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Dominic Coryell

Entrepreneur • Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Co-Founder, Curebit and Co-Founder, Garment Valet. Teaching myself to code in Node.js

Co-Founder, Curebit and Co-Founder, Garment Valet. Teaching myself to code in Node.js

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Primary Skillsets

  • Business Development
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
I have an idea, but I'm open to other ideas
Part-time now, full-time if it takes off

Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Business Development
  • • Enterprise Sales
  • • Fundraising
  • • Marketing

Involved In


Garment Valet


Garment Valet
Candidate Broker
Bounce Exchange


Distribution Hacker-in-Residence 500 Startups January 2015 - present
Advisor Bounce Exchange September 2014 - present
EIR & Advisor CodePath September 2014 - present
Advisor Gnossem September 2014 - present
Co-Founder & Advisor Talkable August 2014 - present
Advisor Wyldfire October 2014 - January 2015
COO, Co-Founder Curebit August 2011 - August 2014
CEO, Co-Founder Garment Valet January 2006 - March 2012
Student Ambassador Northeastern University 2007 - 2009
Student Northeastern University 2004 - 2008
Owner Husky Express 2001 - 2008


Northeastern University Accounting, Technological Entrepreneurship 2004 - 2009

Interested In

Cofounder With
  • • Engineering
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design
Markets of Interest
  • • Commerce
  • • Green
  • • Mobile
  • • Smart Home
  • • Social Impact
  • • Education
  • • Edutainment
  • • growth hacking
  • • platform tools
  • • triathlons
  • • stairs!
  • • cheese

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Finance • E-Commerce • Entrepreneur • Sales Strategy • Sales Management

Key Accomplishments

+ Launched, a web-based laundry and dry cleaning delivery service, in college

+ Won the 2008 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year from Kauffman Foundation and

+ First Hustler and fourth Founder in

Currently: Fulltime and focused on Curebit, but always working in the background on a few other ideas late at night. Just truly want to stay connected with other like minded people where I could be a contributor on a team I believe in. I have a ton of ideas and wireframes that I can't implement technically and maybe some other teams would love to go at them and I could and help them grow them. I'm actively teaching myself to code, but probably won't accumulate the skills needed to build a world class product anytime soon.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

Hardcore hustler, super scrappy, growth oriented, big implementer, well-connected. I understand a lot about product and software even though I'm not a developer. Not pushy or hardheaded about getting my way. Very open to suggestions and alternate ways of thinking.

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Tim Kilroy
CEO, Adchemix - Search Guy - Big Ambitions. Want to make marketing simple at scale. Love the Red Sox.
Where do I begin? Incredibly driven, really smart, roll-up your sleeves and strategic thinking in the same place. Dominic is the definition ... of hustle and grit. And he is a snappy dresser.
Matthew Gould
They're my current cofounder  •  Product, Curebit. Previously Founder, Hold'em Properties. Georgia Institute of Technology grad.
A serial entrepreneur who can make anything work, very comfortable with modern ecommerce, referral marketing, and growth strategies.
Brian Miglionico
They're my friends  •  Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Acceleron Pharma and Business and Market Development, Acceleron Pharma.
His forethought into which ever space he is currently working. His ability to take an operation from a top down approach and redistribute as ... sets to create efficiency and growth potential.
Vishal Verma
We worked together  •  Senior Software Engineer, Lookout. Previously Software Architect, ISC8. Love (to create) clever hacks, and beautiful well-thought products.
Two things about Dominic shine right through when you meet him: his enthusiasm, and trustworthiness. He's very creative, very open to new id ... eas, and a great listener. Icing on the cake - you can always trust him with your closest guarded trade secrets. Dominic comes with real-life startup experience, the kind you only get by being in the trenches, fighting the daily battles, making a difference every day. Yet, his insights on growth, sales, marketing, and strategy are far reaching. I'm sure they will make you feel confident and secure in your endeavor too.
Ryan Bloomer
We worked together  •  Advisor, SWELL. and Advisor, The Orange Chef Company. Boston grad.
He is a great listener, asks the right questions, and is extremely knowledgeable about execution which makes him dangerous.

Jason Bornstein
We worked together
Jason is understands customers really well and as a result his product work is always really thorough and well mapped. He's already working ... on a great concept to make people's lives better while searching for apartments. He's an ambitious go-getter.

Jason Bornstein
We worked together
Jason sees the "whole picture" which in my mind is the most important parts of being an entrepreneur. He's extremely effective at his core ... competency,customer acquisition, because of his analytical and iterative approach. But outside of increasing the customer base, he really understands brand purpose and how product has to support operations to achieve the purpose and craft an amazing customer experience. I've worked with Jason for over a year now, meeting at least once per week and on a variety of projects, ranging from campaign optimization to more deeply technical undertakings. Jason is fantastically organized and methodical which comes from his drive to accomplish "reach" goals. Jason is one of the only people I can count on not letting things fall through the cracks because he is so responsible and resourceful. I have a tend to track every request I send out to people to make sure it gets done; Jason is the only person I don't do that with because he's so on top of it. I'd bet on Jason as a Founder and ultimately if the stars ever align would love to build a company with him.

Matthew Gould
We worked together  •  Product, Curebit. Previously Founder, Hold'em Properties. Georgia Institute of Technology grad.
Matt thinks outside the box. He likes to listen as much as he likes to talk, as such he makes really great, intelligent decisions. He unders ... tands markets and strategy. He is a very fast learner. All of those + his drive would make Matt an awesome founder.