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Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is the packaging and presentation of marketing messages through mobile devices, particularly phones. Mobile advertising is different from other advertising such as those designed for TV and print media because of the limited size of mobile devices screens and the complete control that mobile device users have to interrupt advertisements.

11 Discussions

Aug 09, 2016 • 14 followers 5 answers
We are a India based startup and looking forward to build a client base who are looking for mobile app develop... more
  • K. Alan Robbins
  • Paul Garcia
  • Vivek Ghai
  • Judy Mod
  • Mark Neild
May 31, 2016 • 12 followers 7 answers
The application involves limited user interaction, roughly 30 or so seconds at a time at which I may have 1-5 ... more
  • Christopher Cioffi
  • Patricia Neuray
  • Bret Gardner
  • Joanan Hernandez
  • Chris Beshore
Jul 31, 2016 • 21 followers 6 answers
I am preparing a CPI budget and I'm curious to find out if there are other costs associated with the going CPI... more
  • Josh Levitan
  • Maxine Pierson
  • William Agush
  • Nancy Fulton
  • Christoph Ranaweera
  • Colin Behr
Jun 29, 2016 • 21 followers 7 answers
My app BRO ( has been using MoPub for the past 6 months for in-app advertising/monetization on ... more
  • Christoph Ranaweera
  • Roger MacKenzie
  • C J
  • Ivan Fortuna
  • Scott Kutler
Sep 25, 2016 • 10 followers 3 answers
I am preparing slide decks for my traveltech app and an obvious area for monetizing is advertising.  What is ... more
  • Valeriia Timokhina
  • Ben Green
  • Ashley Titus
Sep 15, 2016 • 13 followers 4 answers
I am aiming to make it more attractive for hotels to use our mobile app to book a ride in our limo taxis. To d... more
  • John Bentley, II
  • Ryan Shane
  • James V. Linden
  • Ashley Titus
Feb 09, 2015 • 6 followers 4 answers
I'm looking to advertise in my apps, and in need of a reliable ad network. We're currentl
  • Jessica Alter
  • Eyal Eithcowich
  • Joanan Hernandez
Jan 22, 2015 • 8 followers 0 answers
We have figured out lead gen from web traffic for our business and our customers, and fi... more
Jul 20, 2015 • 6 followers 2 answers
We are in development with a narrative contextual advertising solution for fiction and looking to get into pl... more
  • Tobin Trevarthen
  • Scott Gallacher
Dec 23, 2014 • 11 followers 2 answers
Looking for some feedback that is at best a SWAG but hoping for an educated SWAG. I understand the correct ans... more
  • Monu kumar
  • Sean Roland
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