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Hemanth Satyanarayana  
Hyderabad Area, India, IN

Founder & CEO, and Founder, Imaginate, a Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality company. Also, an MIT TR35 Innovator & IIT alumnus.
Advises on: Patents, Ip, E-Commerce, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Augmented reality + 18 more
Darrick Morrison  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Founder, CEO, prizmiq. Previously Imaging Specialist/Program Manager (Product Imaging), University of Washington grad.
Advises on: Project management, Graphic design, E-Commerce, Digital marketing + 15 more
Chris Airola  
Greater Seattle Area, US

COO, TheHubEdu. Previously Director of Product, Panopto. Previously CTO of several startups
Advises on: Market research, Saas, Competition, Product management, Product strategy + 9 more
Jim Bower  
Medford, Oregon Area, US

CEO, Numedeon Inc. (, Chairman Virtual Worlds IP Inc, Former faculty California institute of Technology, Computational Neurobio
Advises on: E-Commerce, Social networking, Gamification, Game development, Social Entrepreneurship + 17 more
Dan Rubenfield  
Greater Seattle Area, US

General Manager, Executive Producer, Designer and Engineer.
Advises on: JavaScript, Software development, Monetization, Management, Prototyping + 17 more
Jonathan Linowes  
Burlington, Vermont Area, US

Senior Software Engineer, M2S and Owner, Parkerhill Technology Group. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Web Development + 22 more
Robert A. Rice  
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area, US

Veteran serial entrepreneur and CXO. Early pioneer in Virtual Reality, MMO Games, Virtual Worlds, and Augmented Reality. Technomancer.
Advises on: Gaming, Management, Tech startups, Social networking, Gamification + 14 more
Mike Zyda  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Advisor, Sugarcane Development and Advisor, Ollie. University of California, San Diego grad.
Advises on: Linux, Software development, Machine learning, Android, Programming + 29 more
Maya Zuckerman  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Marketing Manager, Keyframe-Entertainment and Founder, Transmedia SF.
Advises on: Marketing, Digital Media, Entrepreneur, Film, Production, Animation + 22 more
Francis Larkin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director of Product Marketing @ Facebook
Advises on: Marketing, SEO, E-Commerce, Platforms, Leadership, Product management + 11 more
Martin Wicke  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder, eddy systems. Previously VP Software, otherlab.
Advises on: Python, Software development, Java, Machine learning, Leadership + 19 more
Chin-Hwan "Jason" Park  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Senior Manager, SK hynix. Previously Senior Marketing Manager, ON Semiconductor.
Advises on: Wearable technology, Business Development, Consumer Electronics + 9 more
Chadwick Wingrave  
Greater Philadelphia Area, US

Chief Tinkerer, Walnut St. Labs and Founder, Head Squirrel Tamer, UX Division, Conquest Creations, LLC.
Advises on: JavaScript, Web Development, Usability testing, Augmented reality + 7 more
Joseph LaViola  
Orlando, Florida Area, US

Technical Abvisory Board, Sixense Entertainment and Associate Professor, University of Central Florida. Brown grad.
Advises on: Python, Software development, Machine learning, Programming, Computer Vision + 12 more
Devon Copley  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founding Member, Magnetic West and Advisor, Several startups including Qwake and Videokard. Stanford GSB grad. Yale grad.
Advises on: Saas, Web Development, Enterprise software, E-Commerce, Management + 27 more
Albert Baldwin  
Greater Philadelphia Area, US

CEO, Alfa Omega Grafx LLC and Lead Animator, Alfa Omega Grafx.
Advises on: Project management, Graphic design, Management, Film, Animation, Multimedia + 14 more
Jorge Morales  
Zapopan Area, Mexico, MX

Professor of Game Production, Universidad Panamericana and CEO and founder, Larva Game Studios.
Advises on: Customer Acquisition, Business intelligence, Small business, Monetization + 28 more
Rafael Bastos  
Portugal, PT

CEO @ eyenov. Previously Software Development Manager for Vision, Imaging and Innovation, VISION-BOX.
Advises on: .NET, Linux, Software development, Php, Java, Web Development, Machine learning + 26 more
Evonne Heyning  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

5X CoFounder. Insight & Vision => Action Advisor, Media, Strategist/Catalyst/Facilitator. Board Chair, Executive Producer, GrowGames
Advises on: Inspiration, User-generated content, Tech startups, Insight, Company Culture + 14 more
Mashhuda Glencross  
Oxford, United Kingdom, GB

General Submissions Chair SIGGRAPH 2016, ACM SIGGRAPH and Chair: Professional and Student Chapters Committee, ACM SIGGRAPH.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Web Development, Machine learning + 24 more
Mark Thomas  
Auckland, New Zealand, NZ

Advisor, Thomas Group (2015) Ltd and Board Member, MyHR..
Advises on: Fundraising, Saas, Software development, Innovation, Web Development + 26 more
Marientina Gotsis  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Research Assistant Professor, University of Southern California.
Advises on: Data analysis, Management, Public Health, Programming, Academics + 16 more
James Iliff  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, Survios. Previously Producer & Lead Designer, Project Holodeck. University of Southern California grad.
Advises on: Fundraising, Digital marketing, Video editing, Business Development + 5 more
Sandy Ressler  
Washington D.C. Metro Area, US

Individual Member, Bitcoin Foundation and Organizational Member, Web3D Consortium.
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Software development, Bitcoin, Web Development + 25 more