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Jordan Elpern-Waxman

Advisor Greater New York City Area, US

Founder, BeerDreamer and Director, New York Business Development, OneSpot. Wharton grad. Brown grad.

Founder, BeerDreamer and Director, New York Business Development, OneSpot. Wharton grad. Brown grad.

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Involved In


Beer Dreamer
Penn Digital


Classtivity (now ClassPass)
Lean Startup Machine
Olive Branch Ventures


Founder Beer Dreamer October 2012 - present
Mentor BombaStars July 2012 - present
Co-founder Penn Digital March 2012 - present
Mentor Lean Startup Machine 2011 - present
Director, New York Business Development OneSpot September 2012 - March 2013
Senior Associate Genacast Ventures / Comcast Ventures 2011 - 2012
Co-organizer Enterprise Tech Meetup 2011 - 2012
Startup Advisor and Consultant Olive Branch Ventures 2010 - 2012
Director, Corporate Development Headstrong 2009 - 2010
Contractor, New Business Development, Financial Services Univision Financial Services 2009 - 2009
Part-Time Associate MentorTech Ventures 2008 - 2008
Summer Associate DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures 2008 - 2008
Global MBA Intern, MNO Planning Team SK Telecom 2008 - 2008
Junior Associate Inductis 2005 - 2007
Technical Sales and Integration Engineer UniTeller Financial Services 2004 - 2005
Patent Engineer Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP 2001 - 2003
Software Engineer Yagusa Group 1999 - 2000
Systems Integration AOL 1997 - 1998


University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School Entrepreneurial Management 2007 - 2009
Brown University Computer Science, International Relations 1998 - 2004
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology 1993 - 1997
The Interdisciplinary Center

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Markets of Interest
  • • Advertising
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Financial Services
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Commerce
  • • Payments
  • • Transportation
  • • Small Businesses

You Should Know About Me

Key Accomplishments

I have spent my entire career in tech, business, and digital media. I started off as a programmer (Comp Sci degree from Brown University, Software Engineer during the dot-com boom and bust, etc,). When I graduated from college I gravitated towards the business side, the dot-com bust fresh in my mind, although never fully leaving the digital world. I did technical sales for a money transfer/family remittance startup (think Western Union for Latin American immigrants); management consulting at a startup consulting firm, primarily in the payments space; some MBA internship stints in VC and mobile; helped Univision launch their first financial services product aimed at the underbanked Hispanic consumer; corporate development for an IT-services firm; was the NYC representation for Genacast, a VC fund investing in early-stage technology companies in the Northeast (investments include Invite Media, acquired by Google; Demdex, acquired by Adobe; Enterproid; DoubleVerify; and Mortar Data); and have done various advisory and business development work for startups including Fitocracy, Classtivity, and OneSpot.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I am somewhat unusual as a “business” cofounder in that while my own programming skills are rusty, I am still “technical.” I have 19 years of experience in tech and digital media, the first 11 as a programmer (starting in high school and including an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Brown) and the last 8 on the business side (including sales/BD, an MBA from Wharton, and a stint as an early-stage tech VC). I have both the broad and deep business network - there is almost no one in tech I can't reach within one degree of connection, particularly in NY - and the technical understanding to relate to and empower engineers to create excellent product and feel respected not just for the "magic" they bring as code-whisperers, but for the actual technical challenges they are solving. As evidence, I am the only "business" person allowed to be a member of CTO School.

I am deeply passionate about the space I am in - craft beer for foodies. I have successfully done this at a smaller, offline scale, and it is time to leverage digital to make this thing big. I have a vision for how this grows beyond what is apparent on the surface from our initial product. I have the funding networks and VC experience to raise money.

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Conrad Wadowski
We worked together at Enterprise Tech Meetup
Jordan is smart, resourceful and driven which is only compounded by his incredible ability to get shit done.
Austin Neudecker
We worked together at Genacast Ventures
Jordan is sharp and inquisitive. He is passionate about many topics, especially the one he is currently working on (beer).
Joe Medved
We worked together
Jordan is the kind of passionate individual with the drive required to take on the wide array of challenges faced by any founder. He has gr ... eat experience as an investor and operator to bring to the table.
Trevor Owens
We worked together at Lean Startup Machine
I believe the best entrepreneurs are catalytic leaders who empathize with their co-founders and teams, always searching for more effective w ... ays to get work done collaboratively and transparently. Jordan embodies all these personal traits, as well as the practical skills of a Lean entrepreneur, driven by a genuine desire to build a viable business model that addresses a proven need in the market. He'll be a great co-founder to anyone lucky enough to partner with him.
Kathleen Utecht
We worked together
Jordan has all of the prior experiences to make him a great entrepreneur working in both startups and as an investor. He understands the ec ... osystem, drivers of a business and knows how to take calculated risks with maximum returns. He's also extremely smart and can spot trends before others. I appreciate and value his opinion on businesses I am looking at.
Brett Martin
They're my friends
He's a thoughtful networker and all around nice guy. Being trained by one of the most respected VCs in NYC is not a bad way to learn, either ... .
Sanjiv Sanghavi
We worked together
Jordan was an early advisor to Classtivity. His opinions on our branding and revenue model actually shaped a lot of how we run the Company ... now. He supported a lot of his advice with models and analytics, showing things we never thought of. I think if he can apply some of this to his own startup, he would make very good, calculated risks.
Andrew Cleland
We worked together
Jordan knows the start-up scene. He will avoid obvious mistakes. He'll be smart about business models and he'll work hard.
Dick Talens
We worked together
Jordan has an amazing set of analytical skills and the ability to think about startups, industries, problems, and customers holistically.
Matt Cohen
We worked together  •  Founder & President, OneSpot and Mentor, Capital Factory. Rice grad.
Jordan has a great network, great hustle, VC experience, and is terrific to work with!
Johann Schleier-Smith
They're my advisor  •  Founder & CTO, if(we). Previously Founder & CTO, Tagged Inc.. Stanford grad. Harvard grad.
Jordan has a strong base of experience, as an entrepreneur and business operator, as well as an investor. I've seen him bring passion and c ... ommitment to all of his projects.
Jillian Kelleher
They're my friends  •  President/Founder, Connector Entertainment Group. Previously Speaker Coordinator, New Music Seminar.
Jordan is the consummate listener with a knack for getting into a persons world and helping them to see their blind spots. He has been a suc ... cessful startup owner in the past and understands what it takes to get a business off the ground and running. He is kind, manages his time well and makes time for others when needed.

Kareem Kouddous
CTO & Founder, Crowdtap and Co-founder & Organizer, NYC Lean Startup Meetup.
Kareem is one of those all-too-rare CTOs who also get the business side.

Jillian Kelleher
We worked together  •  President/Founder, Connector Entertainment Group. Previously Speaker Coordinator, New Music Seminar.
Jillian is a fireball, exactly what you need to get a startup going. Expect lots of energy and opinions, but also an ability to reflect, tak ... e responsibility, and make the necessary changes when things are tough. With a successful record of small businesses under her belt I believe she is ready to do something big.