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“Your time is limited, don’t waste it   living someone else’s life.”
- Steve Jobs
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FounderDating is not for recruiting employees or consulting. It's full of excited, motivated entrepreneurs.
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"What could be more important than connecting with amazing advisors to help you? Don't hesitate."
David McClure
Cofounder @ 500 Startups
"Even if you're just starting a side project, it's the right time to start working with people and figuring out if you're the right fit. FounderDating offers you a high caliber network of people to start with."
Aaron Batalion
Cofounder, CTO @ LivingSocial
"Startups are a team effort and the best teams are complementary. FounderDating finally offers a strong and balanced network for entrepreneurs and advisors to build these teams."
Steve Blank
Cofounder @ E.piphany

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