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Steve Peterson  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Senior Editor, The Gamer Network and West Coast Editor, GamesIndustry International. University of California, Santa Barbara grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Books, Monetization, Content management, Facebook, Digital Media + 23 more
Jon Radoff  
Greater Boston Area, US

Advisor, Opower and CEO, Disruptor Beam, Inc.. Harvard grad.
Advises on: Gaming, Monetization, E-Commerce, Content management, Management + 26 more
Nir Leibovich  
Houston, Texas Area, US

Co Founder and CEO,, Inc. and Co Founder & Investor, Esington Inc.
Advises on: Gaming, Monetization, IPhone, E-Commerce, Product management, Angel investing + 21 more
Drew Johnston  
Greater Seattle Area, US

President, Member Board of Directors, Open Gaming Alliance and Senior Director Technical Sales, Gaming, Digital River. North Carolina State grad
Advises on: Project management, Business intelligence, Software development + 24 more
Jason Asbahr  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Chief Technology Officer, Freeform Development, Inc. and Troublemaker, University of Houston grad.
Advises on: IOS, Python, Monetization, IPhone, Android, Scalability, Animation + 15 more
Simon Barratt  
Bradford, United Kingdom, GB

Board Member, Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment and Founder, Four Door Lemon Ltd.
Advises on: Mobile, Software development, Monetization, IPhone, Android, Production + 19 more
Michael Rosen  
Israel, IL

Founder, Tacticsoft Ltd. Previously Software Developer, Eyescene Inc.
Advises on: Gaming, Monetization, Game development, Entrepreneurship, Game design + 6 more
David Collier  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founder, Rikai Labs. Previously CTO, Board Member, KLab America, Inc..
Advises on: IOS, Lean startup, Gaming, Web Development, Monetization, Localization + 33 more
Corey Rosemond  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Business Development Director, Plantronics. Previously Advisory Board Member, Pixiboard.
Advises on: Outsourcing, Marketing, Gaming, Monetization, Leadership, Digital Media + 21 more
Jorge Morales  
Zapopan Area, Mexico, MX

Professor of Game Production, Universidad Panamericana and CEO and founder, Larva Game Studios.
Advises on: Customer Acquisition, Business intelligence, Small business, Monetization + 28 more
Vitaly Golban  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

General Manager, Previously Head of Global Publishing Team, Mail.Ru Group.
Advises on: Project management, Linux, Software development, Web Development + 36 more
Jay Koottarappallil  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

President, Whitemoon Dreams, Inc.. Previously Owner/Technical Director, Seamless Motion Imagery.
Advises on: Project management, Animation, Game development, Business Development + 10 more
Eivar Rojas Castro  
Colombia, CO

Board Member, IGDA Colombia and CEO, Efecto Studios.
Advises on: IPhone, Android, Animation, Game development, Game design, Mobile Games + 4 more
Marc Mencher  
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area, US

President & CEO, GameRecruiter.
Advises on: Mobile, Gaming, Monetization, IPhone, Recruiting, Training, Digital Media + 19 more
Jeremy Strauser  
Greater New York City Area, US

Vice President and General Manager of Digital, The Topps Company. Previously Strategic Consultant, Independent Consultant.
Advises on: Software development, Gaming, Monetization, Management, Facebook + 25 more
Frederic Descamps  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President, Head of Corporate Development, Zynga. Previously Founder, The Gaming And Mobile Entrepreneurship (GAME) Community.
Advises on: Sales, Market research, Business, Gaming, Monetization, IPhone, E-Commerce + 25 more
Chris Klimecky  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Senior Producer, Harebrained Schemes. Co-Founder/CEO Songwriters in Seattle (non-profit). University of Washington MBA Student (2016).
Advises on: Project management, Software development, Operations, Monetization + 34 more
Aaron Schliem  
Madison, Wisconsin Area, US

CEO, Glyph Language Services. Previously Director of Operations, Glyph Language Services.
Advises on: Translation, Multilingual, Software development, Localization, E-Commerce + 19 more
Danny Bilson  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Faculty, University of Southern California, School for Cinematic Arts. Previously Executive Vice President Core Games, THQ.
Advises on: Monetization, Management, Leadership, Digital Media, Film, Animation + 23 more
Seamus Blackley  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Author, Physicist, CEO.
Advises on: Forecasting, Gaming, Monetization, Electronics, Digital Media, Animation + 27 more
Raph Koster  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Independent designer and consultant. Ex Disney, Sony, EA.
Advises on: Gaming, Monetization, Digital Media, Game development, Community Management + 13 more
Marc Jackson  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Advisory Board Member, Innerspace VR and Business Advisor, apelab. University of Michigan grad.
Advises on: Fundraising, Gaming, Monetization, IPhone, Digital Media, Film, Angel investing + 29 more
Tom Buscaglia  
Greater Seattle Area, US

The Game Attorney, The Game Attorney PC and Grand Poobah, Dev-Biz, Inc..
Advises on: Games, Monetization, IPhone, Animation, Licensing, Gamification, Game development + 9 more
Tom Frisina  
Santa Barbara, California Area, US

Chairman and Chief Executive, and Executive Chairman, Tilting Point, Tilting Point.
Advises on: Gaming, Management, Leadership, Digital Media, Mentoring, Game development + 21 more