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Matthew Waldman, FRSA  
Greater New York City Area, US

artist, designer, educator and entrepreneur with 30 years of expertise in branding, advertising, product design.
Advises on: Product Design, Graphic design, Digital Media, Photography, Packaging + 10 more
Vani Gundara  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

CEO, Design Spinners. Previously Versatile Technologist, Boeing. University of California, Los Angeles grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Wordpress, Email Marketing, Web Development, Logo design + 25 more
Bill Weber  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Director of Marketing, and Director of Marketing/Product Developer, The Home Stretch Souvenir Food & Beverage Carrier.
Advises on: Branding, Marketing, Graphic design, Newsletters, Sales Strategy + 18 more
Greater New York City Area, US

President & Founder, Clear Creative Coaching and Creative Director, Family Circle Magazine.
Advises on: Design, Finding cofounders, Books, Partnerships, Fashion, Digital Media + 25 more
Geoff Cook  
Greater New York City Area, US

Mentor-in-residence, TechStars and Partner, Base Design.
Advises on: Branding, Marketing, Books, Brand identity, Logo design, Graphic design + 22 more
Emily Lonigro Boylan  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Owner & Principal, LimeRed Studio. Previously Design Contractor, G2 Interactive.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Wordpress, SEO, Email Marketing, Logo design + 20 more
Karolina Rocka  
United Kingdom, GB

Director of Special Projects, JCI (Junior Chamber International) Canary Wharf.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Graphic design, Digital marketing + 21 more
Jourdan Smith  
Greater Chicago Area, US

UX Design Team Lead: Fashion || Co-Founder: emitips || Co-Founder: The Brothers Crisp || Professor: Columbia Chicago
Advises on: Patents, Logo design, Graphic design, E-Commerce, Digital marketing + 18 more
Kalman Gacs  
Greater Boston Area, US

Creative Director and Project Manager, ViV Web Solutions and Event Photographer, Freelance. Boston grad.
Advises on: Wordpress, Logo design, Graphic design, Social networking, Online advertising + 7 more
Nikol Stein  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Product Designer - UX,UI,Visual Design and Branding. Love working on products for kids, families and social/humanitarian causes.
Advises on: Graphic design, Management, Game development, Graphics, Art Direction + 7 more
Rick Schad  
Providence, Rhode Island Area, US

Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Fixx Golf Company and Creative Director, Todson, Inc..
Advises on: Marketing, Logo design, Product Design, Graphic design, Apparel, Photography + 17 more
Jackson Powell  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

UX Designer, Optimization, Little Red Truck Idea Co.. Previously Graphic Designer, Carroll/White. I try to do what's right. Whiteboard fan.
Advises on: Marketing, Project management, Software development, SEO, Web Development + 19 more
Elnaz Sarraf  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director of Product Development, iBaby Labs. Previously User Experience Specialist, iBaby Labs.
Advises on: Wordpress, Google Analytics, SEO, Email Marketing, Web Development + 27 more
Brad Craig  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Advisor, Gaming Business Review and Advisor, PC Gaming Alliance.
Advises on: Hiring, Marketing, Hardware, CRM, Forecasting, IPhone, E-Commerce, Contract negotiation + 31 more
Chris Magdelain  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Executive Leadership Coach, Seven Sectors and Principal & Creative Director, Magdesign.
Advises on: Marketing, Logo design, Graphic design, Management, Collateral, Leadership + 25 more
Alison Lewis  
Greater New York City Area, US

Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Switch Embassy. Previously Chief Creative Officer, Made in Space, Inc.. Arizona State grad.
Advises on: Project management, Interviews, Market research, Logo design, Product Design + 31 more
Jim Warner  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Senior Vice President of Design, Paper Water Bottle and President, JW3D.
Advises on: Logo design, Product Design, Graphic design, Industrial design, Packaging + 18 more
Joel Bennett  
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area, US

Interim Program Director, Greensboro Partnership Entrepreneur Connection.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Customer service, SEO, Logo design, Product Design + 24 more
Sri Hemanth Prakhya  
Hyderabad Area, India, IN

Director of Business Development, Prakhya Art Printers Pvt. Ltd.. Previously Senior Account Manager, Powerweave.
Advises on: Marketing, Graphic design, Management, CMS, Photography, Packaging + 14 more
Erik Capoccetta  
Milan Area, Italy, IT

Founder & CTO, Previously Intern, South Beach Estates, Miami, FL.
Advises on: Graphics, Web Design, UI/UX expertise
Jaime Raijman  
Houston, Texas Area, US

President, Co-Founder, Forge Solid and Creative Director, Gene by Gene.
Advises on: Marketing, Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, Product Design, Graphic design + 16 more
Miklos Philips  
Greater New York City Area, US

Director User Experience
Advises on: Mobile, User research, E-Commerce, Prototyping, Digital Media, Multimedia + 20 more
Morgan Porter  
Richmond, Virginia Area, US

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Left + Right and Co-founder,
Advises on: Wordpress, Web Development, Logo design, Graphic design, Logos, Business Development + 22 more
Simon Barratt  
Bradford, United Kingdom, GB

Board Member, Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment and Founder, Four Door Lemon Ltd.
Advises on: Mobile, Software development, Monetization, IPhone, Android, Production + 19 more