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Bill Korbecki

Advisor Greater Chicago Area, US

Senior Manager, User Experience, Rovi. Previously Principal Software Engineer, Rovi.

Senior Manager, User Experience, Rovi. Previously Principal Software Engineer, Rovi.

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Lead Mobile Architect HighGround March 2015 - present
Chief Architect Rimo3 April 2014 - March 2015
Senior Manager, User Experience Rovi Corporation March 2012 - April 2014
Principal Software Engineer Rovi Corporation 2009 - March 2012
Product Architect Acresso Software 2008 - July 2009
Staff Software Developer \ Team Lead Rovi Corporation 2003 - 2008
Senior Software Developer InstallShield Software Corporation 2001 - 2003
Software Developer InstallShield Software Corporation 1999 - 2001
Product Support InstallShield Software Corporation 1998 - 1999


Columbia College Chicago Film, Computer Animation 1996 - 1997
Bradley University Electrical Engineering, Pre-Med 1991 - 1996
Lake Park High School

Interested In

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  • • Fundraising
  • • Venture capital
  • • Business Development
  • • Business Management
Markets of Interest
  • • Advertising
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Financial Services
  • • Games
  • • Media
  • • Mobile
  • • Music
  • • Recruiting
  • • Small Businesses
  • • Social Impact
  • • Travel
  • • Video

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

JavaScript • Java • Android • C# • C++

Key Accomplishments

At the company I currently work for, I innovate new, often patentable, concepts and breathe life into them so people can experience them, rather than simply trying to understand the explanation of the concept. Over the past several years, I've worked mainly on projects involving the innovation of new strategic concepts for the company; helping to build the business plan, putting the wheels in motion to get the job done, and stepping in to assist in a development capacity. I am able to brainstorm new ideas almost on demand, which has been a significant portion of my role, and have many patents pending (and more just waiting to be written up). Coming up with new ideas that get me excited and helping to bring them to life is probably the more rewarding part of my job.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

My main background has been in development; more than 15 years of development experience under my belt, spanning across a wide variety of languages and platforms. Basically, you name it and I've either used it or can pick it up and learn it rapidly to get something accomplished.

Over the past several years my role has been shifting into more of a business development capacity and I'm finding that I have a knack for it. Helping to shape ideas and figuring out how to get them to see the light of day is one of my biggest strengths. Combine that with a substantial ability to network and follow traces of information to get to individuals who can help get the job done. In a nutshell, I'm a Swiss army knife and can wear just about any hat, if given the time.

As an Advisor

I'm fairly open here. I know folks have questions and if I'm able to help (or lead folks to someone who can), I'm all for it.

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Jon Arme
We worked together at Rovi
When Bill gets behind an idea, he attacks it with diabolical energy. Bill has the engineering discipline and architectural smarts to know h ... ow a system should work. He has years of experience in the IT field has dabbled in most technologies out there. A great resource to have when trying to get something off the ground.
Rich Aquino
We worked together
I worked with Bill several years ago (software industry), and he was always on top of the latest technologies and frequently showed the abil ... ity to find creative ways to utilize those new technologies for existing and new aspects of the business. He was willing to take risks and was always volunteering for the teams that focused on new product offerings.
Scott Weidig
They're my friends
Bill has an amazing ability to both cut to the heart of ideas, concepts, and strategies and / or goals and drive to have them make sense and ... be executable as well as look for the extensible ideas that can reach beyond an initial focus. Additionally, he has the background and knowledge to execute on those goals. A very remarkable individual.
Dave Lang
We worked together
He's got great drive, sets goals, and knows what's needed to accomplish them.
Viresh Bhatia
We worked together
Bill is a driven deep technical entrepreneur who is always wiling to get the job done.