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Paige Sullivan  
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area, US

Senior Software Engineer & Entrepreneur. Interested in making the impossible happen from a technology standpoint.
Advises on: JavaScript, Linux, Php, Web Development, Networking, Ajax, Databases + 9 more
Roi Avinoam  
Israel, IL

Head of Technology, Win. Previously Lead Software Architect, Mytopia.
Advises on: IOS, Technology, Web Development, Android, Big data technologies + 3 more
Mario Facusse  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Founder and CEO, Xyber Technologies. Previously Chief Operational Officer, COMHARCO S.A..
Advises on: Data center, Hardware development, Hardware manufacturing, IT Infrastructure + 1 more
Aji Abraham  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Cofounder and CTO at Developer and Architect at Armia Systems, Inc
Advises on: Outsourcing, Php, Facebook, Growth hacking, Architecture, Android App Development + 7 more
Eddo Jansen  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Sales Engineer, Nexenta Systems. Previously Infrastructure Manager, Basgroup.
Advises on: Hardware, Linux, Enterprise software, Networking, Data center, Architecture + 5 more
Phil Ernst  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Previously CTO / CEO, Convergence Technology Consulting LLC. Previously Regional Director, FutureLink Corporation. University of Arizona grad.
Advises on: Hardware, Saas, Security, Enterprise software, Contract negotiation + 18 more
Jeffrey Hulten  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Software Engineer, WhitePages and Board of Directors, NWCloud. University of Washington grad.
Advises on: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Java, Enterprise software, Scalability + 20 more
Ivan Baranov  
Greater New York City Area, US

Founder and CEO, HowSuccessful
Mentor services for young professionals

Advises on: CRM, Linux, Web Development, Website design, Networking, Management + 10 more
Steven Acreman  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Founder / CTO, Dataloop.IO. Previously Senior Manager, DevOPS, Alfresco.
Advises on: Ruby, Python, Node.js, Saas, Linux, Software development, Web Development + 16 more
Ricky Panzer  
Greater New York City Area, US

iOS Mentor, Bloc, Inc.. Previously CoFounder, Community Manager, Popshop. Cornell grad.
Advises on: IOS, Small business, Lean startup, Android, Product management, Ruby on Rails + 5 more
Duke Truong  
Houston, Texas Area, US

Systems Engineer, Spectra Energy. Previously Security Administrator II, KBR.
Advises on: Project management, Security, Networking, Management, Leadership + 5 more
Tim Mitra  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

Lead Developer & Founder, iT Guy Technologies.
Advises on: IOS, Wordpress, Php, Security, Web Development, Graphic design, Content management + 13 more
Swarn Prakash  
New Delhi Area, India, IN

Business Development Manager, Soms Consulting. Previously Program Facilitator, UNESCO Center For Peace.
Advises on: Customer Acquisition, Software development, Networking, Product strategy + 7 more
Bryan Juliano  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

VP, Operations & IT, Pinger. Previously VP, Data Delivery Service Engineering, Yahoo!.
Advises on: Saas, Security, E-Commerce, Networking, Management, Scalability, Growth hacking + 14 more
Troy Toman  
San Antonio, Texas Area, US

Director of Engineering, Planet Labs. Texas A&M grad. Advisor, Rackspace. OpenStack Foundation Board member.
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Software development, Security, Enterprise software + 24 more
Blake Yeager  
San Antonio, Texas Area, US

Managing Director, Cloud, Techstars and Board Member, Brighton Center (San Antonio).
Advises on: Project management, Saas, Lean startup, Open source, Scalability + 21 more
Tristan Horn  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Software Engineer, Apple.
Advises on: Linux, Wifi, Ip, Networking, Scalability, Data center, Cloud Computing + 5 more
Tom McDonald  
Greater New York City Area, US

SMB Technology Leader / Cloud Computing Consultant / Small Business IT CEO / Managed IT Service Provider / NSI (New England Systems, Inc.).
Advises on: Sales, Hardware, Saas, Security, Professional services, Enterprise software + 16 more
Brian Nadeau  
Greater Boston Area, US

SVP Product Development, Infinio Systems. Previously VP Engineering, SimpliVity Corporation.
Advises on: Hardware, Saas, Linux, Firmware, Enterprise software, Data center + 10 more
Jeff Vier  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Sr. Director of Operations, icix and Co-Founder & Programmer, ServiceSheet, Inc.
Advises on: Metrics, Saas, Linux, Operations, Open source, Scalability, Team formation + 10 more
Christopher Machut  
Norfolk, Virginia Area, US

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), GM Engineering Services, LLC. Previously President & CTO, TeleArk, LLC. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Php, Open source, Networking, Programming, Cloud Computing + 12 more
Lloyd Taylor  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Information Officer, Originate. President, NetElder Associates. Formerly ngmoco, LinkedIn, Google, Keynote, JHU/APL.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Management, Leadership, Scalability, Infrastructure + 14 more
Lane Campbell  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Lifelong Entrepreneur
Advises on: Marketing, Hosting, Saas, Linux, SEO, Professional services, Enterprise software + 15 more
Rob Bergin  
Greater Boston Area, US

Field Applications Engineer, Seagate Technology. Previously Systems Engineer, NetApp.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Windows, Data center, Architecture, Cloud Computing + 10 more