing the way people work, and he has the wonderful ability to infect you with it!
Paul Mabray
They're my friends
Chris is already a brilliant businessman and has been on core startup teams in the past. He is definitely a luminary as it relates to tech ... and social and has unprecedented access to one of the most connected and successful networks in the world.
Andrea Genevieve Michnik
We worked together
He gets things done!
Rob Underwood
We worked together
Chris is one of the brightest people I've met. What I love about Chris is that he brings his heart to business. Chris cares for people and ... that comes through in how we approaches interactions and relationships -- it's not just a put-on. Chris also has a very broad and deep network within the start-up, tech, and VC community. He's both generous and respectful in making introductions and new connections. He's generous in that he'll share his network with colleagues and friends. He's respectful in that he won't make an introduction just for the sake of it -- he's sensitive to people's time on the other end of a new introduction. No one wants to be burdened with irrelevant connections/introductions. Chris in an amazing conduit of new business and connections. Very proud to have him as a friend.
Preston Lewis
Founder & CEO, Intactic. Previous Co-founder & Director of Bonfire Communications (successful exit). brand / engagement / enterprise tech
Collaborative, strategic, experienced, connected and creative. Very good attributes for a co-founder if you ask me.
Kara Gillis
Senior Consultant, Deloitte. Previously Branding and Marketing Intern, Wormhole IT.
Innovative risk-taker
Janet Fouts
Social Media Strategist, and Social Media Trainer, Tatu Digital Media.
I've known Chris for many years, he's always thinking about new ways to do things better, smarter, faster. He's an advisor for several innov ... ative start-ups and his own start-up, WillSomeone demonstrates his understanding of the collaborative economy and how it is changing the way we want to work!
Bill Jensen
Speaker, Author, Simpleton, Futurist, Consultant, Researcher, Coach, Mentor, Dad, Trekkie
Chris is amazing. As a person. As a social visionary. As someone who's been through multiple trials by fire and keeps on moving forward. I a ... m so proud and humbled to be included among his associates, to have him advise and coach me, to be among his ventures' advisors, and mostly, to call him Friend.
Todd Jordan
System Analyst IV, Mallinckrodt - previously Covidien. Previously Co-Founder, St. Louis Bloggers Guild.
Founded Social Media Club, spreading it across the US and the World. Directly inspirational and friendly.
Des Walsh
Executive Leadership Coach for the Digital Age, Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Expert, Connector of people and ideas, Author
Chris is a very respected, much loved, highly intelligent visionary with high moral values and an amazing capacity to enrol others in his vi ... sion - for example he, with his wife Kristie Wells and a few others, created the international Social Media Club out of nothing. He has the never-say-die attitude and commitment essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Sanford Barr
Kicking Cancer's Arse, Self and Founding Team Whisperer, Buyer's Best Friend. University of California, Berkeley grad.
Sanford is a true entrepreneur, from the startups he has run himself, to those he has advised and those he helped cultivate through the comm ... unity he organized. Definitely someone you can rely upon and someone you can trust.

David Marks
Vice President of Product, StumbleUpon
I've known David for a long time now and have much respect for him and his ability. He's an uber intelligent visionary who works hard and in ... spires those around him.

Anders Abrahamsson
We worked together
Anders is a wonderful spirit, a visionary, an author and a community organizer. He understands how to engage markets and how to create value ... for everyone within them.

Ayelet Baron
We worked together  •  Futurist. Keynote speaker on building 21st century organizations. Global Thought Leader.
Ayelet has been an invaluable confidant and advisor who has a innate understanding of the world we are now creating, and what needs to be do ... ne to create it. She has a keen insight into strategy and operations, but most importantly into people.

Chris Schultz
We worked together  •  Cofounder at Kung Fu - passionate about helping the next wave of freelancers, who don't sit at computers all day, be successful.
Chris is already a great entrepreneur with a proven track record, deeply rooted in the spirit of community - the heart of all markets.

Renee Blodgett
We worked together  •  Founder, CoFounder, Go-to-Market Strategy, Communications Strategy, Product/Co Launch Maestro, Messaging Guru,Content Creation, Partnerships
Renee is super connected and super smart. A great media producer, public relations specialist, and all around fabulous person who you would ... love to have on your team.

Hayley Melidonis
They're my friends  •  International mobile media technology leader. Passionate about outdoor adventure, travel, and technology. And building brands and products.
Hayley is a great entrepreneur and has been for many years, she is also a connector and a whip smart creative who is a valuable addition to ... any team.

Rob Underwood
We worked together  •  Previous: CTO, Relay GSE | Chief of Staff - Media Sector, Deloitte | Senior Manager - TMT Industry, Strategy Practice at Deloitte Consulting
I've worked with Rob as a peer and had the good fortune to have him as an advisor to my current startup. He's not only insightful, creative ... and intelligent when it comes to technology and business and media and education (whew) but he is also the sort of guy you can trust to look after your best interests and make things happen. You definitely want Rob on your team if he has time and interest in supporting you and your company.

Rob Underwood
We worked together  •  Previous: CTO, Relay GSE | Chief of Staff - Media Sector, Deloitte | Senior Manager - TMT Industry, Strategy Practice at Deloitte Consulting
I worked with Rob previously at Deloitte Consulting where he earned my respect for his insights, his work ethic and his passion. Now I am gr ... ateful to have him as both an angel investor and active advisor to my company. His advice is usually spot on and he has been tremendously helpful in regards to the business and myself personally as we traverse the ups and downs of start up life. You want Rob on your side, he's truly invaluable.

Liva Judic
We worked together  •  Brand and communications strategist. Mentor, StartupYard - Seed Accelerator and Mentor, - Community and Accelerator.
Liva already is a great entrepreneur, insightful, empathetic, smart, hard working and globally respected. Anyone would be lucky to have her ... on their team.