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Anna Petrova

Entrepreneur • Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder, Cherrybox |

Founder, Cherrybox |

16 vouches

Primary Skillsets

  • Operations
  • Product
  • UI/Design
I have an idea I'm commited to

Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Operations
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design

Involved In




Analogix Semiconductor


Founder Cherrybox March 2015 - present
Owner, Web and Media Consultant InfinityGap July 2014 - present
Senior Visual Designer (Contracting Consultant) Analogix Semiconductor November 2014 - present
Contract Visual Designer Creative Circle October 2013 - present
Designer Apollo Education Group 2015 - 2015
Web Development Instructor Education Unlimited July 2014 - August 2014
Senior Graphic Designer / UI IGIGI October 2013 - March 2014
Web Developer / Designer ( Contractor ) AktionLab May 2012 - September 2012
Project Manager / Web Developent Magestic Designs Studio July 2007 - November 2009
Designer / UX / UI Jera Systems, Inc (Moscow, Russia) September 2002 - November 2003
Web Designer, UI Artus January 2001 - May 2002


Strayer University Economics 2012 - 2016
Maharishi University of Management Media and Communications; Filmmaking; 2009 - 2011
Moscow School of High Education Mathematics and IT 1991 - 2001 Data Science

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Business Development
  • • Front End Engineering
  • • Full Stack Engineering
  • • Fundraising
  • • Growth
  • • Marketing
  • • Operations
Advisor With
  • • Unicorns
Markets of Interest
  • • Events
  • • Media
  • • Recruiting
  • • Content
  • • jobs marketplace
  • • creative talent recruiting

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Project management • Graphic design • Entrepreneurship • Startups • Vision

Key Accomplishments

I had organized absolutely solo, from start to finish, an 6 month long Independent Film Festival which featured multiple movie screenings, presenters and speakers;
I had been a solely responsible for all aspects of that project: registering NP, getting sponsors on board, renting a movie theater, getting film licenses from studios and producers, all marketing collateral production, ordering advertisements, running newspaper ads, etc. I personally designed Logo, website, graphics, brochures, flyers, etc.

This was my first attempt to see if I can manifest my inspiration from conception to completion to test my own abilities and it was a great success. However, running solo burnt me out so this time, I am ready to assemble a team.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I am looking for someone who has experience with startups, building a business on a lean model and raising a seed round.

As an Advisor

I help startups design their brand, build and install a landing page and set up all initial marketing environment with best and most appropriate tools.

Vouches Received

Vouches Given

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Sudevi Mossé
They're my school
Anna has a sharp mind and strong will, she can do anything she puts her mind to.
Tony Camero
They're my school
She has innovative vision for making change happen. She is motivated and works hard. She works well in teams and does not always have to be ... right.
Kim Sinton
They're my friends
Because she has the desire to be one and the intelligence to make it happen.
Michael Gaio
They're my friends
Anya has brilliant insight, infectious enthusiasm, and the persistent drive to be a great entrepreneur.
Mangal Tamang
They're my friends
Anna is young and energetic. She is always doing something new and innovative. She is a unique person 'Get it Done'. She won't stop workin ... g until job is get done .She has done many projects to generate fund like web site design, making short film, involved in Toastmaster Club, farmers market and any more ...
Ashley O. Smith
They're my school
In the time we went to college together, I consistently saw her working on entrepreneurial projects. The projects she chose to create or wor ... k on were ones she was passionate about, and she would pour herself into them completely. When she believes in something, she gives it everything. She holds a lot of inner power and channels it into what she is inspired by, which makes big things happen.
Michael Lemorin
They're my friends
Because she's got great ideas, she's ambitious, down to earth and a great personality...
C. Scott Morris
They're my school
She has a wonderfully creative mind and once she decides what she wants there's little that can stop her. She analyzes things from a system ... s perspective, and can handle many elements at once as a non-linear thinker.
Beatrix F. J. Runyan
They're my friends
Anna is a very bright mind and has a driven personality. She is always searching into esoteric solutions, applying herself towards the bette ... rment of all people. Anna is quick witted, loquacious and has the glint in her eye that Einstein did. I would want her on my team!
Aliza Hava
We worked together
Anna has remarkable progressive vision, ambition and creative talents.
They're my friends
Anna is one of the most intelligent, creative persons I have ever met. She is simply a never ending font of ideas and solutions. I have kno ... wn her for several years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is also a very enthusiastic person, as one can easily see after talking with her for even a short time. She doesn't give up easily---in fact she doesn't give up at all. If I had to sum up her thinking, I would say that she is always about 5 years ahead of where society's mental growth path is.
They're my friends
Anna is one of the most intelligent, creative persons I have ever met. She is simply a never ending font of ideas and solutions. I have kno ... wn her for many years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is also a very enthusiastic person as one can see from talking to her for even a short time---she communicates this enthusiasm, and it is very infectious. If I had to sum up her thinking I would say that she lives 5 to 10 years ahead of society's mental growth path. You want a picture of pieces of the world's future -- talk to Anna.
We worked together
Anna always has bright ideas, and follows through on things she's passionate about.
They're my friends
Anna organized showing of "Burzinski" movie in the great hall of our civic center and filled it up; 500 seats, a no small task in our city. ... If I remember right, there were 2 showings, which would indicate that 10% of Fairfield (Iowa) population saw the movie. The rental is several hundred dollars per showing, which would indicate that she could have made over $5,000 thousand dollar profit while enlightening our town about the problems facing any doctor who dares to succeed curing patients of cancer. After the showings she conducted a public discussion addressing other successful natural cancer cures. Anna is not only intelligent and highly enterprising, but very courageous and superbly ethical. Russian-born and relatively new to America, I am convinced she will reach well-deserved high places contributing greatly to our society.
Bill Softky

She's very smart and finds ways to be around smart people.
Marv Su
We worked together  •  Previously Vice President, Business Development – North America, CyWee Group Ltd. Stanford grad.
Anna is smart, knowledgeable about many technology-related topics, a quick learner, great to work with, and passionate about everything she ... works on.

Viktor Tichy
They're my friends
Because he already is a great entrepreneur!

Bill is absolutely one of the smartest people i've met; He thinks about the world in broad and progressive strokes and cares about the futur ... e of humanity.

Marv Su
We worked together  •  Previously Vice President, Business Development – North America, CyWee Group Ltd. Stanford grad.
Marv is fast-pace, professional and intelligent. Knows how to dig into the mess of people and products and bring clarity, accountability and ... order back into the picture!