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David Coleman

Entrepreneur • Advisor San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder and CEO, TeamSkillsPro and Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies.

Founder and CEO, TeamSkillsPro and Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies.

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Primary Skillsets

  • Marketing
  • Product
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Primary Cofounder Skillsets

  • • Marketing
  • • Product

Involved In


Collaborative Strategies, Inc.


Sophia's Garden Foundation
Sophia's Garden Foundation


Founder and CEO TeamSkillsPro June 2015 - present
Managing Director Collaborative Strategies, Inc. September 1989 - present
Founder and Managing Director Collaborative Strategies, Inc. September 1989 - present
Vice President of Marketing December 2006 - April 2007
Advisor Sophia's Garden Foundation 2007 - 2007
Product Marketing Manager Oracle April 1987 - June 1988


San Jose State University Psychology (experimental/physiological) 1982 - 1984
Connecticut College Zoology and Psychology (pre-med) 1972 - 1976

Interested In

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  • • Business Development
  • • Other Engineering
  • • Enterprise Sales
  • • Fundraising
  • • Growth
  • • Marketing
  • • Product
  • • UI/Design
Markets of Interest
  • • Education
  • • Enterprise Software
  • • Games
  • • Productivity Tools
  • • Edutainment
  • • team productivity

You Should Know About Me

Key Strengths

Market research • Webinars • Business Strategy • Strategic Partnerships • Strategy • Collaboration technologies • Industry analysis • White papers • Articles

Key Accomplishments

I have written 5 books, 4 on collaboration. I also write for CMSwire, Elearning Magazine, and other publications as well as being an analyst for Gigaom. I, also, blog and tweet. Never finished my PhD dissertation, but what I work on now does not have much to do with my education. I have been a speaker at many conferences over the years, and also ran a successful conference called "Groupware 91" in San Jose, where we had over 2000 people attend. We also produced this conference on the East Coast and in London over the next few years.

I am on the Thought Leadership Team for Collabworx, and a member of Jim Ware's Talking about Tomorrow monthly group. I was a founding member of NewWoW, and worked for Gigaom Research doing analysis and reports for several years until the company folded last year. However, I am still an analyst with the resurrected GigaOM.

How I like to work with people As a Cofounder

I currently work with one person (local) Stan Rosenshein, who has been a great partner in getting the company to where it is so far, and helping to evolve the concept. Now we are looking for someone local, who has experience in game design and is good with translating a story line into game mechanics.

We are also taking a different tack on funding. Instead of VCs or Angels, we are looking at some of the 2000 collaboration vendors to give us our initial development (seed) funding, since what we are building is of great benefit to them.

We are looking for about $400k, and can use the help of anyone who is good at fundraising for a seed round, or business development.

We have a partnership with an offshore IT group that has built the initial screens for the simulation as a demo. Now we want to develop a simple version of the simulation engine. We believe the demo and the simulation engine prototype, will be enough to get our funding from a variety of vendors (we have 2 interested currently)

The other thing we need is a local technical co-founder. Stan is more on the strategy side, and I am the founder and content expert, developer of the scenarios, and chief cook and bottle washer. We already have 5 companies interested in being alpha testers, although most of these are smaller companies (under 300 people), we are also looking for 5 alpha test teams in enterprise sized companies (over 1000 employees).

We are looking for a technical co-founder (local) and need this person to take the lead in developing the simulation engine, and either that person or another to work on the simulation authoring tool, as well as the UI. This founder would be responsible for dealing with the rest of the development team in Macedonia, and we have regular Monday morning virtual meetings.

Being based in the SF bay Area would be best, but we already work at a distance with others and currently are using Redbooth in house to help support our own internal collaboration.

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Stan Rosenschein
We worked together  •  Founder, BranchTime Technologies and Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stanford University. Columbia University in the City of New York grad.
I have know David for over 15 years and worked closely with him on an entrepreneurial project. I have been impressed by his ability to integ ... rate feedback, leverage his extensive network, and work tirelessly to develop and evangelize a new product & business idea.
Blair Pleasant
We worked together  •  Co-Founder, and President & Principal Analyst, COMMfusion.
Absolutely - he's had his own consulting practice for many years, which takes a lot of work and dedication. He'll use these qualities for an ... y entrepreneurial project he puts his mind to.
John T. Maloney
We worked together  •  Executive Researcher, Advanced Practices Council - Society for Information Management and Founder, Managing Director, Colabria.
Utterly focused on customer discover, validation, creation and scale.
Linda Michelle
CEO, and Holistic healing; integrative healing, own private office.
caring honest business person

Eric L. Nielsen
We worked together  •  Sr. Director Social Media & Communities, VMware and Manager, Technical Marketing, VMware. Stanford grad. Stanford grad.
He was a past client and runs an online community at VMware of over 2 million people. He is also very straight forward, and has a lot of mar ... keting experience.

Eric L. Nielsen
We worked together  •  Sr. Director Social Media & Communities, VMware and Manager, Technical Marketing, VMware. Stanford grad. Stanford grad.
He worked at Sun and now at VMware where he runs a community of over 2M users. He has many years in marketing and a good knowledge of techno ... logy

Ken Vanosky
We worked together  •  CFO, Apparent Inc. and Contract CFO, K.S. Vanosky & Associates. Arizona State grad.
He is great with spreadsheets and financial planning, and was the CFO for my last startup. He was great to work with and more flexible than ... most financial people I have worked with.

Renate Fruchter
We worked together  •  DIRECTOR OF PROJECT BASED LEARNING LABORATORY, Stanford University.
She is a professor at Stanford, and knows a lot about collaboration and runs a lab on this. she is thoughtful, smart and a good listener, so ... would be a great adisor.

Dave Gardner
Senior Consultant, Group50 Consulting and Principal,
I have worked with Dave in the past and he is a creative thinker, knows a lot about his area of specialty, and is good to talk with. He also ... knows a lot of people and a lot of what is going on in the industry, and would make an excellent advisor.

Terry Petracca
We worked together  •  President, PetraccaHR LLC. Previously VP Strategic HR Initiatives, Experian. Cornell grad.
She knows a lot about HR, and where it is going. She also has a lot of experience to share, and I believe she would be a good advisor.

David Schultens
We worked together  •  Compression - Test and Development, Microsoft.
He has great experience and background, is thoughtful about challenges and problems, and often comes up with interesting solutions I never ... would have thought of. He is also well connected!