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John Sechrest

Entrepreneur • Advisor Greater Seattle Area, US

Founder, Seattle Angel Conference and Co-organizer, Lean Startup Seattle.

Founder, Seattle Angel Conference and Co-organizer, Lean Startup Seattle.

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Fundraising
I have an idea, but I'm open to other ideas

Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Fundraising

Involved In


Seattle Angel Conference
City Club of Corvallis
Willamette Angel Conference


Startup Mentor
Startup Weekend
Corvallis SAO
Board of First Alternative Coop


Founder Seattle Angel Conference 2011 - present
Mentor Startup Mentor 2011 - present
Co-organizer Lean Startup Seattle 2011 - present
Global Facilitator Startup Weekend 2009 - present
co-coordinator Eastside Entrepreneur Open Coffee 2012 - present
Co-Manager (Bellevue) Impact Hub Bellevue December 2014 - June 2015
Co-Manager (Kirkland) Impact Hub Seattle April 2014 - June 2015
Content Strategists FounderTraining Center 2011 - 2012
Board Member Startup Weekend June 2010 - August 2011
Executive Director NorthWest Innovation Resource Center November 2010 - July 2011
Economic Development Director Corvallis Benton Chamber Coalition July 2006 - November 2010
Founder City Club of Corvallis July 2006 - July 2010
Board Member Corvallis SAO 2000 - 2010
Founder Willamette Angel Conference 2009 - 2009
Participant Six Hour Startup 2008 - 2009
R + D manager Alpha Omega Computer Systems January 2004 - March 2006
Visitor Oslo University College 2004 - 2004
CTO - Chief Technology Officer PEAK Internet Services March 2002 - December 2003
Instructor Oregon State University June 1998 - June 2003
CEO - PEAK - Public Electronic Access to Knowledge March 1996 - March 2002
Graand Poohbah - Race Director Da Vinci Days Kinectic Sculpture Challenge 1999 - 1999
NERO Outreach Executive Director Oregon State University August 1992 - March 1996
Director OSU CSOS 1992 - 1996
Board Member Board of First Alternative Coop 1982 - 1989
Member of the Technical Staff Hewlett Packard June 1980 - August 1984


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Math/CS 1976 - 1980

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Engineering
  • • Marketing
Markets of Interest
  • • Social Impact
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Mobile
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Green
  • • Local

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Small business • Php • Entrepreneur • Entrepreneurship • Startups

Key Accomplishments

I am happy to help bring together people to make interesting projects. The Startup Weekend facilitation has helped me meet many very interesting people and to help them learn a lot in a short amount of time. Each time we do that, we make the world better.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

A deep understanding of Lean Startup, an understanding of Angel Investing, experience with enterprise, small business, government and non-profit organizations. A clear understanding of small business/startup managment and project management.

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Daniel Sabath
We worked together
John is already an entrepreneur. He has a track record of seeing oppourtunities, building them out and selling his company after putting in ... place a great team. I worked for him during one of his build out phases and it was a pleasure to work with the team he built.
Brian Howe
They're my friends
John has a remarkable ability to grasp the essence of an idea and help others understand the opportunity behind it. He's well connected, ver ... y generous, incredibly bright, persuasive, hard working, and committed to building great startups. Anyone would be lucky to be on John's team, and if he calls in 1/10 of the favors owed him, he'll have the most resourced team in Seattle.
Frank Hall
We worked together
John started and sold an Internet company that still is going twenty eyars later. He has worked in economic development roles fostering ent ... repreneurial programs, advisor/mentor roles for entrepreneurs, and as an angel investor and organizer of angel investment conferences.
Dylan Tullberg
Exploring Opportunities, Company Name Goes Here. Previously Chief Product Officer, ClockPad. University of Wisconsin-Madison grad.
John's probably the most giving and enthusiastic advocate for business advice...extremely insightful.
Matt Dyor
They're my friends  •  Co-founder and CEO, Payboard and Founding Member, Eastside Incubator. University of Colorado Boulder grad.
John is an awesome mentor and a startup ecosystem builder. He is tireless and has great vision-a powerful combination.
Katherine Cleland
Strategicy Marketer, Executive. Owner, CEO Cleland Marketing; 2014-2016 PR & Communications Chair, Zonta International
His focus on customers! and Cash Flow! and validation! Keep your eyes on what matters.
Monica Mendoza
We worked together  •  Executive Director at Jolkona passionately promoting global innovation by empowering young social entrepreneurs.
John is a great mentor and has contributed to our program by leading a workshop on Lean Startup Methodology. He proved to be a great resourc ... e to the social entrepreneur who we invite into our program.
Fauzia Lala
Founder and Product Manager, Falala Innovation
Fauzia Lala
Founder and Product Manager, Falala Innovation
Jay Beavers
Coder, Robot Maker, Technical Leader
Authority in lean startups and angel funding, central to the Seattle startup community, generous with his advice and assistance

