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Eli Chan

Entrepreneur • Advisor Austin, Texas Area, US

Co-Founder & CEO, Intertwine. Proven leader with 15 yrs in high-tech driving innovation and strategy.

Co-Founder & CEO, Intertwine. Proven leader with 15 yrs in high-tech driving innovation and strategy.

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Product
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Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Product

Involved In




Software Engineer & Product Manager MaK Technologies July 1997 - January 1999
Software Developer The Zebra July 2016 - present
Founder & CEO Intertwine March 2014 - present
Director, Data Sciences - Global Marketing Dell April 2012 - March 2014
Director, Strategy & Analytics – Large Enterprise Americas & Global 500 Dell November 2010 - April 2012
Lead, Strategy & Analytics – North America Public Dell March 2009 - November 2010
Strategy & Analytics Senior Consultant – Healthcare & Life Sciences Dell March 2008 - November 2010
Business Intelligence Consultant - Higher Education Dell August 2005 - January 2008
Product Release Manager Contextual (formerly Allmystuff) July 2000 - March 2002
Consulting Project & Program Manager January 1999 - June 2000
Software Engineer & Product Manager VT MÄK July 1997 - January 1999


University of Virginia Darden School of Business General Management 2003 - 2005
Harvard University Biomedical Engineering 1993 - 1997

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Engineering
  • • UI/Design
Advisor With
  • • Fundraising
  • • Non-profit
  • • Nonprofit
  • • Non-profit management
  • • Philanthropy
  • • User Interface Design
Markets of Interest
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Healthcare
  • • Mobile
  • • Social Impact

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Project management • Product management • Program Management • Business Strategy • Startups

Key Accomplishments

On the surface, my experience is quite an eclectic mix: biomedical engineering undergrad to product/program management at several software companies to an MBA in general management and then strategy and advanced analytics leadership roles at Dell. However, the common thread throughout my career have been my passion for collaborating with really smart people to tackle challenging problems in innovative ways.

Here are some of the highlights:
- At MaK Technologies, my proposal for a dual-use military training software program and commercial video game was awarded $750k by the US Marine Corps Small Business Innovative Research program.
- At pcOrder, I leveraged the help of technical experts to dramatically improve the efficiency and robustness of data processes supporting the nextgen enterprise software platform.
- At allmystuff/Contextual, a VC-funded startup, I managed the product release process, successfully delivering a flagship product within 3 months on two separate occasions.
- At Dell, I developed a framework for screening the best IT solution markets for future investment and I evaluated IT services companies that ultimately led to the acquisition of Perot Systems.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

My core business skills include leadership, innovation, strategy, and product management. In addition, I bring passion, integrity, creativity, and critical thinking to every endeavor I undertake and I am absolutely committed to creating a business that will transform the world for good.

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Amar Ramakrishnan
We worked together
Eli thinks big and does not give up. He is confident, focused and courageous enough to ignore a lot of the ever changing "best practices" an ... d focus on his vision. He combines this broad vision with exceptional experience. He has the right pedigree (BS from Harvard and MBA from Darden), has the requisite humility and just enough arrogance to actually make a difference.
Alex Bentley
We worked together
Eli has a great combination of tenacity and intiglligence. He won't let us when he has an idea, but it won't feel like he's beating you ove ... r the head with it while he's persuading you to join the cause.
Andy Wicks
They're my professor
He is passionate about the ideas for this venture, he has the skill set to put together the people and technology to make it work, and he ha ... s the network to ensure the ideas are cutting-edge.
Rabih Shanshiry
They're my school
Eli has the rare combination of savvy business instincts and keen analytical mind. He dedicates himself fully to whatever project he is on ... and continually searches for the smarter, better way of doing things. He is able to balance strategy with the ability to execute, realizing both are required for startup success. Eli treats others with respect at all times and naturally earns the loyalty of those fortunate enough to work beside him.
Sanjukta Kusari
We worked together
Eli is one of the most intelligent people I know- he has a sharp mind, innovative in his thinking and is constantly thinking of how he can i ... mprove on existing processes! At the same time, I have always found him to be patient with folks around him and willing to share his learning/knowledge with others. I have no doubt in my mind that he would be a great entrepreneur!!
Susmit Pal
We worked together at Dell
Having worked with Eli I know he is very analytical in his approach and most importantly he is able to interpret analytics to draw the right ... conclusions. He is extremely methodical and diligent in everything he does and really walks that extra mile to ensure things are done correctly. I think he can be a great entrepreneur because he can dedicate himself to the task at hand and with an analytical focus and sharp intellect, can really make a difference.
Yannis Jemiai
They're my school
Eli has great ideas that are novel yet pragmatic. He takes calculated risks to maximize ROI. Passionate and perfectionist, he will definitel ... y succeed once he puts his mind to it.
Brian Dainton
We worked together
Eli's super sharp and a great communicator. Given any prospective business idea, he and I will go round and round working to devise plausibl ... e ways to make money with it. Extremely analytical and technically and mathematically solid, he's got a great mind for breaking down user/app concerns and proposing reasonable technical approaches. Eli's a Product Person at heart. He's lived in both startup and large enterprise (Dell) environments, and is able to pull relevant experiences from both.
Rajiv Narang
We worked together at Dell
Very customer focused, innovative problem solver. Honest, sincere and committed - working hard and working his way through challenges is end ... emic to his nature. High IQ is a distinction
Remi Bello
We worked together at Dell
I am convinced Eli Chan will be a great entrepreneur. In the year that I worked with Eli, I found him to be an intelligent, knowledgeable an ... d hardworking natural leader with a relentless passion to solve problems. Equipped with big ideas and the ability to communicate them, Eli is a disciplined self-starter who exudes confidence in everything he does. He has the vision to identify an opportunity and the determination to see it through. Lastly, Eli strikes the right balance between the ingenuity of an inventor and the street smarts of a top entrepreneur.
Craig Spencer
We worked together at Dell
Eli is an analytical thinker who knows how to use data to help solve business problems. What distinguishes Eli from other data experts is th ... at he also sees the world through a broad enough lense to understand macro-operational environment and the causes and effects of market forces on businesses and business problems. When addressing a challenge he first seeks to understand context and then uses sound thinking to identify the proper tools and mechanisms to overcome the challenge. I believe he is also objective and pragmatic to the proper point where emotion doesn't outweigh reason. He will be a solid addition to your program.
Sean Koontz
They're my friends
Eli and I worked together at multiple start-up companies in the 2000-2003 era of Austin's dynamic tech/internet start-up environment. We fo ... rged a friendship based on mutual fascination for solving hard problems and creating new products/markets in the process. In addition to the traits tagged above (limited to 3), Eli is tenacious, resourceful and driven. His solid and esteemed academic record (Harvard Engineering, Darden MBA) attest to this. His attention to detail, follow-through and passionate approach to entrepreneurship will complement any cofounder looking to pair their business experience and network cachet with Eli's strong technical (and business) execution.
Kiran Bashyam
We worked together at Dell
Eli's intelligence, experience and insights drawn from analytics allow him to identify and interpret unique opportunities in solving busines ... s issues.
Raymond Ruan
We worked together at Dell
Based on a first-rate academic and professional credential, Eli expanded the scope and increased level of his leadership in strategy, develo ... pment, and execution of Dell's solution business from its infancy a few years ago to run-rate business today. Eli is widely considered as a thought leader among executive leaders and peers. He will be an indispensable asset to the leadership team of any growing enterpise.