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Timothy Brown

Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Engineering Director, Studio and Web, ROBLOX. Built #1 Kids' website in the US (>1 Billion page views per month). Software engineer @ heart.

Engineering Director, Studio and Web, ROBLOX. Built #1 Kids' website in the US (>1 Billion page views per month). Software engineer @ heart.

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Engineering Manager Lyft May 2014 - present
Engineering Director, Studio ROBLOX September 2012 - May 2013
Engineering Director, Web ROBLOX June 2009 - June 2012
Senior Software Engineer ROBLOX 2010 - 2011


Pomona College Computer Science 2003 - 2007

Interested In

Markets of Interest
  • • Education
  • • Games
  • • Green
  • • Hardware
  • • Healthcare
  • • Mobile
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Robotics
  • • Smart Home
  • • Social Impact
  • • Sports
  • • Transportation
  • • Travel
  • • Wearable Tech
  • • Edutainment
  • • In-classroom learning (K-12)
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Teacher training
  • • Youth Leadership
  • • Higher Education
  • • Fitness
  • • Nutrition
  • • Records
  • • Wellness
  • • Medical Devices

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Python • .NET • Web Development • Django • C#

Key Accomplishments

At my last company I was an early employee (#8) and was initially responsible for website development with a high focus on scalability. When I left the company it had over 1.7 billion page views per month (more than Twitter and LinkedIn) and I had hired, managed, and built out the entire web team to 13 engineers and was responsible for architectural reviews and product road maps. I have experience in many different parts of a startup -- including full-stack web development, hiring, compensation, management, interviewing, product road mapping, architectural / security / design reviews, etc.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

When I find a project I'm passionate about it's hard for me to think about much else. I'm also a very open and honest person and I value that in a partnership. If there's something we disagree on, that should be voiced early and often. I'm also a strong believer in an iterative approach. When in doubt, try it out and be willing to pivot.

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Jeffrey Ma
They're my friends
He has passion to start something on his own and has reached the point in his career where he has the necessary technical and people skills ... to do so
Alex Haro
We worked together
Tim is the rare breed of person who is both socially and technically competent.
Navin Lal
We worked together at ROBLOX Corporation
I know Tim to be a hard-working, passionate person. He's a real hands-on guy and is not afraid to dive deep to solve a problem. He's alway ... s got new ideas and opinions about the product and has leadership experience to back up his decisions.

Bo Ghirardelli
They're my friends  •  Co-founder and CEO at Youth Business USA, social entrepreneur working on creating the 600 million new jobs by 2025 that the world needs.
Bo has the combination of empathy and tenacity that you hope to find in a co-founder, and he has the intellect to match. His goals and visio ... ns are not small, but he's got the track record to show that he can make them happen. From teaching himself graphic design to traveling across the world to make connections, he is not afraid to dive in and get his hands dirty. I want to choose "Hungry, Driven, and Tenacious" from the list above, but that would leave out all of the other qualities he embodies. Bo will do well in the FounderDating network.