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Jerry Joyce  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Chief Operating Officer, Aquai Technologies. Previously VP, Global Operations, Aviat Networks. Colorado State grad.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Wireless, Management, Leadership, Product management + 15 more
Mark O'Neill  
Lancaster, Pennsylvania Area, US

Force-extender for the founder of transformation healthcare insurance platform driving peer-to-peer connections with physician group CEOs.
Advises on: Overseas, Government, Healthcare, Military, Relationship management + 14 more
Ram Menon  

Managing Partner, PatentVantage and Executive Partner, Its Your Skills. Kellogg grad.
Advises on: Patents, Wireless, Ip, Contract negotiation, Product management, Licensing + 18 more
Larraine Segil  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Member of the International Advisory Council (IAC), APCO Worldwide.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Marketing, Fundraising, Books, Recruiting, Management + 28 more
Greg Duplessie  
Portland, Oregon Area, US

Vice President, MRP (Market Resource Partners) and Managing Partner at IABPro LLC (advisory boards as a service)
Advises on: Sales, Saas, Enterprise software, Management, Lead generation, Data center + 14 more
Dave Waldrop  
Greater Seattle Area, US

President, attachedapps and Senior Advisor, Eleven Canterbury, LLC.
Advises on: Sales, Outsourcing, Saas, Small business, Enterprise software, Negotiation + 20 more
Itamar Kandel  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Strategy Officer, TigerText. Previously Chief Revenue Officer, Voxer. Harvard Business School grad.
Advises on: Sales, Saas, Enterprise software, E-Commerce, Management, Digital marketing + 18 more
Kish Mistry  
Durham, United Kingdom, GB

Director, Strategic Pre-clinical Product Development Limited and Chairman of the Board & Managing Director, Pulmorphix Limited.
Advises on: Negotiation, Management, Contract negotiation, Healthcare, Leadership + 31 more
Paul V. Weinstein  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Business Development Expert, M&A Adviser and Big Deal Guru (@dealmkrs)
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Saas, Security, Enterprise software, E-Commerce + 23 more
Chris Hulse  
Greater New York City Area, US

Chief Digital Advisor & Membership Selection Committee, Cavendish Global and Board Advisor, SolidOpinion.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Management, Digital marketing, Leadership, Digital Media + 19 more
Larry Weidman  
Greater Pittsburgh Area, US

Board Observer, Community Elf and Board Observer, Freshtemp. University of Iowa grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Saas, Enterprise software, Open source, E-Commerce, Leadership + 23 more
Ali Tinazli, Ph.D.  
Greater Boston Area, US

Vice President - Head of Business Development and Sales, Sony DADC.
Advises on: Patents, Market research, Management, Product management, Manufacturing + 26 more
Scott Swanson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO & Co-Founder, Aki Technologies. Previously President, Global Advertising, Opera Mediaworks.
Advises on: Marketing, SEO, Digital marketing, Digital Media, Sem, Lead generation + 18 more
Chad Lynch  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director of Corporate Business Development, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. University of Pennsylvania grad.
Advises on: Sales, Negotiation, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Product management + 13 more
Laurie Tucker  
Greater Memphis Area, US

Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Calade Partners LLC. Previously Sr. Vice President Corporate Marketing, FedEx Services.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Project management, Customer service, Email Marketing + 30 more
Daniel Friel  
Charlotte, North Carolina Area, US

Advisor, 6fusion USA and Owner, Incovate, llc.
Advises on: Finance, Saas, Business intelligence, Security, Professional services + 30 more
Bonnie Sainsbury  
Vancouver, Canada Area, CA

Social Media Influencer, 2013, 2014, 2015 Digital Business Strategy, Marketing Advisor, Founder and CEO, Social Media Smarter.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Small business + 31 more
Doug Hall  
Greater Seattle Area, US

President & Principal, CEO Focus. Previously Channel Sales Director, Datamax-O’Neil by Honeywell. University of Utah grad.
Advises on: B2B, Sales, Marketing, Saas, Professional services, Enterprise software + 26 more
Myla Yee  
Other, OO

Columbia University in the City of New York grad. University of California, Berkeley grad.
Advises on: Program Management, International development, Organizational Development + 2 more
James DeBragga  
Munich Area, Germany, DE

Vice President | International Marketing, DocuSign and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Unified Logic. Arizona State grad.
Advises on: Marketing, CRM, Saas, SEO, Digital marketing, Leadership, Product management + 25 more
Marc Milgrom  
Greater New York City Area, US

Advisory Board Member, Agora Fund and Regional VP, Cornell Engineering Alumni Association, Cornell University. Cornell grad.
Advises on: Python, Stock Options, Google Analytics, Data analysis, Competition + 33 more
Dave Anderson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder and CEO of data analytics start up.
Advises on: Marketing, Saas, Business intelligence, Security, Professional services + 39 more
Diego Dugatkin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Executive Vice President, Innovation, Corporate & Business Development, Switchfly, Inc.
Advises on: Fundraising, Saas, Partnerships, Wireless, Enterprise software, E-Commerce + 24 more
Leah Maher  
Stockholm, Sweden, SE

VP Strategy and Business Development - Cloud, Ericsson. Previously General Counsel, Joyent.
Advises on: Outsourcing, CRM, Saas, Wireless, Professional services, Enterprise software + 33 more