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Seti Gershberg  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Director of Photography, Que te falta? Productions. Previously CEO - Owner, The Path of the Sun Journeys.
Advises on: Kickstarter, Video editing, Photography, Film distribution, Film production + 6 more
Mark Ely  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, Really Simple Software. Previously President, Strategy, Sonic Solutions.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Saas, Monetization, E-Commerce, Management, Digital marketing + 26 more
Michael Landon  
Greater Salt Lake City Area, US

Director of Technology, Saltworks Agency and Board of Directors - Tech Strategy, KōDefy. Utah State grad.
Advises on: Saas, Business intelligence, Linux, Software development, Java, Web Development + 19 more
Paul Finster  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Media & Entertainment Practice, Accenture. Previously OTT Solution Development, Ericsson Television, Ericsson. Cornell grad.
Advises on: IOS, Mobile, Saas, Wireless, Software development, E-Commerce, Digital Media + 17 more
Barry Flanigan  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Managing Partner, Bigballs Films. Expert in building online audiences. Previously held senior exec roles at Rightster, Fox, Telegraph, AOL
Advises on: Marketing, CRM, Content marketing, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital marketing + 30 more
Luis Novo  
São Paulo Area, Brazil, BR

Founder, Skore and Founder, SuperNova Labs.
Advises on: Metrics, Saas, Software development, SEO, Lean startup, Monetization + 28 more
Vincent Stark  
Ottawa, Canada Area, CA

Founder at Happy Moose. Co-founder at FillMyFridge and Dvorik. CTO at Vidrack. Passionately using technology to solve real-world problems.
Advises on: Engineering, Python, JQuery, Linux, Software development, Php, Web Development + 24 more
Jesus Perezagua  
Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan, JP

Media Consultant & Entrepreneur, Own Business. Previously President Europe and Africa, Fox International Channels.
Advises on: Marketing, Management, Digital marketing, Digital Media, Sponsorship + 14 more
Jim Monroe  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Co-Founder and SVP Programming, Net2TV. Previously VP Creative Services and Programming, NBC Bay Area, NBC Universal. University of Utah grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Management, Entertainment, Online advertising, Business Development + 15 more
Martin H. Sabag  
Israel, IL

CPO, Chief Product Officer, Vonetize and Co-Founder, HT Israel.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Wireless, Monetization, E-Commerce + 28 more
Randon Morford  
Provo, Utah Area, US

CEO, MEDI+SWARM and CEO, Shared Strengths.
Advises on: Saas, Software development, Enterprise software, Graphic design + 22 more
Clement Charles  
Geneva Area, Switzerland, CH

Founder, Future Space Industries and Founder, Quantifed Self Geneva.
Advises on: Content marketing, Multilingual, Press, News, Innovation, Content management + 44 more
Kevin Hill  
West Palm Beach, Florida Area, US

Co Founder and CEO, VuPulse. Previously EVP Marketing and Strategy, Polaroid Fotobar. Yale grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Positioning, Management, Entertainment, Video, Marketing Strategy + 4 more
Nicolás Amado  
Barcelona Area, Spain, ES

Chief Storytelling Officer - Story-In-Business Consultant, Universe Inside Studios and Founder & CEO, Universe Inside Studios.
Advises on: Digital marketing, Digital Media, Online video advertising, Business Development + 8 more
Jason Wolfson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Associate Director of Marketing, Flite. Previously Senior Manager, Ad Product Marketing, Pandora. Penn State grad. Penn State grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Content marketing, Email Marketing + 45 more
Mike Ryan  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Managing Director/Founder, A Different Engine. Previously Senior Development Manager, TVWorks. San Francisco State grad.
Advises on: Mobile, Software development, Digital Media, Product management + 12 more
Spence Bovee  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Principal, Siganaka Media Consulting. Founder, Westside Digital Mix - West LA digital media & entertainment networking events
Advises on: Marketing, Monetization, E-Commerce, Digital marketing, Digital Media + 22 more
Richard Bullwinkle  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder of 5AVS | Former Head of Connected Innovation at Samsung | Strategy at Rovi | Product at Mediabolic, Rio & TiVo
Advises on: Marketing, Market research, Saas, Innovation, Product Design, Digital marketing + 38 more
Fred Kitson  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Executive VP - CTO, DTS, Inc.. Previously Corporate Vice President, Motorola. University of Delaware grad.
Advises on: Saas, Software, Wireless, Software development, Web Development, Enterprise software + 35 more
Ivan Gulas  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Chairman & CEO,Swig Media MQM Networks / MirageQuest Media. Previously President, B2 TV, B2 Networks. Dartmouth College grad. Boston grad.
Advises on: Management, Digital marketing, Digital Media, Film, Animation, Social networking + 41 more
John West  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Previously Director Solutions Engineering, Wowza Media Systems. Previously global media market segment manager, Sun Microsystems.
Advises on: Project management, CRM, Saas, Linux, Software development, Professional services + 28 more
Dino Joannides  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Co Founder Chief Commercial Officer, Y1 Systems and Co Founder, Fuuduru.
Advises on: B2B, Marketing, CRM, Market research, Saas, Wireless, SEO, Negotiation + 34 more
Vlad Lodzinski  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Visiting Professor, Media Faculty, University of Bedfordshire and US Partner, PayMedia Consulting Group.
Advises on: Fundraising, Interviews, Digital marketing, Digital Media, Film, Production + 23 more
Mitchell Askenas  
Greater New York City Area, US

Media & Technology Executive; Value & Growth Creator, Start-up Advisor, Power Messaging expert
Advises on: Mobile, Management, Leadership, Digital Media, Competition, Product management + 34 more