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Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is the correct matching of a product with customer needs and preferences. A company whose product or products satisfy the needs and preferences of a certain market, or which is operating in a market that requires or prefers its products is said to have a product market fit. A business achieves product market fit by either aligning its products to the needs of a market or moving to a market that fits its products.

8 Discussions

Jan 04, 2016 • 18 followers 7 answers
Hi All,Change develops an Invisible App that links to bank and credit card accounts, analyzes money transactio... more
  • Yaniv Levi
  • Daniel Vieira Costa
  • Mamie Kanfer Stewart
  • Michael Brill
Nov 02, 2016 • 13 followers 3 answers
Many experts have chimed in to provide some context of what product/market fit really means for early stage st... more
  • Shel Horowitz: Shel AT GreenAndProfitable com
  • Jorge Sanchez Lopez
  • Scott McGregor
Apr 27, 2016 • 58 followers 52 answers
We are building personal finance website for Latinos. In order to test our idea we decided to build an MVP/p... more
  • Michael Brill
  • Danny (Duc) Duong
  • Dan Meier
  • Bill Lennan
  • David Albert
  • Jake Carlson
  • Edward M. Yang
  • Stephen Packer
  • Sam McAfee
  • David Pariseau
  • Josh Levitan
  • Ka Chan
  • Rob Weedn
+ 25 more
Nov 22, 2016 • 11 followers 3 answers
We are in the process of figuring out product market fit and for that we are in the process of sending out sur... more
  • Rob Gropper
  • Michael Hardy
  • David Albert
Feb 10, 2016 • 31 followers 16 answers
At beginning phase of your startup, the typical notion is to start and focus on a single niche market (city) t... more
  • Darren Naylor
  • Eric Levenson
  • Fabrice Lorenceau
  • John McArthur
  • Casey W. Xiao-Morris
  • Giles Crouch
  • Katie Curtin-Mestre
  • Ema Chuku
  • Eric Sullivan
  • Doug Parsons
  • Peter Johnston
  • Ignacio De La Garza Evia
  • Rene Joergensen
+ 1 more
Jul 04, 2015 • 70 followers 40 answers
Has anyone used or know of a tool or spreadsheet that can help evaluate and rank business... more
  • Sam McAfee
  • Sean Carney
  • Scott McGregor
  • Jim Casparie
  • Mikhail Gorelkin
  • Stephen Campbell, PMP
  • Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll
  • Bharathi Masilamani
  • Peter Jones [LION:]
  • Dimitry Rotstein
  • Thomas M. Loarie
  • Angel Leon
  • Ondrej Ďurják
+ 16 more
Aug 26, 2015 • 10 followers 2 answers
Specific facebook groups  or other restaurant communities for example?Any best practices, learnings from some... more
  • Alasdair Clements
  • Ryan Nobrega
Jul 15, 2013 • 23 followers 7 answers
Hello fellow FD's,We are working hard on our product-market fit, and would love some insight from folks:1) Doe... more
  • Mohammad Forouzani
  • Matthew Cordasco
  • Jason DeMorrow
  • Rob Phillips
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