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Rajesh Khera  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Sr Management Consultant. Previously Sr Tech Advisor, Gates Foundation. Previously Vice President Products Bsquare, RealNetworks, Microsoft.
Advises on: Product management, Business Analysis, Business Execution, Business Strategy + 4 more
Marcelo Calbucci  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Co-founder & CTO, EveryMove, Inc. and Advisor, SXSW Accelerator.
Advises on: Marketing, Mobile, Software development, SEO, Web Development, Product management + 19 more
Phil Yerkes  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Worldwide Business Development - Kindle, Previously CEO, Movaya Wireless. University of Washington grad.
Advises on: Saas, Wireless, Monetization, Enterprise software, IPhone, E-Commerce + 25 more
Mark Eagle  
Greater Denver Area, US

IT and Software Development Director, The CE Shop, Inc.. Previously Software Business and Technology Consultant, Denver, Colorado. Rensselaer Po
Advises on: Hiring, Project management, Customer service, Saas, Software development + 26 more
David Goldschmidt  
Greater Detroit Area, US

Cofounder @Buycentives, Founder CMO @Intrago. MBA Mktg (Michigan). Also @Frog Design, @Leo Burnett, @JWT and Saturn
Advises on: Marketing, Market research, E-Commerce, Digital marketing, Digital Media + 27 more
Mustafa Patni  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Founder & CEO, Moamplify Consulting. Previously Chief Marketing Officer, higi. Wharton grad.
Advises on: Marketing, E-Commerce, Product management, Business Development + 4 more
Omar Javaid  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director, Board of Directors, Interactive Program Guide, Inc. and Senior Vice President & GM, Rovi Corporation. Stanford grad.
Advises on: Marketing, CRM, Saas, Wireless, Software development, Product Design + 27 more
Balaji Gopalan  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

Simultaneously: Lead Educator, Product Management @ Brainstation + Hands-on Advisor for MedStack & Trideit. Product & Partnerships guy
Advises on: Market research, Wireless, Edtech, Lean startup, Leadership, Product management + 18 more
Aaron Filner  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Senior Product Manager, Google. Previously Product Manager, Facebook. Princeton grad.
Advises on: Mobile, Project management, Saas, Enterprise software, IPhone, E-Commerce + 21 more
Jim Zerbe  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Head of Product, IoT, Neustar, Inc. and Advisory Board Member, Stealth Mode Startup Company.
Advises on: Saas, Wireless, Wifi, Enterprise software, Ip, Networking, Leadership + 20 more
Andreas Gala (Nordin)  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO & Product at Siempo. A mindful phone that helps you disconnect. Looking for a systems level Android OS developer to be our Dir of Eng
Advises on: Product management, SCRUM, mobile devices, Agile Methodologies, Product Planning + 2 more
James DeBragga  
Munich Area, Germany, DE

Vice President | International Marketing, DocuSign and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Unified Logic. Arizona State grad.
Advises on: Marketing, CRM, Saas, SEO, Digital marketing, Leadership, Product management + 25 more
Bob Levy  
Greater Boston Area, US

CEO, Virtual Cove (Holographic Data Visualization)
Advises on: Innovation, Enterprise software, Negotiation, Product management + 21 more
Eugene Young  
Greater New York City Area, US

Program Director - Research Business Development, IBM. Previously Strategist, Verizon Wireless.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Forecasting, Wireless, Management, Leadership + 30 more
Chung-Man Tam  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Product Officer, Chartboost. Previously Co-founder, Qwilt Software. Carnegie Mellon grad. Stanford grad.
Advises on: Marketplaces, Google Analytics, Software development, Monetization + 25 more
Keith Smith  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Product Manager, Google. Previously Product Manager, Google. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: .NET, Software development, Web Development, Product management + 18 more
Dror Engel  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Senior Manager, Global Product Management, eBay. Previously Product Manager Intern, Applause.
Advises on: Project management, CRM, Customer development, Market research, Saas + 29 more
Henry Chou  
Greater Seattle Area, US

VP/Director of Product, Targeting Startups and Fast Growing Companies. Previously VP of E-Commerce, Onvia.
Advises on: CRM, Market research, Saas, Content marketing, SEO, Product Design + 24 more
Edgar Auslander  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Managing Partner at Menlo Business Partners. Board member. Executive at Qualcomm, Intel, TI, startup, tech licensing, Venture Capital.
Advises on: Customer Acquisition, Market research, Wireless, Management, Leadership + 34 more
David Aronchick  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Product Manager, Google. Previously Senior Director, Product, Chef Software. Dartmouth College grad.
Advises on: Saas, Software development, Web Development, Enterprise software + 17 more
Richard Bullwinkle  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder of 5AVS | Former Head of Connected Innovation at Samsung | Strategy at Rovi | Product at Mediabolic, Rio & TiVo
Advises on: Marketing, Market research, Saas, Innovation, Product Design, Digital marketing + 38 more
Sachin Kansal  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President, Consumer Products, Lookout. Previously Chief Product Officer, Flywheel Software. Stanford grad.
Advises on: Saas, Wireless, Software development, Web Development, Enterprise software + 20 more
Randi Rost  
Fort Collins, Colorado Area, US

Manager, Game Developer Experience Team, Intel Corporation.
Advises on: Marketing, Software development, Management, Leadership, Product management + 12 more
Sethu Kalavakur  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Founder, CEO, Tavour. Previously GM, Ad Analytics, Amazon, Amazon.
Advises on: Saas, Business intelligence, Software development, Web Development + 22 more