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Sean Murphy  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Hardware product innovation and commercialization. Domestic and Asia based manufacturing. Director, Product Engineering, Igor Institute.
Advises on: Product Design, Mechanical engineering, Manufacturing, Design Strategy + 4 more
Wally (Yingxiao) Wang  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

PhD Research Scientist, Qualia Health and Part-time Data Scientist, Lenddo. Carnegie Mellon grad.
Advises on: Python, Marketing, Java, Machine learning, Product management, Growth hacking + 22 more
Ti Chang  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

VP of Design + Co-Founder for Crave, Founder of INCOQNITO (acquired by Crave)
Advises on: User research, Product Design, Manufacturing, Furniture, Industrial design + 15 more
Tully Gehan  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Project Engineer, Seeed Studio and Senior Engineer, Power Science.
Advises on: Engineering, China, Product Design, Robotics, Manufacturing, Manufacturing in China + 3 more
Micah Stevens  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Hardware/Software Engineer for EV Grid and - Self employed (freelance/contractor)
Advises on: Python, JQuery, JavaScript, Linux, Software development, Php, Web Development + 11 more
Jacob Gadikian  
Cambodia, KH

Cofounder, Dawn and History Teacher, BELA / 太仓高级中学.
Advises on: Hardware, Project management, CRM, Linux, Php, Edtech, Community, Networking + 21 more
Dan Harris  
Greater Seattle Area, US

China Attorney/China Lawyer/China Blogger, Harris Moure.
Advises on: China, Ip, Licensing, Corporate law, Emerging Markets, International Law + 3 more
Jeremy Michael Cohen  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Owner/Co-Founder/President of Product Development, Tortuga Backpacks and Film Writer/Director, Freelance.
Advises on: Film, Entertainment, Industrial design, Video production, Film production + 13 more
Kilian Saekel  
Shanghai City, China, CN

Founder, SKY worldwide export (Product development and manufacturing company) Founder, A-Champs Co-Founder, Design2Gather.
Advises on: Product Design, Manufacturing, Apparel, Sourcing, Supply chain, Hardware manufacturing + 11 more
Gene Hong  
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, KR

Empathetic, Innovative, Strategic & Entrepreneurial Design Leader with a love for story telling and brand building.
Advises on: Fashion, Innovation, Retail, Apparel, Art Direction, Brand Development + 12 more
Jesse Pliner  
Greater New York City Area, US

Co Founder/CEO @ Prong - Deep understanding of Product/Manufacturing, Retail Sales, E-Commerce, Opearations and Logistics, Legal, etc
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Hardware, Crowdfunding, Cold calling, Saas, Operations + 22 more
Mark Tomizawa  
Greater Boston Area, US

Co-founder, NowCivic and R&D Game Design, Playful Mindful: HumanSmart On Demand. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Patents, Engineering, Marketing, Fundraising, Design, Equity, Crowdfunding + 272 more
David (Duppy) Proctor  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CTO at RogueRovers bringing IoT to AgTech, Previously Gadget Engineer at Interface Arts. Director at Quirky, Ozmo Devices, FlipVideo
Advises on: Wifi, BLE, Consumer Electronics, Hardware manufacturing, Manufacturing in China + 1 more
Jami Huq  
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, US

Engineering and New Products Manager, XPO. Previously Co Founder and Executive, Wave Communication. Georgia Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Wireless, Security, Cyber security, Information Security, Manufacturing in China + 3 more
Ian Chapman-Banks  
Greater New York City Area, US

Board Member, FreeTel and CEO, Sqreem Technologies.
Advises on: B2B, Marketing, Fundraising, Mobile, Saas, Wireless, Security, Enterprise software + 48 more
Kevin Gao  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Engineer turned entrepreneur • Founder @ICON Smartech • Sales @Foxconn • R&D @LAM Research• Director China Smart City Alliance • 4 patents
Advises on: Smart home, Manufacturing in China, Supply chain management, IoT- Internet of Things + 1 more