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Ela Emami

Advisor Greater Memphis Area, US

Founder/CEO, Care2Manage and Work, Pinnacle Airlines.

Founder/CEO, Care2Manage and Work, Pinnacle Airlines.

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Founder/CEO Care2Manage December 2012 - present
Work Pinnacle Airlines Corp. July 1999 - present
Program Manager / Qualified Mental Retardation Professional) Open Arms Care Inc. March 2010 - October 2010
Teacher/Counselor Youth Villages May 2009 - March 2010
Retirement Program Manager Baddour Center October 2004 - March 2008
Behavioralist Baddour Center October 2000 - October 2005


Central High School Honors Math & Science
Shiraz International Community School na
The University of Memphis Marketing & Management

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  • • Fundraising
  • • Business Strategy
  • • Healthcare channel sales
  • • Marketing Strategy
  • • Healthcare information technology
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  • • Healthcare
  • • Records

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Kenn Gibbs
We worked together
Ela is one of the people I've met in the start-up area in Memphis that knows her field in and out and can really benefits from her product. ... The drive for a product that people will need and something that she wants to benefit from now makes her a great founder for Care2Manage.
Tameesha Desangles
They're my friends
She has a deep understanding of the needs of customers in the category she's targeting.
Danielle Inez
We worked together
I met Ela during a startup weekend when we were first beginning as tech founders. Neither of us had ever done anything in the tech world. Si ... nce then, Ela and I have shared the journey of founding an early-stage startup. She is a fighter. She's in it to win. Best of all, the business that she's building is in a field that she's educated in and passionate about. Ela's a great entrepreneur because she's ethical, educated, engaging, and a downright Rock Star!
They're my friends
Ela is driven by a mission to make a difference. She worked for many years with ago g adults with developmental delays and loved it. She wan ... ts to develop a company that can help aging adults and their families. This is her passion. Her heart and soul is in this. She is driven to make it happen. I think her passion, commitment and drive make her a great entrepreneur, along with her willingness to work hard and put in long hours.
They're my friends
She's passionate, driven, and very motivated.
They're my friends
She is a well rounded individual. Ela has demonstrated the transits and ambition of starting a business and above a she understands that she ... will need help. She understands the market she is trying to penetrate and has first hand knowledge of the problem she is trying to solve. She is definitely the right person to start a business and drive it to be a successful one. Finally, Ela has surrounded herself with great mentors and advisors to guide her in the right direction.
Michael Walsh
They're my friends
Just spend 5 minutes talking with Ela and you'll immediately be impressed with her drive, determination to succeed, and desire to help other ... s. I've gotten to know Ela very well as she has organized Care2Manage and prepared it for development and launch. Ela brings all sorts of talents and experience to the table, making her a terrific person for any co-founder to team up with. I can't wait to see Ela find that right group of entrepreneurs to join forces with and watch them succeed!
Bently Goodwin
They're my mentor
Ela has a passion for helping patients and their caregivers and her idea can definitely help patients heal at home and ease the burden on th ... eir caregivers.
Justin Jamerson
They're my advisor  •  Business Development Consultant, State of Tennessee - Department of Economic & Community Development.
Ela would be a great entrepreneur because she is extremely driven. Anytime I see Ela she is networking and discussing new avenues to explore ... regarding her business.
Melody Barham
They're my friends  •  Partnerships and Community Engagement Manager, Stax Music Academy.
At the core of any successful venture is a person with drive, ambition, vision, heart, and determination to complete the project. Ela is und ... oubtedly this person. She is kind and caring enough to empathize with clients or coworkers, and willing to give a dose of tactful tough love when necessary. She is eager to help other people and passionate about bringing her vision of Care2Manage into fruition. On a personal level, Ela has been someone who I have stayed in contact with past the time in our lives when our schedules brought us together on a regular basis. Much of this has to do with Ela's consideration or enjoyment of helping other people (i.e. helping me!). I do believe that Ela is an awesome entrepreneur due to her resourcefulness and her drive to accomplish her vision. I believe that her success will come realizing her gift to use her genuine heart and willing hands to help others.
Kelli Meade
They're my friends  •  Founder, GemPhones, Inc. and Real Estate Investor, Self Employed.
Ela has a true passion to change the way your loved ones can be cared for at home in the health care industry. Moreover, her dominate commut ... ative skills make her a thorough and resourceful leader.
Ken Watts
They're my friends  •  Co-Founder, CTO, OpenRPOS, Inc. DBA Well Done.
She uses her innovation to approach problems in ways many others may overlook. I have complete confidence in her ability to succeed in any ... endeavor she chooses to pursue.
Jennifer Sadler
We worked together  •  Instructor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management, Fogelman College of Business, University of Memphis.
She already is an entrepreneur :-). She makes a great one because she works both hard and smart, taking advantage of every single opportunit ... y she is granted.
Ryan Cooke
We worked together  •  Software Engineer, UrbanSitter and CEO, Phase Inc.
I attended an accelerator program with Ela. Ela showed in the program that she is very driven to accomplish her goals with Care2Mange. She ... resourceful and intelligent in building it. She's also a great person and easy to get along with. If you are looking for a team to join Ela's is a good choice.
