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Jeff Chang

Entrepreneur • Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Running a YC hardware startup, graduate work in Artificial Intelligence, Advisory Board Member for PetNet Inc, ER radiologist and MBA

Running a YC hardware startup, graduate work in Artificial Intelligence, Advisory Board Member for PetNet Inc, ER radiologist and MBA

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Fundraising
  • Full Stack Engineering
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Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Fundraising
  • • Full Stack Engineering

Involved In


Doblet Inc. (YC S14)


Stealth Radiation Oncology Center Venture
Stealth Radiation Oncology Center Venture

Side Projects

Möbius Labs


Advisor March 2015 - present
Advisor Ikigai March 2015 - present
Co-founder & CTO Doblet Inc. (YC S14) March 2014 - present
Advisory Board Member Petnet(io) April 2013 - present
Advisor - Business Development Stealth Radiation Oncology Center Venture November 2012 - present
ER Radiologist Greensboro Radiology July 2010 - present
Associate - Private Equity Manhattan Pacific Partners October 2011 - May 2012
Intern - Venture Capital, Digital Media MK Capital March 2011 - August 2011
Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow Primedex Health Systems July 2009 - June 2010
Radiology Resident Hartford Hospital July 2005 - June 2009
Intern - Preliminary Medicine Baylor College of Medicine July 2004 - June 2005


Dev Bootcamp - San Francisco Ruby on Rails, JavaScript 2013 - 2013
University of Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence 2013 - 2013
University of California, Los Angeles - The Anderson School of Management Entrepreneurship 2009 - 2012
New York University School of Medicine Medicine 2000 - 2004
The George Washington University Chemistry and Biology 1997 - 2000

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Ad Sales
  • • Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Other Engineering
  • • Fundraising
  • • Marketing
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design
Advisor With
  • • Fundraising
  • • Product Design
  • • Machine learning
  • • Wearable technology
  • • CTO Mentoring
  • • Design Strategy
  • • Emotional Intelligence
  • • Executive mentoring
  • • Happiness
  • • Hardware manufacturing
Markets of Interest
  • • Cloud Services
  • • Commerce
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • Financial Services
  • • Green
  • • Healthcare
  • • Media
  • • Music
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Travel
  • • Artificial Intelligence
  • • Alternative Investments

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Project management • Data analysis • Healthcare • Strategy • Medicine

Key Accomplishments

Graduate work in artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh; experience at multiple Startup Weekends and non-profit hackathons, and currently advising several startups. Graduate of Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco, with primary experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and frameworks, Python machine learning libraries and a variety of SQL / NoSQL DBs, full-stack development and TDD. Long-standing interest in startup DevOps, part of Chef 2013 and worked with a startup focused on abstracting DevOps using Docker containers.

Experience in VC and PE due diligence, product roadmap development, putting together financials & sensitivity analyses, experience in the nature of financial markets (activist PE firm + hedge fund work). Worked on several different VC-funded digital media startups, advised on a variety of other funded & unfunded startups. MBA focused on entrepreneurship, with recent business/consulting experience in China, Brazil and Israel (have been in 15 countries across four continents in the past year and a half).

MD from NYU School of Medicine, with residency training in Radiology and fellowship training in Musculoskeletal MRI; primarily trained in image-based pattern recognition, hands-on experience in current US healthcare issues, EHR, hospital information systems, preventative care models in the US and China (the latter being nearly nonexistent).

Undergraduate majors in Chemistry and Biology, minor in Sociology; started college at age 13, graduated from GWU at 16, and from NYU School of Medicine at 20. Finished MBA at UCLA this past June - living in LA but working part-time in North Carolina while assembling the prereqs for a context-heavy short to medium-term AI-driven hedge fund.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

1) Sharpening ideas - I've seen a lot of ideas go by, so I'm practiced at critiquing and refining ideas, products, roadmaps and financials (or producing them from scratch) - I can also brainstorm mini-pivots and new startup direction quickly when needed.

2) Enthusiasm - If I climb onboard a founding team, I'll be there 100% - morning, afternoon, night, 4 AM. So long as others in the founding team are committed, any company we start will find a way to change the world.

3) Fundraising - I've got a bit of experience on the other side of the table. Not as many VC connections as some of my counterparts in the Bay area -- but the experience, at least, may help us in the funding game (and I understand term sheets & nature of board control / restrictive covenant issues very well, as well as loopholes & defenses in company charters, and the different options in equity & debt financing).

4) Big Picture - I'll usually have a good idea of where a product fits, the potential market verticals, the current state of international developed and developing markets for the product, the regulations involved (in several industries with greater restrictions), estimating distribution of potential user sentiment (or collecting user feedback), and keeping our team focused on the most important goal/metric at each point in our lifecycle.

5) Cash Flow / Burn Rate - I'll try like heck to create & preserve cash flow (and minimize costs when appropriate) - while finding unusual & creative ways to expand our startup's unique culture whenever possible, and growing only if necessary & when there's a culture fit.

6) Programming & Other Hats - I learn fast. If I need to use something, I'll pick it up immediately. If we're bootstrapping and need a website or MVP out the door, I'll don as many startup hats as necessary to get things finished & polished.

Note that I'm free to move just about anywhere - domestic or international, though highest preference is somewhere along the West coast - LA, Bay area, SD, Seattle, Portland (NYC or Boston would work well too) -- for the right team, right market opportunity and a reasonable idea. If a move's needed, hopefully we're talking about a non-bootstrapped idea where we can raise funding quickly.

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Doktor Gurson
They're my current cofounder  •  Founder/CEO, Doblet, Inc. (YC S14) and Founder/CEO, Bitmule.
Dok's already had a couple strong exits, so he's a successful entrepreneur already. And we're both continuing to learn as we build up Doble ... t together -- YC definitely helped us figure out where we're headed : )

Andrew Thierry
We worked together  •  Radiologist, Entrepreneur, Investor
Andrew's driven toward founding startups with positive social impact, and he has the connections needed to make it happen. Looking forward ... to seeing what he and team can create in the months & years ahead!

Baker Shogry
We worked together  •  Founder @ Sightglass. Business background (Plaid, Silver Lake, Bain, HBS) with web development experience and strong interest in product.
Baker's got the drive and passion needed to be an awesome entrepreneur -- and he's got a broad skillset to match, ranging from startup opera ... tions, to coding, to finance and fundraising. He sees how best to present a message to both customers and investors, and has a great ability to connect with anyone. He really enjoys learning new skills -- that growth mindset practice & ability is key, for both developers and entrepreneurs. He's also fun to work with. Baker will build an incredible set of startup teams, in the years ahead.

David Wiens
They're my school  •  Director, ShopperTrak Labs. Previously Director of Sales and Application Development, H2scan Corporation.
Dave has both the technical chops and the drive to become an awesome entrepreneur -- and he's got experience in managing one of the largest ... angel groups in the country. He's worked in a variety of roles at both startups and large companies in several different industries, so he can operate effectively as a jack-of-all-trades founder, which is what most startups need right off the bat. He's also even-keeled and fact-oriented (background as an engineer), and over the years he's become far more persuasive, with great communication skills -- with lots of practice & during B-school. He'd do an awesome job with startup fundraising : )

Bryan Lui
They're my school  •  Director, Alvarez & Marsal and Strategy and Operations, BonBonSew. University of California, Los Angeles grad.
Bryan's highly motivated, charismatic and interested in taking calculated risks -- all useful qualities in an entrepreneur. He has a strong ... background in strategy, finance, operations and a variety of other verticals key for the jack-of-all-trades founders needed in early startups. Here's looking forward to seeing what kinds of awesome startups Bryan can help build!