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Mark Tomizawa

Advisor Greater Boston Area, US

Co-founder, NowCivic and R&D Game Design, Playful Mindful: HumanSmart On Demand. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.

Co-founder, NowCivic and R&D Game Design, Playful Mindful: HumanSmart On Demand. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.

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Involved In


SMASH Advertising & Programming


Community Partner Cambridge Innovation Center 2010 - 2015
Connector Networker Ambassador Salesman Broker Closer Gladwellian Guru Boston World Partnerships January 2009 - 2012
President | CEO | Rainmaker | Founder | Strategist SMASH Advertising & Programming 1987 - 2009
Account Executive, Creative Producer Fred/Alan Inc. (those MTV guys) 1985 - 1987
Newswriter | Producer | Field Producer CBS Philadelphia, WCAU-TV 1983 - 1985
Director of Audience & News Research CBS Philadelphia, WCAU-TV 1980 - 1983
Management Trainee | Promotion Dept KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia 1978 - 1980


Dartmouth College (Media) Sociology & Computational Stats, modified by Live Drama & Speech 1974 - 1978
Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Media & Democracy, Urban Economic Development 2007 - 2015
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Future Civic Media, Collective Social Intelligence, New Media Literacy 2007 - 2015
Metro High School, Chicago Computers, CBS, Second City 1972 - 1974
Kenwood HS (Academy) 1969 - 1972

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Christopher Nawoichik
They're my friends  •  JD/MBA Student at Suffolk University Law School; Creative Entrepreneur; Former U.S. Marine Corps Officer.
Throughout my interactions with Mark, he has inspired me with creative ideas and intelligent insight.
Thomas Orowan
MAth transcriber in exp and tex, Boston university and semi-reiredt, home.
he's got his mind on recruiting an d finger on the sources that make it happen
Donovan Bryson, FMP
Chief Property Manager/ Founder, Signature Properties Elite LLC. Previously Facility Tech, The Hamilton Company.
Aaron Colverson
Violin Instructor, Gainesville Guitar Academy and Organizational Psychology/Music Program MA, University of Florida.

Christopher Csikszentmihályi
We worked together  •  European Research Area Chair, M-ITI and Founder, Director, RootIO Radio Project. University of California, San Diego grad.
The fact he asks for any help whatsoever is a big big deal in this day and age of exceptionalism and do-it-right-do-it-yourself-ism. Smart k ... ids grow up getting a free pass as somebody special, a trophy. And if they have a famous last name it can be the Frank Sinatra Jr curse, a big shadow from which to emerge as a new authentic timely and contextually vital individual force for good. So his challenge is under appreciated by those who are glib and quick to judge as part of their core identity. I support anyone who works through the struggle of too little, or too much, or unwanted stuff and "help." To me, they have grit, flow, and a love of getting it right for whomever they are serving...from the "top".

Nigel Fenwick
We worked together  •  Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester. Previously Vice President & Practice Leader Forrester Leadership Boards, Forrester.
To be in the systems thinking business is to live the curse of interesting times with something everyone needs and nobody wants to pursue at ... the highest level. Quick low hanging fruit is what satisfies the instant Q over Quarter gratification monster that has consumed our economy. To fight for quality and humans with free time to pursue unapproved approaches used to be standard: We begged for forgiveness and not permission. Now it's inverted. Adds to the mess of over-lawyered rule-based precedent in which the legal culture is what it is: one that hates to go back and revisit. Not for nothing that's the function of the Supreme Court. With little to no freedom for judges to be wholly human and apply common sense, they run out of wiggle room and then we the people resent the constraint that was meant to stop idiocy and thus also stops non-conformists (innovators, inventors, free thinkers with clear focus). So we focus on controlling and prescribing ways and means that have a history of working instead of focusing on outcomes that are contextually true to the original intent and also contextually self similar in the new world with all the new ways of getting things done that the founders could not possibly have foreseen. So hurray for Nigel. Any prototyper with systems discipline AND access to top minds has my blessing. Herding alpha lions is much harder than herding cats. I can and have launched stuff overseas including one brand that spanned the cultures and landmasses and TV/media sensibilities from India to Australia, all of it from beginning to end in just 12 weeks, including the brand strategy umbrella, brand widgets for local templating, B2B, B2C, C2C social stuff. This was when the Internet was just good enough to avoid customs. I went over, got taken to places of meaning, read the people and energy and stuff they made and how they organized it themselves in the markets, and how they built their buildings, and what cultural "magic" held them together. Boston, in contrast to Hong Kong, Singapore, NYC, Miami, Philly, Hollywood, Seattle, Hawaii and Chicago (plus midwest), Boston is orders of magnitude harder. All the elites come here to be an elite specialist. Not much room for Renaissancing and well roundedness festivals. And when folks here do it, it is controlled to minimize stress because it is a brutal hierarchical Puritan work ethic (as opposed to Philly's Quaker humble friendly community work ethic). And the city is a tiny island surrounded by wealthy suburbs that stayed independent and resistence minded. Genetically and epigenetically, folks would rather passively fight and flee than submit to learning. Training, yes. Learning, no. They save the intellectual for their private bar stool or game studio or maker space...but hardly ever do the twain meet. So god bless you Nigel: You are trying to pull us back together. Vital dirty work that must be done with maximum of hospitality and grace and streamlining and a minimum of "work". It's a cognitive social magic act.