Frank Hall
We worked together
Frank is already a great entrepreneur. He is one because he keeps engaging in projects and he keeps learning each time around the cycle. He ... has a large number of connections and he will bring resources to the projects he works on.

Michael Grabham
Director of Creative Services, Portent, Inc. and Chapter Director (Seattle/Bellevue), Startup Grind.
Michael has been doing a great job with the Startup Grind meetup. His interview style and his insightful questions have been very helpful fo ... r many entrepreneurs to see the key issues they are facing. Michael has been able to attract a significant group of people to his events and has been able to organize a quality event.

Shashi Jain
I'm passionate about 3D printing, IoT, and advising early-stage startups. I'm open to opportunities. Let's talk!
Shashi has been active in the Portland Startup Weekend scene and has had a lot of contact with startups and has helped many people connect t ... o startup resources in the community

Hakon Verespej
Background in distributed systems, but a full-stack hacker. Love customer acquisition. Currently at Seattle VC firm Madrona Venture Group.
Hakon has been very active in the Seattle Startup scene, connecting to Startup weekends, working at Madrona and attending many of the event ... s along the way. He has good connections across the ecosystem and is getting a lot of experience with the startup funding process at Madrona

Janis Machala
Dean-Continuing Education, Bellevue College. Previously Managing Partner, Paladin Partners.
Janis is very well connected in the Seattle community. And now as part of Bellevue College, she is helping to build up initiatives that supp ... ort the Startup community.

Eugene Kim
Previously Cofounder, Groupaya. Previously Principal, Blue Oxen Associates. Harvard grad.
Eugene has deep experience with collaborative projects. He was an early supporter of several interesting projects. As a fan of collaborative ... online community building projects, I would be happy to work with Eugene on any of them. He was a great voice on some of the mailing lists that help me to form my initial thoughts about collaborative tools.

Michael 'Luni' Libes
Managing Director, Realize Impact and Managing Director, Kick. University of Washington grad.
Michael is well connected in the Seattle Startup community, specifically in the Impact side of things. His engagement with Fledge and Kick a ... ccelerators have been helpful to many. His use of Revenue redemption in the Fledge accelerator has made some interesting impact on our investment community. He is an active teacher at BGI/Pinchot University.

Dave Hersh
Co-founder/CEO at RipFog, Founding CEO of Jive (took to pre-IPO), Board Partner at a16z, co-founder and board member at Crushpath.
dave is a great startup advisor and mentor. His work in Portland had a substantial impact on the startup community His hero's journey talk ... at the Seattle Angel conference went over very well. a great guy.

Arun Kumar
CEO, Kerika. Previously Chair of Startup Programs, TiE Seattle; board member of Polopoly; strategist for Morgan Stanley. IIT Delhi & WSU.
Arun is connected to the TIE Seattle group and has helped with the Startup 101 workshop and the TIE Startup Drinks. He is actively pursuing ... a startup with Kerika and has direct experience with the startup process.

Adrian Pike
SSE, Moz and Investor, BIG Idea Lab.
Adrian has a lot of energy and a lot of get up and go. He has participated in several events that I was part of and he stood out in the proc ... ess. Well worth taking the time to meet.

