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Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a management system of sourcing and retaining customers. It is a combination of marketing techniques of identifying, accessing and retaining clients.

59 Discussions

Oct 09, 2016 • 5 followers 1 answers
I have a startup that is launching a product for the wellness of women. It is meant to be an assistant for the... more
  • Brian DeVore
Aug 09, 2016 • 7 followers 8 answers
Hi all, I'm building an application solving a teachers and school pain. But I find it very difficult to ident... more
  • Reşit Doğan
  • Dennis Richards
  • Christian Greiner
  • Jim Hodson
  • Rob Gropper
Jul 07, 2016 • 43 followers 14 answers
I have an online store and sell physical products and I need to generate traffic that converts to my website i... more
  • Sidney Sclar
  • Jeff Mason
  • Angela Wozniak
  • Joe Rodriguez
  • Richard Reed
  • Piyush Nigam
  • Balasubramani rao
  • Sam Colwill
  • Kym Vance
  • Randhir Hebbar
  • Mrityunjay R Narayanan
  • Paul Garcia
  • Paul Renshaw
Jan 07, 2016 • 30 followers 4 answers
We are a b2b early stage company, we have made interviews with relevant people in the market, prepared a pit... more
  • Aleksandra Czajka
  • Wayne Cerullo
  • Rob Gropper
  • Mamie Kanfer Stewart
Jul 05, 2016 • 19 followers 5 answers
I am woking on mobile app for tipping and donation. I am ready to reach out to potential customers to get some... more
  • Satish Jha
  • Rob Gropper
  • Bill Lennan
  • Doug Dykaar
  • Paul Garcia
Feb 04, 2016 • 17 followers 2 answers
We're currently working on conversations commerce and messaging ideas in the travel/lodging space (happy to sh... more
  • Vikram Kulkarni
  • Markus Fromherz
Apr 04, 2016 • 14 followers 7 answers
Want to hear from other founders on this topic, more importantly if you run a community based startup. So... more
  • Hasan Diwan
  • Gene Fan
  • Sidney Sclar
  • Ema Chuku
Sep 30, 2016 • 17 followers 2 answers
In the process of figuring out the marketing plan for a SaaS business. To do a good job I need to nail it on t... more
  • Scott Ling
  • Burke Franklin
Feb 02, 2016 • 27 followers 10 answers
There's been a lot of talk of late about Door Dash and competitors going for major rounds and not getting them... more
  • Brian McConnell
  • Anu Shukla
  • Craig Merry
  • Michael Barnathan
  • Chris Kitze
  • Paul Geller
  • Vijay Goel, MD
  • Michael Brill
Jan 29, 2016 • 24 followers 1 answers
I have a similar idea like fiverr but different in so many ways. What would you recommend to do to start acqui
  • Michael Brill
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