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Sangu Delle

Advisor Ghana, GH

Director, Mina Evans and Director, Stawi Foods and Fruits. Harvard Business School grad. Harvard grad.

Director, Mina Evans and Director, Stawi Foods and Fruits. Harvard Business School grad. Harvard grad.

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Investor Andela 2015 - present
Director Mina Evans May 2014 - present
Chairman of the Board Stawi Foods and Fruits March 2014 - present
Director mPharma January 2014 - present
Investor 2014 - present
Board Observer SOLO 2013 - present
CEO Golden Palm Investments 2008 - present
Investment Analyst Valiant Capital Partners May 2011 - May 2013
Analyst, Special Situations Group Morgan Stanley July 2010 - May 2011
Americas Special Situations Group (Am-SSG) Goldman Sachs 2008 - 2008


Christ The King International School
Ghana International School O-Levels
Harvard Business School
Harvard Law School
Harvard University African Studies and Economics
Peddie School

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  • • Financial Services
  • • Healthcare
  • • Social Impact
  • • Mobile
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Payments
  • • Fashion
  • • Travel

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Krishna K. Gupta
They're my friends  •  Founder & Chairman, Romulus Advisory (RA) and Founder & Managing Partner, Romulus Capital. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Sangu is a very accomplished and well-networked young man, with a gravitas on the African continent that is matched by very few. Having him ... on your side would be a real honor as he is selective and highly impactful.
Alexis Maule
Previously Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse. Previously Office of the First Lady Intern, The White House. Harvard grad.
They're my school
well networked, high profile, smart, focused on emerging markets
Orinola Gbadebo-Smith
They're my school  •  Co-Founder & CEO, NewCo. Previously Senior P.E. Investment Associate, Helios Investment Partners. Harvard Business School grad.
Sangu is an extremely talented and accomplished investor across continental Africa. His investment vehicle GPI has successful holdings acros ... s real estate, healthcare, agriculture and financial services. Very few per investment professional speak the, fluently, the languages of both the nuanced emerging market terrain that is Africa, and that of western institutional investors. Sangu will undoubtedly be an asset to any network of both investment professionals and entrepreneurs in any jurisdiction.
Kwadwo Boachie-Adjei
They're my advisor  •  Research & Administrative Coodinator, Hospital for Special Surgery and Managing Partner, BOACHIE & BONSRA LLC.
Sangu is very intelligent, ambitious, and knowledgeable in many aspects of business and development. He is a born leader and already serves ... as a mentor and advisor to many. This also makes him quite experienced and a great resource.
Kofi Kwakwa
They're my friends  •  CEO, Sagevest Holdings. Previously Director- Strategic Investments, Joint Ventures & Alliances, Standard Bank. Harvard Business School grad.
he is a fantastic and passionate leader
Sheel Tyle
They're my school  •  Board of Directors, Business Center for New Americans and Founding Partner, S2 Capital. Stanford grad. Stanford grad.
Thoughtful, charismatic, deeply intellectual, and understands certain markets better than anyone else
Gregory Rockson
We worked together  •  Global Talent Summit Advisory Board Member, Consortium for Global Talent and Co-founder and CEO, mPharma. Princeton grad.
Sangu is the 1st person i speak to when i have an idea and need some initial validation.
Elaine Mensah
They're my friends  •  Treasurer, Washington DC Region, Fashion Group International and Founder & Creative Strategist, SVELTE, LLC. Georgetown grad.
Sangu Delle has an innate talent in communicating a vision and the strategies to implement it. His experience in emerging markets particular ... ly as it pertains to Africa is unparalleled for someone at this point in their career. He is well-traveled and has a breadth & depth of knowledge that is key as an advisor.
Comfort Ocran
We worked together  •  Director, Springboard Roadshow Foundation and Chief Executive Officer, Legacy & Legacy. University of California, Berkeley grad.
Sangu is passionate about investing. He has global network which he can easily tap into. His experience in investing in emerging markets in ... phenomenal.
Issam Chleuh
They're my friends  •  Founder, Africa Impact Group. Previously Senior Associate, Private Equity, Ernst & Young.
Sangu is truly passionate about building a VC industry in Africa backing young talented entrepreneurs. He definitely has the drive and skill ... s to make this a reality. Lastly, Sangu possesses the motivation and relationship skills to be successful in any task he undertakes.

