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Kayvon K

Entrepreneur • Advisor Vancouver, Canada Area, CA

Growth Hacker, Kahzoom Online Marketing Inc. and Owner, Parascope Technology.

Growth Hacker, Kahzoom Online Marketing Inc. and Owner, Parascope Technology.

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
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Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Marketing

Involved In


Catrin Samimi
Jenab Law
Compac Accounting


Simplifier, Entrepreneurial Coach Sole Focus January 2014 - present
Growth Implementer, Growth Coach Kahzoom Online Marketing Inc. January 2011 - present
Owner Parascope Technology October 2003 - present


altMBA 2015 - 2015

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Ad Sales
  • • Engineering
  • • Fundraising
  • • Marketing
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design
Markets of Interest
  • • 3D Printing
  • • Advertising
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Consumer Electronics
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Education
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Healthcare
  • • Mobile
  • • Music
  • • Payments
  • • Photos
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Small Businesses
  • • Smart Home
  • • Social Impact
  • • Video
  • • Wearable Tech
  • • Edutainment
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Teacher training
  • • Youth Leadership
  • • Higher Education
  • • Fitness
  • • Quantified-self
  • • Wellness

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Small business • E-Commerce • Entrepreneur • Entrepreneurship • Marketing Strategy

Key Accomplishments

It started in 1998 that I realized I am interested in computers and Internet.
I taught myself web design, graphic skills, database, Javascript and later PHP and C#
I started my first company, Parascope - Programming for Business in 2003 (till 2012)
Around 2004 I got interested in business and entrepreneurship.
I dedicated considerable amount of focus to (in chronological order):
- Business
- Entrepreneurship
- Online Marketing
- Growth
- Implementation for Growth
- Entrepreneurial Coaching - how to be an effective entrepreneur

Currently my time is spent in:
- Working ON my current company, Kahzoom Online Marketing Inc., Implementation for Growth
- Entrepreneurial Growth Coaching, Developing and Implementing Your Unique Vision

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I help you in developing and implementing your unique vision.

My Strengths:

When it comes to dealing with information and Fact Finding I am a SIMPLIFIER. I get the overview, clarify, distill, approximate, hypothesize and abbreviate.
This strength deals with the past.

When it comes to Quick Start, I IMPROVISE. I experiment to see what will happen. I speculate, discover, originate, promote and customize.
This strength targets the future.

When it comes to Follow Thru, I MAINTAIN. I detect discrepancies and adjust procedures. I monitor, combine, accessorize, guide and record.
This strength involves past, present and future.

When it comes to Implementation I am an IMAGINEER. I picture how things would work. I conceptualize, symbolize, imagine, envision and infer.
This strength deals with here-and-now.

I have a TRENDSETTER profile: Imaginative, Innovative, Rebellion, Progressive, Elite, Edgy
I am imaginative and ambitious, bringing edgy interpretation to the table. I am happiest when working against the grain.
I prefer breakthrough to incremental innovation. My ability to reformulate products,
processes, and business models is a distinct advantage.
I am able to see opportunities where others see only threats.

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Nicki Ershad
We worked together  •  Controller, COMPAC Financial Group Inc..
He is a great listener Very informed and educated Has a knack for simplifying problems and projects to their most common denominator and su ... ggesting workable solutions.
Catrin Samimi
They're my friends  •  Cash Management, TD. Previously Business Advisor, TD BANK. Simon Fraser grad.
Kayvon is fantastic at simplifying the task at hand and finding solutions that work. He's a creative, driven, enthusiastic professional who ... lives life passionately.
Zahra Jenab
We worked together  •  Barrister & Solicitor, Jenab & Company. The University of British Columbia grad. The University of British Columbia grad.
Kayvon has been a friend and a great business advisor for me. He has an uncanny ability in not just identifying issues and problem areas, bu ... t also what is the cause of the problems. He works with you to help you find solutions that work for you and your business. And, he doesn't take "no" or "can't be done" for an answer - so there is no hiding behind "I'm too busy" or "I don't know how to do this". Believe me, I tried that excuse a few times, until I learned my lesson!