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Tony Schy

Advisor Louisville, Kentucky Area, US

Managing Director, Velocity Indiana, Inc. and Director, LocalView.

Managing Director, Velocity Indiana, Inc. and Director, LocalView.

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Wicked Sheets
Got You In
Steel Fashion


Managing Director Velocity Indiana, Inc. January 2013 - present
Director LocalView June 2012 - present
Director Solidagex January 2012 - present
Managing Member TSB Holdings, LLC July 2011 - present
Managing Member TSCS Holdings, LLC June 2011 - present
Principal Activation Ventures 2011 - present
Board Member EnterScape January 2011 - June 2013
Member Vistage 2009 - December 2012
District Director US House of Representatives - IN-9 District Office December 2010 - August 2011
Vice President - Employer Services HMS September 2010 - December 2010
Partner Chapman Kelly, Inc. May 2001 - August 2010
Director Accenture August 2001 - May 2002
IT Manager Humana, Inc. December 2000 - August 2001
Director Andersen Consulting June 1992 - November 2000


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Minor in Political Science 1988 - 1992
New Albany High School 1984 - 1988

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Eric Littleton
We worked together
Tony is a proven entrepreneur with a successful track record
Alex X Frommeyer
We worked together
Tony has the skills, the leadership, and the hustle to get an idea off the ground effectively. What more do you need?
Carroll Mackin
They're my friends
Experience combined with intelligence and passion with a good dose of thoughtfulness.
Terry Minton
We worked together
Tony has a great balance of resourcefulness, risk appetite, and broad perspective that is necessary for visioning and execution of the visio ... n. Tony demonstrates a positive attitude with an appropriate level of circumspection that are very necessary for success.
Chris Hall
We worked together
Tony is a proven entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar exit. He is the main reason that I applied to the Velocity Startup Accelerator, be ... cause I wanted to know and learn from him.
Steven Huey
They're my advisor
He is action oriented. He started an acelerator in our market, found great initial companies and brought together a great group of mentors ... for the cause. He has jumped in to the community and is making a tremendous impact. He is always positive but straight forward and honest. We are lucky to have a guy like Tony in our community.
Ron Karroll
We worked together
Tony already has been and continues to be a great entrepreneur. He has already had an extremely successful exit which many entrepreneurs dr ... eam about and is widely considered in the local area as one of the most knowledgable start up advisors. I really can't recommend him enough.
Jon Matar
We worked together
Tony has already proven that he is a great entrepreneur and he continues to prove it everyday. He has ran a successful company and has mento ... red/advised dozens of companies. He understands the value of validating concepts early on and putting together the plan to execute those concepts.
Dan Adams
We worked together
Tony is an investor in my company, and I pulled him as a part of my advisory board because he offers a strong range of expertise. He is act ... ively involved in the startup ecosystem, and works with a variety of startups in various industries.
Matt Oakley
We worked together
Tony has proven himself to be a great entrepreneur and will continue to do so due to his work ethic, intelligence and apetite for risks when ... necessary.
Michael Browning
We worked together
Tony has proven his entrepreneurial ability by creating, growing, and ultimately selling his business. I was able to experience that journey ... with him and continue to be impressed by his achievements since the acquisition. There isn't anyone in the area's startup/business community that I think more highly of than Tony.
Mark L. Highbaugh, Sr
We worked together
He has been a successful entrepreneur for years!
Michael Strickland
They're my mentor
Tony is a member of my Vistage CEO peer group. Tony has the respect of the Chair(myself) and fellow member CEO's. When Tony speaks the group ... "listens". He is an excellent entrepreneur, extreme high ethics and a gift for building businesses and mentoring others to be successful entrepreneurs. Tony not only says it he does it. Tony would be an excellent addition to any business minded group.
Eghosa Aihie
We worked together at Velocity Indiana, Inc.
He is highly experienced in the environment of start up companies. And had a multi-million dollar exit with his pervious startup.
Eghosa Aihie
We worked together at Velocity Indiana, Inc.
He is highly experienced in the environment of start up companies. In additon had a multi-million dollar exit with his pervious startup.
