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Incorporation is the legal process of setting up a corporation. A corporation may be a business, charity or even a government entity such as a city or municipality. The term 'Incorporation' was first made famous by the 'Incorporation of Human Rights' the legal measure that gave the US Bill of Rights binding authority over all American states.

41 Discussions

Aug 09, 2016 • 15 followers 6 answers
I have joined and invested in a Canadian telehealth software company that, since inception, has focused on the... more
  • Richard Reed
  • Mike Moyer
  • Susan Marie Laws, M.A.
  • Giles Crouch
  • Richard Pridham
  • Gillian Muessig
Nov 06, 2016 • 8 followers 0 answers
I am incorporating a company in BVI, I have a deal with an investor where he takes %10 (1000 shares) & I t... more
Jul 06, 2016 • 11 followers 5 answers
Hi,We have created web app to run an on demand massage service. I need to finalise Terms of Service and Privac... more
  • Dimitry Rotstein
  • Brendon Whateley
  • Lauren Harriman
  • Himanshu Bhaisare
  • Joseph Wang
Apr 03, 2016 • 6 followers 4 answers
HI, I am exploring incorporating a wholly owned subsidiary in USA for my India registered entity as parent com... more
  • Rafeeq CE
  • Girish Savadatti
  • Vinod Shintre
Nov 02, 2016 • 4 followers 0 answers
I am incorporating a company in BVI at the moment, so I want to understand what are the options I have regardi... more
Jan 24, 2016 • 35 followers 16 answers
I have looked into it . Your corp would go on after you are gone. Its a people Planet Profit thing . I  check... more
  • Giles Crouch
  • Shel Horowitz: Shel AT GreenAndProfitable com
  • Michelle Hoexum
  • LanVy Nguyen
  • Jack Byer
  • Doug Bend
  • Ayelet Baron
  • Peter Weiss
  • Ajax Greene
  • Rachel Murray
  • Jim Bowes
  • Anna Herman
  • Marc Milgrom
Feb 19, 2016 • 14 followers 4 answers
I am an foreign national (H1B visa holder) trying to incorporate my startup in US. One of the co-founder is U... more
  • Lucas Jaz
  • Ronis Gracie
  • Irwin Stein
  • ✔Tee Davis - PolyGreen (ICFs) Buildings LLC
Sep 15, 2016 • 12 followers 2 answers
Wondering if I should incorporate my business on the region where I live or if I should just go with Delaware.... more
  • Doug Bend
  • Brendon Whateley
Mar 14, 2016 • 31 followers 8 answers
We are a brand new startup with a ready to launch MVP. We are looking for seed funding right away. Should we i... more
  • Scott McGregor
  • Ryan J. Negri
  • Sean Hurley
  • Paul Lukaszewicz
  • Stan Podolski
  • Michael Kaliski
  • Shane Boudreau
  • Karl Schulmeisters
Jun 11, 2016 • 20 followers 9 answers
An investment partnership is running their slide rule over my start up and have asked whether they'd get a vot... more
  • Michael Meinberg
  • John Currie
  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA
  • Jim Scott
  • Ian Shearer
  • Darius Lahoutifard
  • Jonathon Shaevitz
  • Scott Ling
  • Chicke Fitzgerald
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