Enrique Orellana
They're my friends  •  Technical Support Specialist, ERT and Asset Management, United States Postal Service.
My kind of startup gem, he's all about the craft: Sharing, caring, comparing, nurturing, spotting the opportunity and seizing the day. Where ... some successfully remold or retrofit their core concept into their very flexible brand and mission, Enrique is about authenticity and integrity and honest evaluation. We have had many many chats and in-depth explorations, enough so I know I would hire his as a freelance consultant without hesitation for anything he feels qualified for. He is bright, in touch and restrained. Rare! Essential to rapid prototyping and learning. Healthy ego, not unhealthy gorilla ego that sees, hears and speaks never of failure. For every successful startup my startup of startups worked for, my guess is the ratio is 5 core variations explored for 1 successful approach. 2 fall away quickly leaving three, always for me a structurally powerful number of options that coexist and codevelop. This reveals pathways and combinations rapidly that are worthy and exciting to explore. In the end, there are three brand strategies and executions...each one true to the core brand and core vision and core mission...each scalable under favorable conditions and sustainable no matter what with what is viewed as reasonably under control. Oh, and he understands the clinical, the practical side of where digital and applications hit the reality of the many cohorts of customers and influencers out there. No database and few Ivy managers can touch what Enrique can do without breaking a sweat.

Steve Holzinger
We worked together  •  Managing Consultant, Solutions Atlantic, Inc.. Previously Big Data Engineer, Scholastic Education/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Massachusetts Insti
He leads armies of coders. I talk to big and small people with big headaches and open hearts. I see solutions and he sees code and apps. He ... gets me and he gets my approach, sometimes better than I do. I am willing to experience other people's struggles to sense what can work. He translates that into orderly process and logistics and systems and architecture better than I do, stuff that reduces struggle and saves both time and money. And reduces burnout. I create culture change and media for positive influence and collaboration and revenue streamlining. I do improv and intuitive solving and design based spotting and doing things with people in ways that complement his strengths. And we both see how the trend, decades old now and accelerating, is to hire younger folks who can get the job done quickly and easily without saying: You know, there might be a better way. Have you consider x, y and z? The reason according to my (meta) study and field work and personal alpha and beta pilots: Young folks have been shaped and incentivized by fragmented media to be quick, decisive and shallow. It's a cognitive survival approach that makes sense. It makes sense if we go to a design-visual-game/algorithm/hands on manipulating/discovering paradigm for all teaching. It's MIT's Mitch Resnick is big into this and his son has formed a cool new kind of school that detects and respects the inborn preferences. Kagan Temperament. Sir Ken Robinson Elements. Advanced versions of Jungian LearningSensing Assessments. Steve is vital. Without me, he can and does get big things humming and clicking again. Practical stuff. Vital stuff.

