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Customer Validation

Customer Validation is a part or step in Business Model Development that establishes a scalable business model around a product. Customer validation essential sets and verifies the system that a business will follow to satisfy customer needs while maximizing on sales and profit margins.

17 Discussions

Oct 08, 2016 • 10 followers 3 answers
Some products need to be experienced to really understand their value. However, it would be best to test a con... more
  • M.H. Lines
  • Steve Willson
  • Dane H. Madsen
Jun 08, 2016 • 16 followers 8 answers
For a couple of months We've been working on a subscription commerce service for chocolate in Romania (it's ne... more
  • Jerven Carter
  • Majed Elass
  • Chicke Fitzgerald
  • Josh Levitan
  • Brendon Whateley
  • Hoofar Pourzand
  • Mark Neild
Jan 05, 2016 • 14 followers 7 answers
Surely when it comes to customer development, and conducting interviews, we could start with our network and a... more
  • Scott McGregor
  • Luke Szyrmer
  • Siarhei Harbachou
  • Claudia Goga
  • Frank Kelly
Sep 30, 2016 • 5 followers 0 answers
This will be something applied for any tech startup out there. Appreciate the comments.
Jan 29, 2016 • 8 followers 2 answers
Does any of you payed or gave some incentive to people who you've interviewed in a context of customer develop
  • John Currie
  • Lucas E Wall
Sep 22, 2016 • 8 followers 2 answers
Fellow entrepreneurs, i’m hoping you can do me a favor and suggest what you think is a killer use case for C... more
  • Shel Horowitz: Shel AT GreenAndProfitable com
  • John Masterson
Apr 21, 2016 • 16 followers 5 answers
When validating a business idea for a product before spending all the time and money to create it, it's relati... more
  • Jason Ball
  • Rob Gropper
  • Henry Valk
Jan 01, 2016 • 17 followers 14 answers
I would still consider myself a newbie in the entrepreneurial world, as I’ve been developing a first-time co... more
  • Dimitry Rotstein
  • Scott Cadora
  • Michael Barnathan
  • Shobhit Verma
  • Stephen Williams
  • Scott McGregor
  • Jeff Fitzmyers
  • Shivi Aggarwal
  • John Currie
  • Adam Crabtree
  • Ismail Berkan
Feb 18, 2016 • 13 followers 5 answers
I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for setting up a minimum success criteria when you're ... more
  • Luke Szyrmer
  • Rob Gropper
  • Dimitry Rotstein
  • Sam McAfee
Aug 07, 2015 • 21 followers 17 answers
My startup is in the customer discovery phase. As part of my latest venture, I've assembled a team that was se... more
  • Patrina Mack
  • Karen Leventhal
  • Justin E. Crawford
  • Eoin Matthews
  • Rob Gropper
  • Glenn Donovan
  • Kenneth Larson
  • Grant Hosford
  • Brahm Kiran Singh
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