Christopher Eggleston
We worked together  •  President & Ceo, Global Innovation Now.
She is a people person and works well with everyone!
Emily Yellin
We worked together  •  Public Speaker, BrightSight Group and Journalist, Author, Reporter. Northwestern grad. University of Wisconsin-Madison grad.
Ela is laser-focused on how the mission of Care2Manage affects her ultimate clients -- both the caregivers and those who receive care. That ... is why working with her and investing in her are such good bets. She has the business skills and resourcefulness to run the business strategically. That is no small thing. But she also is committed to not losing sight of the humanity of those the company helps. That combo is what makes her a great entrepreneur and will ensure that Care2Manage succeeds.
Lori Turner-Wilson
They're my mentor  •  CEO/Founder, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy. Previously President, Memphis Chapter of American Marketing Association.
Ela is resourceful, persistant and a realist. If an obstacle is getting in her way, she'll find an alternative path and persevere. She has i ... ncredible tenacity, and is highly persuasive in communicating her vision. She has all the makings of an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur.
Scott Finney
They're my friends  •  CEO, Creating Value, LLC and Solution Finder, Bedrock Eats & Sweets.
Ela has a passion for helping others deal with a pain she has experienced first hand.
Laurie Tucker
They're my advisor  •  Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Calade Partners LLC. Previously Sr. Vice President Corporate Marketing, FedEx Services.
Ela has the ability to turn a vision into a business.
Reggie Crenshaw
They're my advisor  •  Principal, Crenshaw and Associates. Previously Senior Vice President, ServiceMaster.
She has a focus on the end customer and is always thinking about making things better for the end customer. In her entrepreneurial work, he ... r passion is improving the lives of our aging population.
Jesse Hercules
We worked together  •  President, Extracon Science LLC. Previously Co-Pilot, University of Mississippi. Northwestern grad.
Ela has a deep knowledge of eldercare and all the issues with current models for adults trying to manage their parents' healthcare; along wi ... th a set of innovative ideas for improving the process and building a business.
Shahab Sadeghi
They're my friends  •  Business Systems Analyst, CBRE. Previously Systems Administrator, Nahon, Saharovich and Trotz, PLC.
Ela is extremely passionate and despite of many issues that she has faced during her entrepreneurship journey, she has never given up. She w ... ants to make a difference and has a great vision for this purpose and I believe this is a prefect characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.
Jen Frank
We worked together  •  Certified Professional Coach, Jen Frank Coaching. Previously Director of Development, ArtsMemphis. Drexel grad.
Ela has great experience with her own company and has been through a rigorous training process. She knows what to do, how hard the work is, ... and what's required to be successful.
Gabriel Fotsing
They're my friends  •  CEO & Founder, The College Initiative. Previously '10 Corps Member, Mississippi Delta, Teach For America. Harvard grad.
Tameesha Desangles
They're my school  •  Founder, and Consultant, Thinkspree!. Florida State grad. Florida State grad.
Because she has a solid vision of the problem she's trying to solve.
David Baldwin
We worked together  •  Owner and Chief Web Architect, inDevelopment LLC and Senior Security Risk Application Engineer, HCA.
She is committed and determined to help the healthcare industry through the use of technology. She is open to criticism and has a well devel ... oped network of colleagues to assist her with Care2Manage . Above all else, she has years of experience in the field herself.
Tyler Sory
They're my mentor  •  Managing Partner, Legacy Strategy Group, LLC. Previously Chief Strategy Officer Healthcare Division, Dr Connection Benefits, LLC.
I have known Ela for the last 18 months and what makes Ela a great entrepreneur is her heart. Ela has shown the characteristics of a great ... entrepreneur by displaying her passion, drive, and knowledge around her business. She shows great tenacity when times are tough and great next step vision when times are good. The passion she shows for her business is unmatched.
Virág Réti
They're my friends  •  co-founder & CEO, Cabsolutely. Previously Mathematical Analysis teacher assistant, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Official).
She pursues her vision and mission and jumps through all obstacles that might come up.
Allan Daisley
We worked together  •  President, ZeroTo510 Medical Device Accelerator, ZeroTo510 and Director, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, Memphis Bioworks Foundation.
Ela is very purposeful and tenacious. She doesn't take no for an answer and always tries to find a way to 'get it done'.
Olivia D. Fraser
We worked together  •  Manager of Business Operations, Technology Happens. Previously Operations Manager, ZAZOU.
Ela's drive and skillset make her an good entrepreneur. Because of her Care2Manage will be a valuable tool in the Senior Care industry.
Stan Hays
We worked together  •  Customer Advocate, Incognito Custom Closets. Previously Lab, Mosaic Pathology.
Ela is very passionate about her company and is driven to succeed. In the years that I have known her she has never lost focus on the goal ... of her business.
Lee Booth
They're my friends  •  Senior Healthcare Recruiter, Regional One Health. Previously Owner / Recruiter, Career Talent.
Ela is a talented entrepreneur. She has done her research and developed a solid business plan in a market that has unmet needs. She has grea ... t interpersonal skills and is very driven.
Adrian Winfrey
We worked together  •  Advisory Council Member, Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance Advisory Council and Founder/Executive Director, GirlzLife Empowerment Program.
I am honored to vouch for Ela. She is a woman of integrity, who is determined to make a difference in this community through her business an ... d through serving others. She is a very hard worker who is resourceful, fair, and committed to the greater good.