Pamela Sealy- McKenzie
Digital Video Coordinator, Scripps Networks Interactive and Digital Video Coordinator, Travel Channel.
Pamela is intelligent, curious, efficient, effective and self-motivated to do what it takes, on the fly, to get the job done and the results ... needed...all with style and grace that lowers the pressure and turns up the cooperation. In the middle of a shoot on location in NYC at a busy, mad creative location of TED style burlesque, she made time to quick-speak with me, the classic guy who nobody sent. I am always looking for talent (performing, production, organizational, emergency/anticipatory, humble, able to take a quick sidetone and adapt that behavior into their authentic self without drama). Pamela appears to have that gift, that rare ability to juggle, protect the project and the moment and still give folks the four star concierge touch even as she multitasks with the needs of media production in the field. I have seen stars and location folks and bystanders on many remotes and film-style shoots become obnoxious and flip into rage mode over nothing, like it's somehow their god-given right to be seen on a screen. I'm pretty sure Pamela could handle that. What's great is, with her approach of being wise and calm and attentive in the moment, she resembles one of my favorite Cambridge Police Officers who works special duty and handles domestic disputes. Both are so attentive and so you-focused that they can do what shrinks and pills fail to do. Let folks decompress with respect and go from selfish animal to kid-on-best-behavior, not because of arm-twisting, but because pride restored they want to rise and shine and see how to fit in, gracefully. The problem for folks like Pamela who juggle and handle the "emotional work" with ease (hospitality, nurses, teachers, cops, firefighters, first responders, cell phone sales folks, concierges) is they get eaten alive and the straws of to-do lists magically roll off other backs and onto folks like Pamela's. Instead they and other admins are the hub that make everything else go like clockwork or like one nuclear meltdown after another. This is why A.I. (artificial intelligence) is so dangerous. Being a juggling hub is so hard almost none of the coders and code funders I know can handle the pressure so they don't. Lacking a huge drive to explore and discover and relate first hand out in the field, things including culture and status quo can go off track early and then create problem after problem for everyone downstream, especially the CEOs and the actual users. Great bureaucracy is a thing of beauty, like a football team doing practice drills perfectly. Great code is built not for the practice field but for the real time near chaos of the Super Bowl. Appreciate that and then try seeing folks like Pamela in a new light.

Christopher Nawoichik
They're my friends  •  JD/MBA Student at Suffolk University Law School; Creative Entrepreneur; Former U.S. Marine Corps Officer.
He is off the charts in: Discipline. Structure. Creativity. Team chemistry and reflection. Perseverance. Informed dedication. Intuition and ... the ability to turn his concept into a real live performance. He is a rare hybrid of artistic mindset plus logistical savvy and social confidence, all evidenced in public. I see so many self indulgent folks running victory laps before accomplishing something that's meaningful or even a bit helpful. Chris seems to have what sports coaches love: the ability to stick with something multi creative without cracking until it's mission accomplished time.

Mark Janssen
We worked together  •  Co Founder, Yorkshire Overland Tours and Founder, TravelUpp.
He's worked on publishing a set of best practices and a toolkit for change and repair that organizations can use. He has seen the reality an ... d worked closely at meaningful levels with individuals and organizations that say one thing, mean it, and then move the bullseye and do something different because of outdated, outmoded, legacy reporting structures and out-of-sync spreadsheets and fragmentary info systems and time-wasteful use of individual time, including but not limited to time spent in ritualistic committee meetings that became clunkers many decades ago. Most of all, this stuff breaks down rapidly under pressure from an M&A or quarter over quarter earnings. The amount of time executives and teams now spending rejuggling the business and operational plan would be funny as a Monty Python routine, say the one on YouTube about "stacking things." Unfortunately for shareholders and stakeholders and employees and the surrounding community, this joke puts tragic levels of pressure on the kids, their parents and everyone the money and dreams ecosystem touches. When instability and blind faith are in tandem with a lack of suggestion boxes and feedback mechanisms and steering from the people who do the work day in and day out, it is a recipe for burnout and madness. Not made-ness. Madness. It is organizational suicide that leads to the death of ideas and more. Mark helps people snap out of the trance and discover their habits of unmindfulness and natural tendencies and cognitive biases that, unaddressed, become an undercurrent, an emotional riptide, that leaves everyone drowning or feeling waterboarded. The question is not why listen to Mark. The question is why wouldn't you want his crystal ball working on your behalf? He's just that good and that experienced.

Dr. Cara Lisa Berg Powers
Adjunct Faculty, UMASS Boston and Co-Director, Press Pass TV.
Intelligence. Intuition. A well-honed ability through years of doing the job. Not theory, actual doing with actual real people and actual cr ... ummy life situations. Cara has the earned and honed set of skills to imagine and craft what's necessary to create change by envisioning something attractive to our better angels and our better selves, something that helps people to unleash the village within us all and within our zip codes or towns or metro areas or states...and beyond. The right stuff scales effortlessly. Cara can ask you questions and shed light with you so you discover for yourself your own particular "how".