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Julie Rachui  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Managing Director, CGR. Texas A&M grad.
Advises on: Accounting, Finance, Compensation, Customer service, Software development + 24 more
Ahmet Can  
Greater New York City Area, US

I am a catalyst for companies that are looking to grow. After five start-ups with two successful exits, I can help you scale your company.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, CRM, Customer service, Market research, Saas, HR + 38 more
Stephen Hirschfeld  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, Employment Law Alliance (ELA) and Founding Partner, Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP.
Advises on: HR, Contract negotiation, Training, Trials, Legal, Conflict Resolution + 12 more
Kenneth Greenberg  
Greater Denver Area, US

Owner, KLG Consultants, LLC and CEO, KLG Consultants, LLC.
Advises on: Sales, Project management, CRM, Interviews, Market research, Small business + 39 more
Betty Francisco  
Greater Boston Area, US

Founder and President, FitNation and Co-Founder, Latina Circle.
Advises on: Fundraising, Customer service, HR, Negotiation, Management, Contract negotiation + 17 more
Ivana Maggioni  
Italy, IT

Partner, ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES AG and HR Consultant - Research & Selection -, Ivana Maggioni Consulting.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Finance, CRM, HR, Business plan, Performance management + 31 more
Olga Sanchez-Ramos  
Puerto Rico area, PR

Vice President Human Resources, GFR Media. Previously Vice President Transformation and Organizational Development, GFR Media.
Advises on: HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Leadership, Meditation, Executive coaching + 10 more
Solange Basseterre  
Argentina, AR

Project Manager. Business Consultant. Virtual Teams Expert.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Project management, HR, Negotiation, Recruiting, Management + 14 more
Richard Randolph  
Sarasota, Florida Area, US

Adjunct Professor, University of South Florida and Adjunct Professor – Entrepreneurship; Management, State College of Florida.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Project management, Customer service, Small business + 37 more
Americo Rodrigues De Figueiredo  
São Paulo Area, Brazil, BR

Experienced managing global and regional Human Resources function across North America, Central America, and Latin America.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Compensation, Policy, Performance management, Negotiation + 34 more
Nicole Dominique Le Maire  
Other, OO

Board Member, Disaster Tech Lab and Founder, The People Engine.
Advises on: Compensation, Interviews, Policy, HR, Performance management, Recruiting + 33 more
Andres Barrera  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Technical Recruiter, Amazon. Previously Studio Recruiter (Contract), Bioware.
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, HR, Negotiation, Recruiting, Networking, Training + 13 more
Karel A. Hilversum, PhD(c)  
Puerto Rico area, PR

President, The Outside Group, Inc. and Faculty Member for Team & Leadership Development, Quality for Business Success, Inc..
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, HR, Performance management, Recruiting + 35 more
Sharyn Yuloff  
Flagstaff, Arizona Area, US

Co-Founder, Online Business Manager and HR Consultant, Promotionally Minded Advertising Specialties.
Advises on: Hiring, Compensation, Interviews, Policy, Performance management + 32 more
Jason Gorham  
Greater Atlanta Area, US

Corporate Executive Recruiter, Aflac.
Advises on: Hiring, Marketing, Finance, CRM, Interviews, Saas, HR, SEO, Contractors + 29 more
Dustin Dellera  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Business Performance Advisor, Insperity. Previously Assistant Vice President of Sales, Health Advocate.
Advises on: Sales, CRM, Cold calling, Saas, HR, Performance management, Management + 16 more
Suzanne Horner  
British Columbia, Canada, CA

VP of Untapped Potential, Modern Developer and Owner/Operator, EQ Recruiting. University of Alberta grad.
Advises on: Hiring, CRM, Interviews, Cold calling, Performance management, Recruiting + 25 more
Amanda Winstead  
Danville, Virginia Area, US

Technical Recruiter | Virtual, VIRTUAL RECRUITER.
Advises on: Hiring, Sales, Project management, Customer service, Interviews, Cold calling + 37 more
Matt Cholerton  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Startup enthusiast, HR Leader, who was tired of the broken performance management process. Founder of the solution, Ping Labs.
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, Policy, HR, Performance management, Recruiting + 14 more
Aziz Chowdhury  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Director, Talent Acquisition Challenges, Doxy Advisors. Previously Lead, Talent Management, The World Bank. University of Delaware grad.
Advises on: Hiring, Interviews, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 22 more
Mary Walter, MBA  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Leadership Coach and Consultant, Mary Walter Leadership and Member Board of Trustees, Redwood Day School.
Advises on: Hiring, Sales, Customer service, Performance management, Recruiting + 23 more
Robert Felder, MBA/MPA  
Greater New York City Area, US

Board Member, Southern Connecticut State University Alumni Association and Senior Manager and Diversity Talent Recruiter, INROADS.
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, Customer service, Interviews, Policy + 40 more
Dave Wesley  
Phoenix, Arizona Area, US

Previously Plant Manager (Interim), Johnson Controls. Previously Chief Operating Officer, Freedom Motors.
Advises on: HR, Management, Leadership, Manufacturing, Program Management, Automotive + 11 more
Sanjay Kumar  
New Delhi Area, India, IN

Founder-CEO, and Board Member, "Mayrah" Centre for Autism.
Advises on: Compensation, HR, Performance management, Recruiting, Management + 11 more