Layla Tabatabaie
They're my friends  •  Co-Founder & CEO, BarterSugar, Inc.. Previously Associate, Kakkar & Associates.
Layla is an amazing person. I had the pleasure of being in the same cohort as we worked side by side on our ideas at the Start Co accelerato ... r and was impressed by her energy, dedication, and persistence in creating Barter Sugar. I can't wait to see where she leads the company.

Gabriel Fotsing
CEO & Founder, The College Initiative. Previously '10 Corps Member, Mississippi Delta, Teach For America. Harvard grad.
Gabriel is a very capable leader. Everything he has experienced, life, education, career ... seem to be leading him to exactly where he is t ... oday and on the path to success.

Emily Yellin
We worked together  •  Public Speaker, BrightSight Group and Journalist, Author, Reporter. Northwestern grad. University of Wisconsin-Madison grad.
Thank you for the vouch. It's great. Before I vouched for you I wanted to see if there is anything specific you wanted me to add. You are fa ... r more particular than I am :) here is what I wrote: Emily is an expert in the field of communications. She is an eloquent speaker, an author and a journalist. Although I have know Emily personally for many years, I saw her true impact when she became involved with entrepreneurs as a mentor and advisor. She would be an asset to any team as a mentor, advisor or in whatever capacity you can secure her.

Reggie Crenshaw
Principal, Crenshaw and Associates. Previously Senior Vice President, ServiceMaster.
Reggie is an outstanding advisor. Not only does he offer the benefit of his business experience and industry knowledge but he really does gi ... ve his time.

Laurie Tucker
We worked together  •  Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Calade Partners LLC. Previously Sr. Vice President Corporate Marketing, FedEx Services.
Laurie comes with a very distinguished career as the Sr VP of corporate marketing at FedEx and now a Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer Calad ... e Partners. She is amazing at what she does and is always willing to help. She would be an asset to any team in any capacity.

Vishesh Duggar
They're my friends  •  CEO, CauseCode - Need help building an app (web/mobile)? | Experienced CTO. Products - We Are Curious, AltrUHelp, BillAway
Although, I have not had opportunity to work with Vishesh, it seems he is deeply embedded in the start-up space.