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Tinkering alone?
Have an idea?
Ready to start a side project?

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How It Works
You apply, We hand screen, You connect
Talented entrepreneurs who are:
  • Ready to start a side project
    (even if you don't have THE idea)
  • Working alone and need a partner
  • Got an idea and want to get started
  • Skillset balance (50% engineers)
  • High caliber
  • Readiness (no recruiters)
  • Gain access to an incredible online network of entepreneurs across
    North America, Europe and Israel
  • Connect with talented members online and offline to start side project and companies

Fan Mail
"What could be more important than connecting with amazing entrepreneurs that could be your cofounder? Don't hesitate."
- Dave McClure
"Startups are a team effort and the best teams are complimentary. FounderDating finally offers a strong and balanced network for entrepreneurs to begin building these teams."
- Steve Blank
"Even if you're just starting a side project, it's the right time to start working with people and figuring out if you're the right fit to be cofounders. FounderDating offers you a high caliber network of people to start with."
- Aaron Batalion

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