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Julie Rachui  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Managing Director, CGR. Texas A&M grad.
Advises on: Accounting, Finance, Compensation, Customer service, Software development + 24 more
Olga Sanchez-Ramos  
Puerto Rico area, PR

Vice President Human Resources, GFR Media. Previously Vice President Transformation and Organizational Development, GFR Media.
Advises on: HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Leadership, Meditation, Executive coaching + 10 more
Americo Rodrigues De Figueiredo  
São Paulo Area, Brazil, BR

Experienced managing global and regional Human Resources function across North America, Central America, and Latin America.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Compensation, Policy, Performance management, Negotiation + 34 more
Nicole Dominique Le Maire  
Other, OO

Board Member, Disaster Tech Lab and Founder, The People Engine.
Advises on: Compensation, Interviews, Policy, HR, Performance management, Recruiting + 33 more
Alexia (Lexy) Martin  
Sacramento, California Area, US

Principal, HRTech Value. Previously Vice President, Research and Analytics, Sierra-Cedar.
Advises on: Project management, Metrics, CRM, Saas, Business intelligence, Surveys + 31 more
Colleen McCreary  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Startup consultant on all things people. Former Chief People Officer at Zynga from startup thru post-IPO and at Climate Corporation
Advises on: Hiring, Project management, Interviews, HR, Performance management + 31 more
Sharyn Yuloff  
Flagstaff, Arizona Area, US

Co-Founder, Online Business Manager and HR Consultant, Promotionally Minded Advertising Specialties.
Advises on: Hiring, Compensation, Interviews, Policy, Performance management + 32 more
Jeremy Welland, Ph.D.  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Head of People Analytics, Pandora and Professor, Data Analytics - Engineering & Computer Science, University of the Pacific.
Advises on: Fundraising, Training, Leadership, Coaching, Analytics, Business Strategy + 17 more
Aziz Chowdhury  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Director, Talent Acquisition Challenges, Doxy Advisors. Previously Lead, Talent Management, The World Bank. University of Delaware grad.
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 22 more
A John Idicula  
Bengaluru Area, India, IN

Managing Director, Symbiosis Management Services. Previously Director - CSR & Training, METRO Cash & Carry, India.
Advises on: Hiring, Policy, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 26 more
Tom Vovers  
Vietnam, VN

General Director, HR2B / Talent Recruitment JSC. Previously Owner, HR2B / Talent Recruitment JSC.
Advises on: Outsourcing, HR, Payroll, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 31 more
David Gunzburg  
Melbourne, Australia, AU

Principal and Managing Director, DGHR Services and Senior Associate (Part time only), MBS - Mt Eliza Executive Education.
Advises on: Interviews, Policy, HR, Performance management, Management, Training + 33 more
Jason Averbook  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Advisory Board Member, Michael C. Fina and Author, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Lexiben.
Advises on: CRM, Saas, HR, Performance management, Enterprise software, Recruiting + 38 more
Trista Bleers McCarthy  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Board of Advisors, Candidate.Guru and Founder & President, MarketMind, LLC.
Advises on: Compensation, Recruiting, Management, Leadership, Sourcing, Talent acquisition + 13 more
Janet Marchell  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Contract Recruiter, Independent Consultant. Previously Sr. Independent Consultant, DataPad Inc..
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, HR, Payroll, Contractors, Performance management + 28 more
Tricia Tomlinson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

President and CEO, T Squared Consulting, Inc.. Previously Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Genomic Health.
Advises on: HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management, Training, Leadership + 19 more
Neil Wilks  
Greater New York City Area, US

People Partner US, SoundCloud. Previously Senior HR Manager, Amazon.
Advises on: Outsourcing, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management, Leadership + 24 more
Noralynne Rudolph  
Orange County, California Area, US

Senior Technical Consultant, Microsoft. Previously Sr. Technical Recruiter, Blizzard Entertainment.
Advises on: Hiring, CRM, Interviews, HR, Negotiation, Recruiting, Networking, Management + 24 more
Tanya Bourque  
Greater Philadelphia Area, US

Managing Director & Founder, OpExpert- Consulting and Chief Executive Officer & Founder, OppCount.
Advises on: Interviews, HR, Negotiation, Recruiting, MBA, Management, Sourcing + 17 more
Rita Graziano, MA  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Executive Coach, Focused Solutions Group California and CEO, Focused Solutions Group. Stanford grad. Stanford grad.
Advises on: Interviews, HR, Performance management, Management, Training, Leadership + 30 more
Sandra Reder  
Vancouver, Canada Area, CA

Founder & President, Vertical Bridge Corporate Consulting & Health Bridge HR.
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 32 more
Kyle McGinty  
Queensland, Australia, AU

Executive, Digital & Technology Recruitment Qld, MitchelLake Consulting.
Advises on: CRM, Interviews, HR, Lean startup, Enterprise software, Recruiting + 27 more
Patrick Reilly  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Exec Coach, Varous Tech Companies. Tufts grad.
Advises on: Insurance, Performance management, Management, Training, Healthcare + 37 more
Tina Schaaf  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Chair Director, E-Women, The Rainier Club.
Advises on: Hiring, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Interviews, HR, Contractors, Performance management + 31 more