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Jared Hardy  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Owner,; Founding Board Member, and NELA-Shares.Net; IT Administrator, StartupParty.US;
Advises on: Python, Linux, Security, Graphic design, Product management, Programming + 18 more
Gregory Bayer  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Engineering Manager, LinkedIn / Entrepreneur
Advises on: AWS, Security, Scalability, Backend Architecture, Big Data Analysis + 5 more
Asaf Barkan  
Israel, IL

Last Role as CTO at HP Software SPM and Distinguished Technologist. Ex Developer at Microsoft Corp.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Java, Enterprise software, Scalability, Architecture + 4 more
Jacob Rideout  
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area, US

Data Czar & Senior Product Manager, Return Path. Previously Product Manager, Return Path. Colorado State grad.
Advises on: Ruby, Python, Saas, Linux, Email Marketing, Security, Enterprise software + 25 more
Owen Rubel  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Original member of, creator of API Abstraction and API Chaining, experienced platform architect
Advises on: Project management, Saas, Security, Java, APIs, Scalability, Architecture + 8 more
James Cronin  
London, United Kingdom, GB

Trustee, The Awesome Foundation and Founder and Chairman, Open Rights Group.
Advises on: Security, E-Commerce, Infrastructure Engineering
Scott J. Kleper  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founded @Context Optional, Inc. (acquired by Adobe), early employee @several startups, @Stanford BSCS/MSCS. Mayfield Fellow. Author.
Advises on: Ruby, Security, Building Dev Teams, Company Culture, Nontraditional Fundraising + 1 more
Andrew T. Madejczyk  
Greater New York City Area, US

Executive Director, MIS, Amalgamated Life Insurance and Managing Director, Congruity Technology Solutions LLC.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Saas, Security, Management, Contract negotiation, Cloud Computing + 5 more
Jay Adelson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chairman, Founder, Opsmatic and Member, Board of Directors, Defense.Net, Inc. Boston grad.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Monetization, Enterprise software, E-Commerce, Recruiting + 26 more
Martin Miller  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President Engineering, Touch Health, Inc.. University of California, Berkeley grad.
Advises on: JavaScript, Saas, Business intelligence, Wireless, Security, Enterprise software + 7 more
Selahaddin Karatas  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Business Development, SolidPass. Previously Product Director, Sonera zed.
Advises on: Security, Authentication, BLE, Login, Proximity
Bernard Harguindeguy  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chairman, President & CEO, Atlantis Computing Inc.. Previously Chairman of the Board, BorderWare Technologies. Stanford grad.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Enterprise software, Product management, M&a, Go to market strategy + 7 more
Bill Horning  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Instructional Software Support Specialist, Kankakee School District #111 and IT Services, Nazarene Youth International.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Project management, Security, Recruiting, Networking + 8 more
Damion H√§nkejh  
Greater New York City Area, US

Smithsonian Laureate CTO CEO / investor / founder -- InstantService (now Oracle),
Advises on: Patents, Saas, Security, Monetization, Enterprise software, Ip, E-Commerce + 16 more
Yair Kler  
Israel, IL

Senior Project Manager - Avaya, VibeSec and Director of R&D, VibeSec.
Advises on: Saas, Security, Enterprise software, Networking, Cloud Computing + 4 more
Dmitri Granovski  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

President, PrimeLite Communications.
Advises on: Hardware, Customer service, Wifi, Security, Networking, Internet, Ssl + 2 more
Tim Maliyil  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

CEO / Data Security Architect, AlertBoot. Tufts grad. Serial technology entrepreneur looking to connect with other entrepreneurs.
Advises on: IOS, Saas, Security, Enterprise software, Management, Android, Product strategy + 9 more
Tasawar Jalali  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Executive Officer, Smashon, Inc. Previously Senior management positions at Sandhill Investments, Mcafee, AHRG, Securenode.
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Security, Enterprise software, Product management, Venture capital + 11 more
Andrew Hoag  
Greater New York City Area, US

Managing Director, Europe, Startup Institute and Creator & Facilitator, Founder's Nest.
Advises on: Engineering, Saas, Security, Product Design, Enterprise software + 11 more
Adam Overton  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Vice President of Business Development, Uber Entertainment. Previously Sabbatical, None.
Advises on: Project management, Security, Enterprise software, E-Commerce, Management + 8 more
Michael Pratt  
Washington D.C. Metro Area, US

CEO, SpydrSafe Mobile Security, Inc.. Previously Member, MindShare 2013.
Advises on: Marketing, Finance, Saas, Security, Enterprise software, Networking + 13 more
Mark Lugert  
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area, US

President, Simflofy Inc.. Previously VP of Professional Services, Emerging Technologies, consilium1.
Advises on: Sales, JavaScript, .NET, Saas, Security, Java, Enterprise software + 14 more
Philippe van Nedervelde  
Spain, ES

Director of International Development, The 2045 Initiative.
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, Customer service, Policy, Security + 35 more
Rich Bowman  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President, Global Customer Success, Message Systems and Advisory Board Member, Amity.
Advises on: Sales, Outsourcing, Project management, CRM, Customer service, Saas + 25 more