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Mason Blake  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Co-Founder & CTO, UpCounsel, Inc.. Previously Freelance Software Developer, WallFly, LLC.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Project management, Software development, SEO, Lean startup + 12 more
Nikhil Singhal  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Hands-on techie. Blogger. Technical Advisor, Startups. Harvard grad.
Advises on: JQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, Project management, Java, Web Development + 28 more
Brent Goldstein  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Build, Invent, Lead. I'm an engineer-at-heart who leads teams and builds software with a great focus on customers and product delivery.
Advises on: Project management, Program Management, Automation, Cloud Computing + 7 more
Usman Ghani  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director Engineering at Zenefits. Previously Big Data Geek at Platfora. and Tech Lead in Azure Core at Microsoft.
Advises on: Python, Business intelligence, Linux, Java, Scalability, Programming + 12 more
Daniel Lipkin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director of Development, Jobvite. Previously, Founder/CTO, Just the Facts
Advises on: Saas, Java, Enterprise software, Management, Scalability, Architecture + 9 more
Sam McAfee  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

I help people start companies, find product-market fit, and build better software products and teams.
Advises on: JavaScript, Node.js, Google Analytics, Lean startup, Web Development + 20 more
Ivelin Ivanov  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Advisor, Telecom Application Developer Summit and Early Investor, Piq Chocolates.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Bootstrapping, Saas, Linux, Java, Enterprise software + 20 more
Wedge Martin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CTO Vivo Technology, Mentor at 9Mile Labs, and SiliconHouse
Advises on: Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, Saas, Linux, Java, Scalability, Gamification + 19 more
Alex Corley  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Cloud Engineer, AVAST Software. Previously Zaas Engineer, Zenoss, Inc.. Previously Lead Developer
Advises on: Linux, Scalability, Agile development, Amazon Web Services, Chef + 19 more
Guruprasath Krishnamurthy  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor & Technologist. Co-founded and sold companies. Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing supply chain expertise
Advises on: Outsourcing, CRM, Saas, Business intelligence, Insurance, Enterprise software + 17 more
Edward Kreiman, CIO / CTO, MBA  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Chief Technology Officer, GTS, Playtech. Previously Vice President, Chief Architect, JP Morgan Chase.
Advises on: Project management, Business intelligence, Innovation, Java, Machine learning + 13 more
Ashok Krishnamoorthy  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

President, Mindtree Ltd.. Previously Executive Vice President, Aztecsoft.
Advises on: Sales, Outsourcing, Project management, CRM, Saas, Business intelligence + 19 more
James Barry  
Greater Denver Area, US

VP of Services and Operations, Cloud Elements and Founder and Board Member, Spark Relief.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Project management, Saas, Business intelligence, Linux + 28 more
John Bamforth  
Las Vegas, Nevada Area, US

Chief Technology Advisor, and Senior Advisor, Allegiant Air.
Advises on: Project management, CRM, Saas, Business intelligence, Security, Java + 13 more
Chris Crafford  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Mentor, Everwise. Previously VP Technology Services, XO Group Inc..
Advises on: Project management, Saas, Business intelligence, Lean startup, Security + 25 more
Motty Cohen  
Israel, IL

Consultant, Entrepreneur. Formerly: Chief Architect@eXelate, Head of Innovation@Better Place, CTO@Strauss Strategy
Advises on: .NET, Saas, Business intelligence, Innovation, Java, Enterprise software + 15 more
Dave Thomas  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Software and Systems Architect, Verifi and President, University of Southern California grad.
Advises on: Linux, Lean startup, Security, Java, Enterprise software, Networking + 10 more
Victor Grippi  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Sr. .NET Engineer/Architect, .NET Consultant. Previously Sr. .Net Engineer, iconmobile group.
Advises on: JQuery, JavaScript, .NET, Web Development, MVC, Ajax,, C#, C++ + 12 more
James Siddle  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Product Manager, Digital Science. Previously Senior Software Engineer, Digital Science.
Advises on: JavaScript, Data, Web Development, APIs, Privacy, Programming, Data Visualization + 17 more
Elad Shaham  
Israel, IL

Programming Dude, Entrepreneur, YuvApps. Previously Senior Consultant, Sela.
Advises on: JavaScript, .NET, Software development, Drupal, Java, Management, Programming + 16 more
Vladimir Syerik  
Houston, Texas Area, US

CTO, leader, developer, team builder - build great software and enjoy doing it. From talking to customers to building a product and team.
Advises on: JQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, Saas, Software development, Lean startup + 25 more
Dave Bernard  
Greater Atlanta Area, US

Investor, Atlanta Technology Angels and Co-Founder, Investor, Manager, Capital Management Services, Ltd..
Advises on: Outsourcing, JavaScript, Mobile, .NET, CRM, Saas, Business intelligence + 26 more
Bharathi Masilamani  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Software Project Manager at Amazon. Previously Sr. Software Developer / Project Lead at
Advises on: Software development, Php, Lean startup, Innovation, Java, Android + 9 more
Scott Francis  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Board Member and Treasurer, The Magellan International School and Founder and Chief Technology Officer, BP3 Global, Inc.. Stanford grad.
Advises on: JavaScript, Saas, Software development, Java, Professional services + 18 more