They're my friends
Tony has had a successful exit and relays his lessons learned to up and coming startups in his accelerator program- Velocity.
We worked together
Tony has dealt in almost aspect of entrepreneurship. He is good hearted and driven. He flourishes in a team environment and given the oppo ... rtunity for an expanded network his superpowers would be even more undeniable
We worked together
Tony is a successful entrepreneur with many years of business experience. He is extremely intelligent and is well connected in the Louisvill ... e entrepreneurial community. He is currently the Managing Director of the Velocity Startup Accelerator program and is very knowledgeable in the Lean Startup methodology.
We worked together
Tony is a very thoughtful and analytical thinker. He also is able to leverage his proven track-record as a successful entrepreneur and angel ... investor to help grow any organization he would be become part of the team of.
We worked together at Velocity Indiana, Inc.
Tony was the managing director of the Velocity Accelerator Program while I was enrolled in the cohort. He was an integral part of my success ... and has been an amazing advisor for a number of start-up companies.
They're my school
Tony possesses the ability to assess opportunities in an analytical fashion, while appreciating the nuances of the of the concept and the ar ... t of the possible.
Alli Truttmann
They're my investor  •  Adjunct Professor, Bellarmine University and President and CEO, Wicked Sheets, LLC.
I have been working with Tony for the past 3 years, first as an advisor at the Kauffman FastTrac Progrma and now as a business partner at Wi ... cked Sheets. Tony has helped us to transform both our financial and inventory models, as well as been a huge asset when making game-changing decisions that have led us to increased revenue and partnerships. Tony is a true a leader in the business world and we're lucky to have him on the Wicked Sheets team.
David McClure
They're my advisor: Solidagex  •  Previously Counsel, [Multiple clients in FDA-regulated industry]. Previously Consultant, Humana. University of Kentucky grad. Harvard grad.
Tony distills things you ought to be thinking about into a few words and questions. And he does it in the most positive of ways, leaving yo ... u motivated to go get the job done. I don't know how he helps all the many teams that benefit from his expertise, but he is truly gifted at working with those getting enterprises off the ground.
Ryan Michaels
They're my advisor: Collabra  •  Finance Consultant, Marcus Brandon for Congress and Associate Producer, Electric Productions.
Tony is a trusted advisor, his reliability in follow-through and willingness to make any introduction through his extensive network of succe ... ssful entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors has been critical in helping our company solve many of the early challenges we faced. He has been extremely helpful in refining our business focus while establishing a foundation that embraces our big vision.
Ron Karroll
They're my mentor  •  Co-Founder/CEO, Collabra Music. Previously Business Consultant (Regulatory Financial Reporting), Humana.
Tony has been “there” and that experience really shows through. He also is very interested in those he mentors in a way that I think is ... not typical. For example, in many cases he gives the advice he thinks is best as opposed to what may make him look best. As the director of an accelerator he often discusses the advantages of boot-strapping... Accelerators are generally ranked on how many of their companies get funded and by how much so this advice, which counteracts the typical director of an accelerator’s mandate, is comforting. Additionally, Tony is a genius when it comes to pricing structure as well as customer psychology. Every time I meet with him I come away inspired and with a thousand new ideas. I can’t recommend him enough.
John Mark Eberhardt
They're my investor  •  Founder/CEO, Got You In, LLC and President & CEO, LITM Enterprises, Inc..

AJ Agrawal
We worked together at Velocity Indiana, Inc.  •  CEO, Alumnify and Columnist, Entrepreneur Media.
AJ's not going to give up when he hits a bump in the road, or a brick wall. He's effectively utilized what he has learned in the past year ... or so to pivot his company so that he creates a product that his customers want and will pay for.

Ron Karroll
Co-Founder/CEO, Collabra Music. Previously Business Consultant (Regulatory Financial Reporting), Humana.
Ron is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I know. He lives and breathes his startup and is working in an area that he loves. He's sh ... own substantial initiative to not only take the plunge, but to learn how to code in order to actually build his product. This guy works his ass off!