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Machine learning

Machine Learning is a high technology or computing discipline that deals with the scientific process of making computers ‘learn’ to act without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is related to artificial intelligence. Examples of machine learning innovations include computer speech recognition and self-driving cars.

8 Discussions

Apr 29, 2016 • 20 followers 10 answers
I am trying to recruit someone with expertise in machine learning to help me get to the MVP. He works for Goog... more
  • Mikhail Gorelkin
  • Bret Gardner
  • Rob Gropper
  • Graham Wert
  • Neil Saunders
  • Michael Barnathan
  • Aiborlang Andrew Chyne
  • Joseph Wang
  • Sam McAfee
Sep 27, 2016 • 4 followers 4 answers
I would like to know how to convince retailers to submit their footage of theft videos to me in order so that ... more
  • Brendon Whateley
  • Viktor Xhelilaj
May 01, 2016 • 10 followers 4 answers
Machine learning is finding its way in many core business principles but one challenge is the end buyer’s / ... more
  • Tom Cunniff
  • David Ronald
  • Massimiliano Versace
  • Vineet Sahni
Oct 10, 2016 • 2 followers 0 answers
We live in a world that could be easily described as science fiction by some earlier generations. Augmented, v... more
Oct 10, 2016 • 7 followers 1 answers
I'm worried about data-driven innovation. Machine learning has low barriers for entry. You can't be "proprieta... more
  • Michael DePanfilis
Jun 25, 2015 • 12 followers 5 answers
I'm developing a concept to help operators in the food and beverages industry (restaurants and coffee shops) a... more
  • Richard Pridham
  • Katherine Shamraj
  • Lucas E Wall
  • Adam Sah
Jan 21, 2015 • 15 followers 7 answers
We just launched a new online education company and are trying to figure out the best marketing strategies for... more
  • Shobhit Verma
  • Tyler Martin
  • Vijay Goel, MD
  • Michael Brill
  • Michael Masello
  • Dmitri Adler
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