Michael Schutzler
CEO for WTIA. Entrepreneur. Angel investor. Harley commuter. Zen student. Husband. Dad.
Michael is the director for WTIA, and has a deep network in the community. He has a wide view of the NW industry and has a strong vision of ... how to pull things together.

Shauna Causey
Interim VP of Marketing, UP Global and VP of Marketing, University of Washington grad.
Shauna is a great champion for for startups and a fabulous social media person with a deep understanding of the craft.

Peter Baltaxe
Product management consultant, fundraising consultant, serial entrepreneur. Looking for the next exciting opportunity or early stage team.
Peter is a great advisor because he has a wide range of experience and is a great listener. He participated in the Open Coffee group for sev ... eral years and was a member of the Seattle Angel Conference process. This has given him a great perspective on the local resources and the startup ecosystem in our area.

Alex Farcet
Co-founder & MD, Rainmaking Loft and Partner, Rainmaking.
Alex is a force. He has been very successful with the Startup Bootcamp efforts in both Copenhagen and Berlin. He has a great sense of the st ... artup community and works well with others to expand the network.

Rick Ritter
We worked together  •  Lab Director, New Ventures Lab, previously CEO/President Idaho TechConnect, Inc.. Director, Technology Outreach, TECenter.
Rick is active in supporting the local startup ecosystem. He has been connecting with other groups who work on the same types of things arou ... nd the Northwest. He has a lot of perspective on how people are approaching tech startup development.

Joshua Maher
Fund Manager, Seattle Angel Conference and Various, Microsoft.
Josh is a great supporter of the Startup Ecosystem in Seattle. He is very well connected to many different groups around town. He is the Pre ... sident of the Seattle Angel, non-profit, working to grow more Angel Investors in the community. He is active with WTIA and with many other Startup groups. He has been bringing people together with the TechCafe meetings which has connected many startup teams together. He is currently working on a book about Angel Investing. He is a great pleasure to work with.

John Richards
Presidential Executive in Residence for Entrepreneurship at Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University. Brigham Young grad.
John has been a significant force in creating an engaging startup ecosystem in Salt Lake. His efforts on Boom Startup have been a great asse ... t to the area. He is well connected to entrepreneurs and investors. He has brought together a wonderful program in Boom Startup.

Ruby Love
Chief Impact Officer, VentureScale. it's a new world and business must shine at Impact. Recovering development officer
Ruby is part of the Venture Scale project and has been helpful to many entrepreneurs. She has a wide background and can help provide perspec ... tive.

Lara Feltin
Founder/CEO, MyFive and Cofounder/CEO, Biznik. University of Washington grad.
Lara is a high energy person. As a founder of Biznik, she was able to make some interesting impacts for lots of people. She has a good persp ... ective on the founders journey.

Katherine Cleland
We worked together  •  Strategicy Marketer, Executive. Owner, CEO Cleland Marketing; 2014-2016 PR & Communications Chair, Zonta International
Katherine has been very helpful with many projects, by providing ongoing support for several years. That regular engagement has be very valu ... able. She has seen many different startup companies through that work and has a sense of that it takes to do a startup.

Monica Mendoza
We worked together  •  Executive Director at Jolkona passionately promoting global innovation by empowering young social entrepreneurs.
Monica is driven to take projects to the next step

Rodney Jessen
We worked together  •  CEO, Previously Owner, OutToday Services.
Rodney has a keen insight into how the service business works. And he has one of the best customer engagement phone experiences that I have ... seen. He is making significant progress looking at the core ideas that are the foundation of his business and yet he has a vision of how to take this idea to the next level.

Chris Russell
They're my friends  •  Technical Founder, and Open Source Developer, Encapsule Project.
Chris has a strong vision of how the world can be better for software developers. He is particularly focused on building a system to make it ... simple to express the relationships between data in a tested and computable way. He is driven to take this step and to transform the development process. He thinks outside of the box, beyond what most devs are able to do.