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ingrid bond

Advisor Santa Fe, New Mexico Area, US

founder, steward; bioponic world org & llc, art dealer; bond fine art, consultant; bond business consulting, and transpersonal council

founder, steward; bioponic world org & llc, art dealer; bond fine art, consultant; bond business consulting, and transpersonal council

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bioponic world foundation
vested transactions
bioponic world foundation and bioponic world, llc

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the authentic human


founder, steward bioponic world foundation January 2014 - present
founder, dealer vested transactions July 2016 - present
founder, steward bioponic world foundation and bioponic world, llc January 2014 - present
consultant, whole systems strategist bond business consulting 1985 - present
art dealer bond fine art 1996 - present
transformation specialist/dimesional navigator natural alchemy of the truth and the authentic human September 1985 - present
business strategist, consultant, facilitator bond business consulting 1985 - present


study, research and development in business, art, sustainability, natural world form and function sustainability, whole systems business, natural function, human assets, transpersonal psychology 1977 - present
self created studies and research sustainability, natural, whole systems functioning, business management, transpersonal psychology 1996 - present

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  • • Patents
  • • Localization
  • • Distribution
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Community development
  • • Community Outreach
  • • Grant Writing
  • • Local food
  • • Non-profit management
  • • Sustainable development
  • • Water Resources
  • • Sustainable Agriculture
  • • Financial management
  • • Sustainable Communities
  • • sustainable living
  • • community food growth
  • • community land
  • • personal transformation
  • • planetary sustainability
  • • planetary transformation
  • • greenhouse technology
  • • alternate energy technology
  • • community food source
  • • community water source
  • • sustainable technology funding
  • • community resource asset management
  • • local sustainable enterprises
  • • Land trust common property law
  • • Non-profit cpa
  • • Local business development
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  • • Education
  • • Green
  • • Healthcare
  • • Local
  • • Small Businesses
  • • Social Impact
  • • Lifelong Learning (outside of school)
  • • Quantified-self

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Sustainability • Social Entrepreneurship • Community development • Green Technology • Sustainable Agriculture • Alternative energy • sustainable living • youth training • local food water sourcing • sustainable living technologies

Key Accomplishments

for the last three decades i've devoted myself to exploring the sustainability question from every angle. assessment: as we are currently, i have 0 expectation of our ability to sustain life.

there are numerous factors involved in this evaluation. the most significant of which are unseen by the population. in fact, the public is SO lacking basic information - that it does not have the intelligence needed for the proper self assessments and decisions to be made.

it is precisely this massive lack of awareness of what's happening, who and what we are, how we and earth best function together; that has brought us to this precarious position. bioponic world's most basic premise is to obtain and share, information and resources that BEST assist those motivated to live a sustainable life - to realize their goal. many are now waking to this desire as the old way of living increasingly becomes - not good enough.

there can be no more important role than to assist in the: DECENTRALIZATION OF FOOD PRODUCTION; PRODUCTION OF LOCAL CLEAN NUTRITIOUS FOOD; and in providing READILY AVAILABLE CLEAN WATER. also critical; public dissemination of related vitally important information.

to fund, research, provide information and service connections, is what bioponic world foundation, .org, is about. bioponic world, llc., .com, is the commercial platform that brings sustainable living technologies, information, and consulting services (alternate energy tech, sustainable hubs) - to the market place.

both of these businesses, established in santa fe, NM, are in the start up phase and are seeking sustainably minded individuals (NP CPA pls.) with commensurate passion to collaborate with at this foundation building, pre launch moment.

Sustainable Living Hub & Technology
Consultancy, Information Clearinghouse, Funder

Promoting/Establishing, Alternate Energy Produced,
Local Whole System Sourcing of Optimized Food and Water