Alexander Marlantes
We worked together  •  Student, Stanford Graduate School of Business. Previously Monetization and Infrastructure Projects, Pinterest. Stanford GSB grad.
I’ve only known Alex for 3-4 years, but we sat next to each other for over 12 hours a day for 2 years so I can say with confidence I know ... him extremely well! I want to discuss Alex on three levels today: as a colleague at Valiant, as a business partner in Rabito, and as a service leader. Alex is one of the best colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to work with for three key reasons: his inspiring work ethic, his unending capacity to learn and teach, and his commitment to making the work place a better environment for all. When I say work ethic, I don’t mean someone staying awake and functioning for 100+ hours a week as an investment banking analyst. I’m talking about an honorable commitment to his team and colleagues such that even when he underwent complicated knee surgery and was on strict orders to stay in bed for 30 days at his apartment, Alex would break the doctor’s rules to come to work because he had taken responsibility for a private investment and was not going to let the rest of the team down. Alex is also one of the humblest human beings I have ever met, and in a very sincere way. I recently got upset with him because all along he told me his dad was “just a writer.” I was recently watching CNN and to my surprise one of the most decorated Vietnam war heroes, a Rhodes Scholar and a NY Times bestselling author with the same last name materializes on the screen. But that’s Alex for you! Alex and I started at Valiant around the same time. At that time I had already spent a year with the Special Situations Group (SSG) at Morgan Stanley and before that was briefly at Goldman SSG. Alex only had 1 year of investment banking under his belt, but what is most important is that he had no ego. Instead of trying to act like he knew all the answers he came up to me our first few days at work and asked if I could teach him what I had learned at Morgan Stanley. Approaching a peer you’re competing with and showing your vulnerability like that I think shows a lot of maturity and a deep seated desire for constant improvement. The learning wasn’t just one-sided. Alex, whom we jokingly call “Excel Master,” would help me and everyone else in the office with his phenomenal modeling skills. Just take a look at his arena operating model for the potential NBA team in Seattle and it will blow your mind away! I think it’s well past version 200 by now, and by far the most impressive model I have seen at any of the financial firms I have worked at. But Alex isn’t just about the numbers. While we love to give him a hard time about his “Complex Systems” major in college – which nobody really understands – and we all acknowledge his excellent quantitative skills, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his multidisciplinary background and desire to try new things to help with the diligence process. Alex is pro-active about helping others. When he was doing diligence for the healthcare-startup project, he gained insight and real operating knowledge of the healthcare industry which had implications for a public position I was responsible for in the fund. He immediately reached out to me and shared all that he had learned and it proved very helpful to me. Speaking of this healthcare startup, Alex single handedly sourced the deal for the firm (he was the first non-partner analyst to do so) and was awarded the highly coveted Analyst Award for it. If there was another award for improving the work place, Alex would have scored that one too. He takes initiative to improve things. When he noticed that we didn’t get as much interaction with the senior partners, Alex organized a meeting with all the junior members of the investment team and proposed an idea dinner. Under Alex’s leadership, we worked on some great ideas to pitch to the senior partners. The dinner was a resounding success and has now been added to Valiant’s traditions. But Alex doesn’t just focus on helping us, he also thinks about future analysts and how their experience can be made better. This is why even though it’s too late for us, he lobbied our CFO to allow future analysts to participate in private deals to give them further incentives to work harder and to give them some upside with the fund. Having worked closely with Alex, and knowing intimately his virtues, work ethic and extraordinary capabilities, it was a no-brainer when I approached him to be my business partner in building a franchisee hospital of Rabito Health Services. I grew up in Ghana living with refugees, poverty, and underdevelopment. Initially I was focused on humanitarian activism