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Dr. Carlos O. Maidana

Advisor Pocatello, Idaho Area, US

Project Manager. Physicist and Engineer. Educator. Public Engagement & Research Commercialization Specialist. Space Advocate. Entrepreneur.

Project Manager. Physicist and Engineer. Educator. Public Engagement & Research Commercialization Specialist. Space Advocate. Entrepreneur.

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Project Director - Advanced Nuclear Technologies MAIDANA RESEARCH July 2015 - present
Senior Consultant - Strategic Industries AWR Lloyd December 2014 - present
(Tenured) Lecturer Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University December 2013 - present
Managing Director MAIDANA RESEARCH July 2013 - present
Affiliate Research Faculty in Mechanical Engineering Idaho State University May 2011 - present
Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee AIAA March 2011 - present
Scientific Officer The Mars Society March 2011 - present
Informatics and Communications Technology Specialist Freelancer - ICT Services March 1986 - present
Senior Research Fellow - Applied Physicist CERN December 2010 - January 2013
Research Associate Idaho National Laboratory October 2009 - October 2010
Particle Physics Instrumentation - Laboratory Instructor in Electronics International Committee for Future Accelerators - ICFA January 2010 - January 2010
Research Assistant Idaho State University January 2005 - December 2007
(Graduate Student) Design Engineer - Wind Tunnel Assembly & Instrumentation Idaho State University January 2007 - August 2007
Mechanical Engineer and Computer Science Specialist - Sr Teacher Assistant / Section Leader Michigan State University August 2004 - December 2004
Engineer Physicist / Technical Consultant Michigan State University July 2004 - December 2004
Technical Consultant - Information Analyst Enerficiency LLC May 2004 - August 2004
Physicist - Research Assistant Michigan State University March 2002 - August 2004
Teacher Assistant. Network co-administrator. IT specialist Michigan State University March 2002 - July 2004
Informatics Technology & Management Information Systems - Laboratory & Operations Manager Several district schools May 1999 - December 2001
Instructor - Informatics Technology and Communications Technology Several elementary, middle and high schools July 1994 - December 2001
Technical Intern - Navigation, Guidance, Simulation and Control Systems CITEFA December 1999 - March 2000
Applied Informatics Specialist / Automation and Robotics - Laboratory and Teacher Assistant Universidad Tecnologica Nacional July 1999 - December 1999
Intern - Materials Engineering Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica July 1999 - October 1999


U.S. Small Business Administration Research Commercialization. Business Technology. 2013 - 2013
Modeling, Experimentation and Validation Summer School Nuclear Fuels and Materials 2012 - 2012
ICFA School on Instrumentation in Elementary Particle Physics Instrumentation 2010 - 2010
Washington State University Space Nuclear Systems Engineering 2007 - 2009
U.S. Particle Accelerator School Particle Accelerator Physics and Engineering 2003 - 2009
International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders Particle Accelerators Science and Technology 2007 - 2007
Idaho State University Engineering and Applied Sciences 2005 - 2007
Michigan State University Physics 2002 - 2004
Escuela Superior de Guerra "Tte. Gral. Luis Maria Campos" Strategic Intelligence (Inteligencia Estrategica) 2000 - 2000
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Physics and Applied Physics 1996 - 1999
Instituto Rivadavia Chartered assistant accountant & commerce specialist
Liceo Naval Militar "Alte. Storni" Jr. Navy Reserve Officer Training Corp.

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  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Education
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Hardware
  • • Healthcare
  • • Robotics
  • • Small Businesses
  • • Wearable Tech
  • • Higher Education
  • • Medical Devices

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

Dr. Maidana is a physicist and research engineer with over 14 years of experience in research, design and development as well as in education, consulting and project management with a vast experience in international and cross disciplinary projects. He also has over 20 years of experience in informatics and communications technology and over 11 years of teaching experience at elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions.

He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from Idaho State University (USA), a M.Sc. in Physics from Michigan State University (USA) and a B.Sc. in Physics and Applied Physics from the
UTN-INSPT (Argentina). He holds a post-doctoral certificate in Space Nuclear Systems Engineering from Washington State University (USA) and the Idaho National Laboratory (USA) as well as several other graduate level certificates (USA, Italy & Argentina), including studies in research commercialization and government contracting. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and
resided in countries such as the United States, Switzerland, France and Thailand.

Dr. Maidana was a research designer in projects for the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the
U.S. Department of Defense, the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), for the U.S.
Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI), for the Measurements and Control Engineering Research Center
(MCERC) and a senior research fellow at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) with further responsibilities as scientific secretary in operations and machine protection of a future high energy large scale scientific facility. He has 2 booklets and over 20 papers and technical articles published internationally . Dr. Maidana is currently a Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering at Chiang Mai University (Thailand), an Affiliate Research Assistant Professor at Idaho State University, a senior consultant in strategic industries and the founder of a technical consulting and scientific research start-up.

Dr. Maidana current work and interest relies on the design, modeling, simulation and optimization of physical processes and engineering components; on research, development, application and commercialization of space, nuclear, industrial and biomedical technologies; on basic and applied physics as well as in international cooperation, project management, business development, government relations and university level education.

His outreach and community service activities include the development of science, technology and
international cooperation at universities in developing countries; advice, counseling and public speaking related to Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics education, career opportunities and
curriculum development; He works to educate the public, the media and government of the benefits of
exploring the red planet and outer space advising in questions related to space science and technology
with emphasis in space nuclear systems, advanced propulsion systems and mission planning. Dr.
Maidana is a referee for international scientific journals and government organizations as well as for
funding bodies besides being a contributor, author and consultant for the scientific-technical media.

Dr. Maidana is a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA),
serving at the Future & Nuclear Flight Propulsion Technical Committee, and as a scientific officer for the
Mars Society Switzerland. He is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(IEEE) -Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society -, the American Physical Society (APS) –Forum of Industrial
and Applied Physics- and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is a registered expert before the
European Commission and a CERN external user as well.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

If we're co-founders then there's a good relationship and a good vibe. We have to be in synchrony or otherwise we would not be co-founders. I only work with people I feel comfortable with. That's one of the keys for success and to develop a positive and good working environment.

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J. Armando Benitez
We worked together  •  Postdoctoral Fellow, York University and Data Scientist - ATLAS Experiment, CERN. Michigan State grad.
Dr. Maidana has wide experience in R&D, which I consider the core of any business. Dr. Maidana is an effective communicator, has the ability ... to work together with others while standing as a natural leader. Dr. Maidana energy and sense of humor made working with him very pleasant.

J. Armando Benitez
We worked together  •  Postdoctoral Fellow, York University and Data Scientist - ATLAS Experiment, CERN. Michigan State grad.
Dr Benitez is a physicist and engineer who has worked at large international projects, he is a team leader and a reliable person. His scient ... ific-technical, commercial and social skills makes him a good option to work with, to support and fund his projects. To have been working at the edge of the scientific-technical knowledge for years gives him an strategic advantage over other entrepreneurs and professionals.

David Bruemmer
CEO and CTO, 5D Robotics, Inc. Previously Technical Director for Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Idaho National Laboratory.
David is a highly skilled professional and innovator with many years of experience in R&D.