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Troy Toman  
San Antonio, Texas Area, US

Director of Engineering, Planet Labs. Texas A&M grad. Advisor, Rackspace. OpenStack Foundation Board member.
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Software development, Security, Enterprise software + 24 more
Asif Makhani  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Advisor, MenuSpring and Advisor, Ravel Law. Stanford grad. University of Waterloo grad.
Advises on: Open source, Machine learning, Scalability, Big data, Algorithms + 7 more
John D'Emic  
Greater New York City Area, US

Author, Manning Publications Co. and Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft Inc.
Advises on: JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Java, Open source, Scalability + 16 more
Dean Cruse  
Austin, Texas Area, US

VP Sales and Marketing, Union Metrics and Founder & CEO, DC Marketing. Stanford GSB grad. Texas A&M grad.
Advises on: B2B, Customer Acquisition, Marketing, CRM, Saas, SEO, Enterprise software + 35 more
Jason Green  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Co-Founder, Zurmo Inc | CRM Expert | LAMP Stack Ninja | World Traveller
Advises on: Sales, CRM, Saas, Php, Professional services, Enterprise software + 12 more
Wesley Milan  
Curitiba Area, Brazil, BR

Entrepreneur in residence, Astella Investimentos. Previously IT Manager, LojasKD Móveis and Cofounder Imobox Real Estate.
Advises on: JavaScript, AWS, Business intelligence, Linux, Php, SEO, Web Development + 15 more
Charity Majors  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Production Engineering Manager, Facebook. Previously Systems Engineer, Parse.
Advises on: Ruby, Python, AWS, Operations, Open source, APIs, Platforms, Parse, Scalability + 15 more
Blake Yeager  
San Antonio, Texas Area, US

Managing Director, Cloud, Techstars and Board Member, Brighton Center (San Antonio).
Advises on: Project management, Saas, Lean startup, Open source, Scalability + 21 more
Anthony Eden  
Perpignan (Perpinyà) Area, France, FR

Founder, DNSimple and Founder, Aetrion LLC. University of Miami grad.
Advises on: Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js, Pair Programming, Open source, Ruby on Rails + 6 more
Todd Zebert  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Lead Web Developer, Miles and Consulting CTO, Inc..
Advises on: JQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, Drupal, Php, Web Development, Open source + 4 more
Andrew Montalenti  
Charlottesville, Virginia Area, US

Co-Founder & CTO, Parsely, Inc.. Previously Founder & Principal, Aleph Point. NYU grad.
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Java, Web Development + 12 more
Jordi Romero  
Barcelona Area, Spain, ES

VP Business Development, Redbooth Inc. and Advisor and Board member, Itnig.
Advises on: Ruby, Saas, Lean startup, Web Development, Open source, Ruby on Rails + 5 more
Jeff Vier  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Sr. Director of Operations, icix and Co-Founder & Programmer, ServiceSheet, Inc.
Advises on: Metrics, Saas, Linux, Operations, Open source, Scalability, Team formation + 10 more
Christopher Blizzard  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Developer Relations, Facebook. Previously Director of Product, Stealth Software Startup.
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Php, Open source + 14 more
Dave Hodson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

StartX mentor, Board member, Angel investor, Partner Director of Development, Cloud Engineering @ Skype
Advises on: Mobile, Saas, Linux, Software development, Java, Web Development, Open source + 27 more
Christopher Machut  
Norfolk, Virginia Area, US

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), GM Engineering Services, LLC. Previously President & CTO, TeleArk, LLC. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Php, Open source, Networking, Programming, Cloud Computing + 12 more
John McMahon  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder & CEO, Starter Inc. and Advisor, Colosa Inc.. San Francisco State grad.
Advises on: Sales, JavaScript, Marketing, Project management, Saas, Software development + 32 more
Dick Hardt  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Founder, Bubbler. Previously Advisor, Kera Software Inc.. The University of British Columbia grad.
Advises on: JavaScript, Saas, Software development, Security, Enterprise software + 29 more
Wesley Beary  
Iowa City, Iowa Area, US

API Engineer, Heroku. Previously Software Engineer, Engine Yard.
Advises on: Ruby, Software development, Open source, Scalability, Cloud Computing + 6 more
John Cappiello  
Greater Philadelphia Area, US

EVP Product & General Manager, Solve Media, Inc and CEO, (code (simply)).
Advises on: Software development, Growth, Web Development, Open source, Management + 17 more
Jonathan Linowes  
Burlington, Vermont Area, US

Senior Software Engineer, M2S and Owner, Parkerhill Technology Group. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Web Development + 22 more
Benjamin Kearns  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

VP Technology, Stem, Inc.. Previously Founder and Principle Consultant, 360Streams, LLC. University of California, Davis grad.
Advises on: Python, Saas, Linux, Software development, Java, Enterprise software + 23 more
Scott Gray  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Startup Coach, Founders Space and Founder & Ceo, Zoku, inc.. The Ohio State grad. The Ohio State grad.
Advises on: JavaScript, Software development, Lean startup, Web Development + 19 more
Ilya Grigorik  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Developer Advocate, Make the Web Fast and Google Chrome, Google. Previously Software Engineering Manager, Google Analytics, Google. University o
Advises on: Ruby, JavaScript, Google Analytics, Software development, Open source + 11 more