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Christopher Fahey  
Greater New York City Area, US

SVP Product and User Experience, Big Spaceship. Previously ZocDoc, Behavior Design.
Advises on: Project management, User research, Web Development, Product Design + 15 more
Eric Freedman  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Product Strategist, User Experience and User Interface Designer.
Advises on: User research, Visual design, Art Direction, Concept development + 8 more
Gerald Carvalho  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Advisor, and Principal UX Designer, Intuit.
Advises on: User research, Usability testing, Design Strategy, Design Thinking + 6 more
Pedro Gastal  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Customer Development and Strategic Marketing Advisor, Startup Mentorship.
Advises on: B2B, Marketing, CRM, Market research, Google Analytics, Growth, Email Marketing + 33 more
Vadim Goretsky  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Previously User Experience Architect, Samsung Electronics. Previously UX / Product Designer, Stanford grad.
Advises on: Customer Acquisition, Product Design, Graphic design, Positioning + 12 more
Jack Shedd  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Partner/Interactive Director, Mess Marketing. Previously Design Manager, Kizmo.
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Mobile, Wordpress, Drupal, Php, Java, Web Development + 14 more
Andrea Coens  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Designer of Products and Community, Fab Lab London. Previously Director of User Experience, Shoefitr Inc.. Carnegie Mellon grad.
Advises on: User research, 3D printing, Physical design, Sustainability, Usability testing + 11 more
Sogol Assadbeigi  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Founder, Gourmate. Previously Founder and Lead Designer, iCare iOS EHR. University of Alberta grad.
Advises on: Lean startup, Industrial design, Gamification, Usability testing + 18 more
Greg Sherwin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

EVP, Products & Emerging Technologies, Regalix Inc. and Strategic & Technical Advisor, Self Employed. University of Washington grad.
Advises on: B2B, Project management, Saas, Linux, Software development, Web Development + 42 more
Josh Orum  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Operating partner at a private equity firm. Obsessed with business design, marketing, crafting amazing customer experiences.
Advises on: Marketing, Web Development, Logo design, Graphic design, E-Commerce + 24 more
Ryan Struhl  
Greater Boston Area, US

Senior Software Engineer, Brightcove. Previously UI Manager, Genuine Interactive.
Advises on: JQuery, JavaScript, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Drupal, Php, SEO, Web Development + 16 more
Kerah Cottrell  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, Danceation. Previously Senior UI Designer, Google.
Advises on: Visual design, Usability testing, Dance, Human Computer Interaction + 4 more
Michael Mayes  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Advisor, Fee Catcher and Founder and Principal, Circaviso. University of Virginia grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, CRM, Saas, SEO, Product Design, Enterprise software + 29 more
Erin Jacobs  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Senior Product Designer, Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance). Previously Senior Designer, Mass Relevance, now Spredfast.
Advises on: Marketing, User research, Graphic design, Digital Media, Visual design + 11 more
Sanjiv Sirpal  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

Founder & Designer, mbient° and Vice President of Design & Innovation, Jamdeo (Flextronics & Hisense Joint Venture).
Advises on: User research, Software development, Innovation, Product Design + 26 more
Michelle Zaffino  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Information Architect/UX/Content Consultant, Information Architect and CTO & Chief Digital Librarian, Founder @ In the Stacks.
Advises on: JavaScript, EBooks, Wordpress, Content management, Leadership, Video editing + 13 more
Chris Pallé  
Greater New York City Area, US

Adjunct Professor, The New School and Executive Director of Strategy and User Experience (UX), Wisdom & Craft, Inc.
Advises on: User research, E-Commerce, Visual design, Usability testing, Content strategy + 13 more
Joe Nuccio  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

VP or Director, Product and Marketing, In Transistion. Previously Director, Product Management — Travel Group, University of Southe
Advises on: Project management, Market research, Google Analytics, SEO, Email Marketing + 29 more
Jay Melone  
Greater New York City Area, US

CEO, Managing Partner, New Haircut. Previously Senior Project Manager, StreamingEdge.
Advises on: Email Marketing, Web Development, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Business Analysis + 12 more
Erich Schreck  

UX Lead, Avanade and UX Designer, Amazon. Colorado State grad.
Advises on: Mobile, SEO, Email Marketing, Graphic design, E-Commerce, Management + 18 more
Lior Zur  
Israel, IL

Principal UX Architect and Partner, 5IVE. Previously Adjunct Lecturer, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
Advises on: JQuery, User research, Web Development, Graphic design, CMS, Creativity + 11 more
Miklos Philips  
Greater New York City Area, US

Director User Experience
Advises on: Mobile, User research, E-Commerce, Prototyping, Digital Media, Multimedia + 20 more
Jim Nieters  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

User Experience, Design, and UX Transformation Consultant, Freelance. University of California, Davis grad.
Advises on: Mobile, User research, Business intelligence, Graphic design, Product management + 19 more
Reece Dano  
Portland, Oregon Area, US

Principal and Creative Director, Oven Inc. Previously Research Lead and Design Strategist, Artefact. University of Washington grad.
Advises on: Market research, Product Design, Training, Analysis, Presentations + 18 more