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Arnaud Glatron

Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Entrepreneur, Executive, Advisor, Investor. Strong Tech background, robust business acumen. Over 20 yrs in product management & development.

Entrepreneur, Executive, Advisor, Investor. Strong Tech background, robust business acumen. Over 20 yrs in product management & development.

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webSquiz, Inc.


Various Startups and Small Businesses
Various Startups and Small Businesses


Consultant, Advisor, Mentor Various Startups and Small Businesses March 2015 - present
Executive in Residence (EIR) Plug and Play Tech Center April 2013 - present
CEO & Founder webSquiz, Inc. August 2013 - October 2015
Head of Software C8 MediSensors June 2011 - March 2013
Industry Scout Self June 2010 - May 2011
Director of Engineering, Product Development Optimization Logitech March 2008 - April 2010
Technical Director, Software Architect Logitech April 2006 - March 2008
Principal Engineer, System Software Architect Logitech November 2003 - March 2006
President and CTO ZMagic Corporation March 2001 - November 2003
Director of Engineering, U.S. Winnov December 1999 - March 2001
Software Manager Winnov January 1999 - December 1999
Software/Project Engineer Winnov September 1996 - January 1999
Project Engineer TDC, Inc. December 1994 - April 1996
Freelance (self employed) March 1993 - December 1994


ENSERB, Bordeaux, France Electronics, Computer Science, Management, Accounting, Marketing 1994

Interested In

Markets of Interest
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Events
  • • Mobile
  • • Photos
  • • Smart Home
  • • Travel
  • • Video
  • • Wearable Tech

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

Entrepreneur and creative Executive with a strong and diverse technical background, robust business acumen, dependable intuition, and a result and data driven management style. Over 20 years of experience with a successful track record of developing and shipping over 30 leading edge products in startups and larger companies, and a demonstrated ability to build great teams.

My passion is to get startups to deliver exceptional world-changing products that customers rave about.

Domains of expertise: consumer electronics & IoT, software products, mobile products, human/machine interaction solutions, web/cloud based products, surveillance products, multimedia products, video/audio telecommunication over IP products, wearable electronics, medical electronics.

• Get products to market in startups or established companies
• Product management, go-to-market strategy, monetization strategy, product strategy & roadmap
• Management/optimization of projects
• Mitigation of challenges & problem solving, risk management
• Deliver best in class user experience
• Leadership, mentor and motivate teams, foster creativity, collaboration and innovation
• Recruit and develop organizations, establish the right processes
• Strategic planning and alliances, M&As, IP management strategies
• Product cost reduction, financial planning, manage P&L

How I like to work with people
As an Advisor

I am extremely creative, with a great vision when it comes to defining products, fitting those products to the market, finding monetization strategies and figuring how to execute to reach targets.

I bring know-how in product management and development from inception to market and beyond and I have the touch to bring in just enough structure to be successful without sacrificing innovation or fluidity.

If you would like to work with me, then pitch your ideas and vision to me as you would to an investor. If you can turn me into a believer then I would be happy to work with you.

For me, the initial ideas and vision are important but so is the quality of the founding team. There needs to be passion about the project, the skills to execute and stay focused, and respect between the founders.

I am open to advisory relationships of any kind ranging from lighter to heavier commitments.

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Donald Marquart
We worked together at C8 MediSensors  •  President, Marquart & Associates,LLC. Previously CEO of NASDAQ company in communications and green technology
Arnaud has a combination of talents that are essential for a successful entrepreneur. He is technically brilliant and able to convey his tho ... ughts to those on his team. He is a superb manager who communicates clearly and concisely earning him the support and respect of those around him. His persistence and passion allow him to inspire those around him. He gets the job done by the innovative use of resources. His level headed style shines through when confronted with challenges.
John M. Cooney
We worked together at C8 MediSensors
Arnaud has demonstrated the ability to concurrently stay focused on the immediate deliverable, while maintaining a broader perspective on co ... mpany and organizational needs. This is a skill that is required in an entrepreneur as you are required to drive both technical and product deliverable while managing: people, business demands, fund raising demands, marketing, sales, to name a few. I would be happy to work with Arnaud again, and perhaps that is the best kind of recommendation for an entrepreneur.
Sheilah Estoesta
We worked together at C8 MediSensors
Arnaud is a visionary and respected leader. His thinking is strategic - he leverages past experiences, gathers current and relevant data, a ... nd identifies the best team possible to solve problems and get things done. He breaks down the problem to understand what it is needing to be solved. He has good instincts about people and what drives them to make decisions. He is also a good listener and knows what people need to hear. Arnaud knows what he wants and works tirelessly to make things happen.
Matt Brocchini
We worked together  •  Co-Founder, Tinkering Labs. 6 startups, 1 IPO, 1 acquisition.
Arnaud is a very smart, open minded, experienced advisor.
Jan Zajac
We worked together  •  Mentor, The Founder Institute and Founder, CEO, Sotrender.
Arnaud is a perfect advisor. Period. We've been working together on a regular basis for 6 months. Arnaud's advisory had great impact on ou ... r strategy, especially in terms of product strategy and execution. He has great knowledge and experience, especially as to product marketing and product strategy, and is very reliable and helpful person. If you only had a chance to work with that guy, don't waste time and start immediately!

Donald Marquart
We worked together at C8 MediSensors  •  President, Marquart & Associates,LLC. Previously CEO of NASDAQ company in communications and green technology
Don has proven in his past to be a successful entrepreneur already. He is a seasoned executive, with a strong business background, fund rais ... ing background and he is great at finding talent. Don also follows his intuition which goes a long way in startups.

James Stanford
One stop shop for ideation to commercialization. 120+ products & services, 300million customers. Harvard & Cornell grad.
I had the chance of working with James a couple of years ago and James struck me as an incredibly resourceful individual with lots of expert ... ise to share. He has a proven track record as both an executive leader, marketer and strategist and has been involved in many lines of business.

Jan Zajac
They're my advisor  •  Mentor, The Founder Institute and Founder, CEO, Sotrender.
Jan is a very articulate and smart entrepreneur who knows what he is doing. He has build his startup,, from the ground up and ... was able to attract incredible talent part of his founding team and employees. He was able to successfully raise money and bring his business to profitability in Europe, and since then he has been carefully and skillfully driving his team down a path of innovation, while constantly re-assessing his product market fit. Jan is a quality person and entrepreneur.