and the non-profit world, but over time, my views on how best to aid Africa evolved, and I developed a strong conviction along the lines of Thomas Friedman that Africa needs less foundations and more entrepreneurs. During my sophomore year at Harvard, I started a venture capital firm to seed businesses in West Africa that will generate great returns for investors, provide jobs and contribute to the economic development of the region. Alex very much shared my vision of sustainable development in Africa powered by entrepreneurship. He was an obvious top choice in my Rolodex. Alex not only joined as an investor in our first hospital in Ghana, but he also added tremendous value as an Adviser. Alex is helping us on so many levels. From detailed tasks such as helping build an operating and financial planning model to high level strategic advice on how to position ourselves competitively. For example, after great growth in patient count from 100 patients in January to 140 the next month and 160 the month after, patient count stalled at 160 for the following 3 months. The hospital management team was very focused on remaining a sustainable business and so we maintained strict adherence to generating profits. Alex, however, really pushed the team to be a bit more flexible and to seriously consider investing in a marketing campaign. He argued quite powerfully that prudent investments in marketing could substantially increase our patient count, which would generate superior ROI. Boy, was he right! Per his guidance, we planned a marketing campaign and invested a couple thousand dollars in it. The results were incredible: We are now seeing patient count at 220, and monthly revenue jumped up from GHS 14,000 to GHS 22,000. In addition, Alex also pushed us to invest in technology and customer service. We are now proudly one of the first truly paperless hospitals in Ghana, and are ranked “excellent” by an average of 95% of our patients in customer service surveys that we conduct every day. Alex continues to help us grow Rabito as a board member and investment partner. Patient count has now topped 450 a month and we just launched our second clinic! Finally, I’d like to highlight Alex’s role as a service leader. Many of our peers, especially in financial services, quite frankly just throw on a bunch of non-profit experience on their resume in the hopes of standing out and scoring admission to Harvard, Wharton, or Stanford. I assure you, Alex is not in that camp. I have watched Alex in action, arriving to work early so he can pull late nights to interview candidates for Minds Matter to mentor disadvantaged kids. I see him every week hustling me and all his friends to donate to such a great cause (unsurprisingly he has raised over $24,000 for the organization!). Alex really cares and believes in an America where anyone, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, class, gender, sexual orientation or race, should be able to succeed. As a black man, I have been touched by his remarkable empathy and his willingness to learn about social issues on race. Alex is one of the rare people that feel at ease talking about race and other sensitive issues, for him it’s a problem waiting to be solved instead of a politically correct issue to dance around. Many people in Alex’s position are told that going back to school is a waste of time and that MBA candidates are trying to get the high paying job he is leaving. Alex’s desire to pursue an MBA demonstrate his authentic interest in advancing his education and leadership potential—this is not just another person out there for the money, but someone that truly wants to contribute to the world in a responsible way. Alex reminds me of Lyndon Johnson, a great man, with a quiet unassuming demeanor, yet a forceful execution-oriented style, a man who placed Country First when he withdrew from the re-election campaign to focus on peace efforts, a man whose hope was to “build a great society, a place where the meaning of man’s life matches the marvels of man’s labor.” In America today, with our economy facing structural challenges, our education system in disarray, our labor force uncompetitive on a global scale, and our politics so gridlocked and nonsensical that simple solutions to basic problems cannot even be passed, amidst all these stumbling blocks, I remain hopeful and optimistic about the future because of men like Alex. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that he will be a transformational leader for our generation. It is truly an honor to be his friend, and colleague and I recommend him at the highest level wholeheartedly with no reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be helpful, I would love to speak to you regarding his candidacy.