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Vishal Goklani  
Greater New York City Area, US

Founder, Stealth Startup. Previously Senior Research Engineer, 81qd. NYU grad. Boston grad.
Advises on: Python, Finance, Java, Machine learning, Leadership, Programming, Big data + 14 more
Matt Vagnoni  
Houston, Texas Area, US

Chief Technology Officer, KnowMed. Previously Senior Data Modeler, MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Advises on: Business intelligence, Java, Programming, Artificial intelligence + 5 more
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine  
Singapore, SG

Advisor, Lengio Corporation and PhD student, Kenan Sahin Presidential Fellow, MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Python, JavaScript, Wordpress, Php, Machine learning, Linguistics + 11 more
Puja Abbassi  
Cologne Area, Germany, DE

Technology & Project Management (Enterprise Integration), ClearKarma and Member of the Editorial Team, The Pirates Inn.
Advises on: Web Development, Machine learning, Venture capital, Social networking + 12 more
Rand Fitzpatrick  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Product Managment, Heroku. Previously Chief Product Officer, OkCupid Labs. University of Southern California grad.
Advises on: Product Design, APIs, Product management, Graph databases, Information Architecture + 5 more
Dima Korolev  
Greater Seattle Area, US

CTO, Public Verification. Previously Software Engineer, Facebook.
Advises on: Python, JavaScript, Node.js, Saas, Lean startup, Machine learning + 20 more
Callixte Cauchois  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Senior / Lead Software Engineer, Lookout and Advisor, Several Companies.
Advises on: CRM, Saas, IP Strategy, Architecture, Agile development, Distributed Systems + 4 more
Vincenzo Pallotta  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Strategic Advisor, BENTI and Advisor, Just Innovate. Stanford GSB grad.
Advises on: Project management, Business intelligence, Lean startup, Java, Machine learning + 21 more
Wally (Yingxiao) Wang  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

PhD Research Scientist, Qualia Health and Part-time Data Scientist, Lenddo. Carnegie Mellon grad.
Advises on: Python, Marketing, Java, Machine learning, Product management, Growth hacking + 22 more
Benjamin Grosof  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Co-Founder, Coherent Knowledge Systems and President, Benjamin Grosof & Associates, LLC. Stanford grad. Harvard grad.
Advises on: Project management, Business intelligence, Software development + 24 more
Jesse English  
Baltimore, Maryland Area, US

Data Scientist, Carney Labs. Previously Independent Consultant, Jesse English Consulting.
Advises on: Java, Machine learning, Academics, Algorithms, C++, Computer Science + 1 more
Michael Witbrock  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Board Member, StartOut and CEO, co-Founder, Curious Cat Company. Carnegie Mellon grad. Carnegie Mellon grad.
Advises on: Java, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Big data, Algorithms, Artificial intelligence + 7 more
David Andre  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, CTO, Co-founder, Cerebellum Capital, Inc and Founding partner; now advisor, Shinteki. University of California, Berkeley grad.
Advises on: Python, Machine learning, Algorithms, Artificial intelligence, C++ + 5 more
Chris Jones  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Product Officer, Beartooth Radio. Previously Director, Analytics, AAA NCNU.
Advises on: Business intelligence, Machine learning, Growth hacking, A/B testing + 7 more
Przemyslaw Majewski  
Gdansk, Pomeranian District, Poland, PL

Alpinist, TechPeaks and CEO & co-founder, Diabetes Lab.
Advises on: Python, Fundraising, Software development, Lean startup, Machine learning + 16 more
George Everitt  
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area, US

Founder and CEO of This is my third startup after one successful exit, and one pending exit in 8 years.
Advises on: Saas, Linux, Software development, Java, Professional services, Enterprise software + 17 more
Jordan Cohen  
Wilmington, North Carolina Area, US

Expert witness, speech and language technology and mobile devices, Spelamode and co-CTO, Kextil.
Advises on: Patents, Academics, Artificial intelligence, Computer Science, Distributed Systems + 9 more
Lin Chase  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Expert witness, Software IP Expert and Principal, SecondLook. Carnegie Mellon grad.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Saas, Business intelligence, Software development, Security + 22 more
Asif Makhani  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Advisor, MenuSpring and Advisor, Ravel Law. Stanford grad. University of Waterloo grad.
Advises on: Open source, Machine learning, Scalability, Big data, Algorithms + 7 more
Ian Murray  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Lead Data Scientist, Humin and Co-Founder & Marketing Lead, Sotra. Northwestern grad. Cornell grad.
Advises on: IOS, Patents, Python, Project management, Market research, Data analysis + 20 more
Peter Pal Boda  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Creative Director, Infosys Labs and Advisory Board Member, Go Green Foundation.
Advises on: User research, Machine learning, Healthcare, Data Visualization + 15 more
Andrew Montalenti  
Charlottesville, Virginia Area, US

Co-Founder & CTO, Parsely, Inc.. Previously Founder & Principal, Aleph Point. NYU grad.
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Java, Web Development + 12 more
Daniel McEnnis  
Columbus, Ohio Area, US

Previously Researcher Consultant, Rdio. Previously Researcher, Gracenote. McGill grad. The Ohio State grad.
Advises on: Python, Linux, Software development, Java, Web Development, Machine learning + 26 more
Vibhu Mittal  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, Edmodo and CTO, Edmodo. University of Southern California grad. The Ohio State grad.
Advises on: Ruby, Python, Software development, Machine learning, Scalability + 15 more