Production, Demonstration, Education; Human & Community Asset

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Chuck Bartok
They're my friends  •  Director of Marketing, The Geneva Shore report and Director of Marketing, Antares Film Productions.
The entrepreneurial mindset requires a THINKING individual, who understand the great Power of Autonomy an dis NOT afraid to move forward wit ... h determination and not burdened by social acceptance. Ingrid has shown those talents to me
Holly Berman
We worked together  •  President, The Illustrated Gallery. Previously Intern, Brenda Taylor Gallery. University of Arizona grad.
Ingrid was a pleasure to work with. She helped me in all aspects of starting my business. There is no doubt that without her help and guidan ... ce, The Illustrated Gallery would not be where it is today. Ingrid is enthusiastic, driven and extremely passionate about all businesses she has her hand in. Most importantly- she is caring and understandable. Great entrepreneur to work with!!
Andrew Bertolino
We worked together  •  Owner, Bertolino Arts.
She has an intutive sense and thinks outside the box along with just being a great person
Michael Coca
We worked together  •  Principal and licensed N.M. GB98 residential, commercial contractor, San Miguel Sun Dwellings.
Conscious about benefitting man kind in everything she does
Steven Armor
They're my friends  •  Account Manager, 705EU Graphic Media Partner and President/Owner, Lloyds LLC.
She knows about artwork and artists very well.
Judith Beatty
We worked together  •  Owner, Judith S. Beatty.
Ingrid seems to have that Midas touch; she succeeds at virtually everything she attempts, and her ideas are fresh and innovative.
Peter Ciuffetti
They're my friends  •  VP Product Development, Alexander Street. Previously Dir. of Software Development, Credo: Building Information Skills for Lifelong Success.
Ingrid has an insightful perspective on developing trends in new markets
Merrilyn Romen
They're my friends  •  Art Director, Designer :: Digital, Mobile, Social, Print, Photographer, Social Media - freelance consultant.
Ingrid is a focused entrepreneurial thought leader. Her wise vision and insight into humanity make her a valuable resource and entrepreneur.
Nevin Eckert
They're my friends  •  Owner, TrueSpring "water quality solutions". Previously owner, ecovative enterprises.
She knows her areas of expertiese very well, she has done her home work, the work she carries is extreamly important
Steve Max
We worked together  •  President/CEO, Hawk Associates. Previously VP, Western Region, Sage Mgt.
Ingrid has an extensive professional network with contacts spanning a broad spectrum of markets. She fully commits to any project she engag ... es in, and is not limited by linear thinking in her approaches and/or solutions. Meticulous in business processes, yet unencumbered in entrepreneurial concepts.
Steven Schafer
We worked together  •  CEO/President, Grant Writer, Steven Schafer. Previously CEO/President, Safegard Administrative Services.
I have known and worked with Ingrid for 4 years and have always found her dependable, efficient, and unfailingly at projects we have worked ... together. In fact, I have never worked with a person who gives as much attention to detail as she does. Also, her willingness to take on difficult projects like setting up a new business and see it to a successful completion has repeatedly impressed me over the years. In my opinion, she is a great entrepreneur.
Joseph Duda
They're my friends  •  Owner, DudaWerx, LLC and Author, Joseph Duda. University of California, Los Angeles grad. San Francisco State grad.
Ingrid has amazing vision and is able to evaluate trends before they break. Her integrity, loyalty, and persistence make her a great busine ... ss partner.
Eulalie Paris
They're my friends  •  Director of Wealth Management Business Solutions, VP, People's United Bank. Wharton grad.
Ingrid is a driven, passionate, outside of the box thinker. She is a creative writer with a unique communication style that ignites interest ... in those she surrounds. She is an inspiration, teacher and applies her many talents to drive success in her en devours.
Michael Duffy
We worked together  •  Merchandise Sales Manager, Norman Rockwell Museum.
Ingrid is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Meira Findel
I am the holistic accountant that speaks Money!
she is a full on networker and ground level fundraiser.

Merrilyn Romen
They're my friends  •  Art Director, Designer :: Digital, Mobile, Social, Print, Photographer, Social Media - freelance consultant.
merrilyn has a wealth of experience, sensibility, maturity, talent and knowing that would hold her in excellent stead for any new project or ... business she would show an interest in.

Nevin Eckert
We worked together  •  Owner, TrueSpring "water quality solutions". Previously owner, ecovative enterprises.
nevin is a great entrepreneur and visionary. he has developed technology that detoxes and optimizes a vitally critical resource: water. 110% ... devoted to his work; it is who he is. it is an honor to know and work with nevin.